Back to Jail for ‘Teen Mom’ Star Jenelle Evans?

What would Barbara say about this?

Oh, Jenelle…just when us Teen Mom 2 fans were really starting to believe that you wanted to turn your life around, you pull a fast one on us.

As all ‘Teen Mom’ fans know, Jenelle Evans has had her share of run-ins with the law, and is currently on probation after pleading guilty to drug charges for crimes committed back in October of last year. Part of the terms of her probation required her to submit to monthly drugs and alcohol testing, as well as pay court costs.

She was also required to do some community service, which she did. (Click here to see the photos of her sporting a dazzling community service orange vest and working the  trash-picker-upper claw.)

Seems like Jenelle has blown off both of these rules. According to Radar Online, who broke the story, Jenelle is not only behind on her court and probation supervision fees (by $320!) but she has also failed to complete the required aftercare program, following her stint in rehab. (I guess it was court-mandated after all!)

More importantly, Jenelle failed this month’s drug test, testing positive for THC (which is found in pot) on July 13!

In true Jenelle fashion, she celebrated the failed drug test by–what else?– smoking some more wacky tobaccy! She even posed for photos with the pot two days after failing the drug test. Naturally, TMZ got their mitts on those photos and was kind enough to share them with us. 

 I’m sure Jenelle’s creepy on-and-off boyfriend, Kieffer, probably sold the photos to TMZ for $35 and a box of Ding Dongs. (He’s got the munchies, yo!)

"Seriously, Jenelle? Glamour shots?" (PS- How hot is her attorney? Yum!)

Her poor lawyer, Dustin Sullivan, is frantically scrambling to figure out what happened and surely trying to make Jenelle’s little marijuana glamour shots go away.

“I hadn’t heard from her in quite some time,”  he told North Carolina news station WWAY in an interview.  “No news is usually good news and I thought that was where we were at until today.”

He said that if his client did test positive for marijuana, she could face 45 days in jail.

“My concern right now is that she is enrolled in school and she will be enrolled in school in the fall,” he said. “I would hate to disrupt that, but if it’s jail time then we’ll figure something out.”

Um…how about Jenelle figures out how to not smoke weed until she’s not being drug tested? Or even go one better and just stop toking up, being that you have a son to take care of and the whole world waiting for you to fail? Is the wacky tobaccy worth it? 

She just posted “I’m so disappointed. FML” on her Facebook Fanpage. Um…disappointed that you are continously screwing up your life? Or disappointed that you got caught?

The silver lining in this dark cloud: The ‘Teen Mom 2’ crew is currently filming for Season 2 of the show, so we may get to see this all play out on TV!

(Photos: Jenelle photos-TMZ/ Dustin Sullivan photos-WWAY)

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  1. Well I guess this is easier to judge people than trying to put yourselves in their shoes. I watch the show from Mexico, and as most of you, when I first saw Jenelle in 16 and pregnant, I thought she was just some piece of trash, that should never have had a kid. Then I watched Teen Mom, and I kind of understood where all her anger comes from…
    I think Jenelle is desesperate to get love and respect from her mother, but so far all I have seen from her mother is a constant lack of respect and love towards Jenelle. Jenelle really seems to be a smart girl, I know most of you won´t agree but I really feel she is, and I am sure she would be a way better person if she ever recieved some kind of good support at home. But she never did. When people are told constantly that they are trash, well then why would they even try to be something else?
    It really broke my heart when I saw her crying, saying how much she needs someone to love her… Have you people EVER tried to understand why she seems so desperate to have a “relationship” with WHOEVER? Doesn´t it seem to you that she have a void SO HUGE inside her heart that she is willing to fill it with WHATEVER, just to have someone saying something nice to her from time to time?
    I really hope she carries on with her life, finds a man that will love her and get the best out of her, because I am sure that there are just GREAT things inside her heart, she just needs someone to truly love her and bring her enough self-confidence and self-respect to get all the piece together. Jenelle, YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

    1. I think it’s awesome you posted such a genuine show of support for Jenelle. Home dynamics can truly fuck up a person’s behavior, even when they have decent intentions (which Jenelle has KINDA shown she has; she’s said some self-centered crazy stuff, but she really does get not reinforcement for her successes).

      Relatedly, people without addictions need to not be judging someone who is without fully understanding what is happening inside her head, with her mesotelecephalic dopaminergic system). That is all the “do it again” center, and the only activity that stimulates that system seems to be smoking weed, and probably making goofy fkn youtube videos. She clearly gets very minimal reinforcement (I’m talking praise when she achieves something, or simple acknowledgement of her efforts), so the only thing that stimulates this “do it again” center is her drug use. Hence, the combination is physically, literally an unfortunate ailment that makes it extremely difficult for Jenelle to be motivated to keep up with her responsibilities. I think she has some good and some bad qualities, but this addiction is definitely plaguing her and I hope she can overcome it.

  2. wow obviously Jenelle loves her son.. NOT! and i think the fda is saying that weed has no medicinal uses, dont know if its true or not but i noticed that wen ppl smoke any of them illegal drugs, they do stupid shit but i guess it could be the fact that they spend all their money on all that shit… either way, not very smart

  3. Who…. If they know they are on probation and are not allowed to do drugs of any kind….. Allows someone to take pictures of them participating in this activity??? Regardless that the drug test would have caught it, the photographic evidence of the incident in question will not help the lawyer’s case at all. Ridiculous.

  4. I totally love this girl. Not so much on how she was as a parent (tho she’s gettin better) but because she’s not backing down. Marijuana is actually great for you. Its health benifits are outstanding. And it cures most diseases like cancer and aids. The reason its illegal is because the government can not make money off of it due to the fact its a wild herb.
    Run from the Cure- Rick Simpson
    (video can be found EVERY WHERE)
    (bout cancer and pot)

    and just google cancer and marijuana.

    1. Ummm marijuana does not cure aids and cancer… Some
      Cancer patients use it for pain management and to help with nausea caused by chemotherapy… That is completely different than illegally smoking when you have a baby to support and you’re already on probation! That is stupid!!!!! This girl is such a failure.

    2. Yea it’s CLEARLY such a wonderful idea to be smoking pot when you have a child who is already NOT in your custody. The point isn’t if it’s harmful or not…. the point is that she is on probation and is suppose to be doing what they ask… and considering she wants her child back so bad, she probablyyyy shouldn’t be doing it…. Just sayin.

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