‘Teen Mom 2’ Cast in Hollywood for the Season 2 Reunion!

The girls of Teen Mom 2 spent the weekend exploring Hollywood, while on breaks from filming the Season 2 reunion special with Dr. Drew.

It's Barbara!

The girls filmed various clips and after-show interviews on Saturday, followed by the reunion special with the Good Doctor on Sunday. Sunday’s shoot started at about 10 am and will probably last until at least 9 p.m! In between the grueling filming schedule, though, the girls were able to go out and have fun in LA!

The first night they hit up the nearby Universal City Walk in Studio City, as well as got to spend some time on Hollywood Blvd’s Walk of Fame! Guess who else joined in on the festivities? The Ashley‘s favorite: Jenelle’s mom, Barbara Evans, as well as Jenelle’s pregnant sister, Ashleigh!

Also in Los Angeles for the reunion? All of the Teen Dads (and boyfriends): Corey Simms, Jo Rivera, Jordan Wenner and even Adam Lind were seen around town, as well as members of the girls’ families.

Chelsea and Leah's matching tattoos

It’s no secret that the girls share a unique bond, so they decided to commemorate that with matching heart tattoos on their wrists, which they got while in Hollywood. There’s really no one else in the world that can understand the unique experience of the Teen Mom girls, so the girls must feel very comfortable around each other. Leah, Chelsea and Kail all got their tattoos together, while Jenelle is supposed to get hers tonight, according to her Twitter. I hope Barbara Evans got one too!

Leah and Chelsea got a special treat on Saturday night: a visit from Gary and Leah Shirley, who are also in Los Angeles visiting Amber Portwood in her California rehab facility! The whole gang hung out for a while on Saturday night.

The girls will be flying home on Monday, leaving us all to wonder if this is the last reunion show they’ll ever shoot…will there be a Season 3 reunion? Fans of the show (and The Ashley) are crossing our fingers that the answer is YES!

(Photos: All the Teen Moms Facebook; Twitter)

10 Responses

  1. I know this about Teen Mom 2 but I think Maci looks very orange and bottle blonde also! Not in the actual show but at the end where it talks about going to mtv.com for interviews with the girls. The blonde and orange tan makes Maci look a lot older and not in a good way!

  2. At least kail didn’t show up in that god awful pants suit from last year. She looked like she stole the big top from Barum and Bailey.

  3. What is with Ashleigh’s (Jenelle’s sister) hair? Every picture or tv appearance she’s been in it totally looks like she’s rocking a wig.

  4. Have you guys notice that the girls from teen mom 2 girls are best friends. But the girls from teen mom 1 seems like they are not that close like they own speak when they have to. But I think Chelsea look good with the blond hair kail is growing on me she does not seem so annoying now. I like Leah but she need a makeover bad that bleach blonde hair and over tanned looks a hot mess on her.

    1. Yes I noticed that too. It’s because Maci thinks she is better than everyone else, Farrah can be a scary flaming monster bitch, and Amber isn’t all the way there in the head! Poor Catelynn is the only sane one. The teen mom 2 girls are all pretty normal, and know how to treat people.

  5. I’m surprised to see Jenelle there with all the legal stuff going on with her, but she looks great!! Leah & Chelsea were so pretty, but now they both look so orange and bottle blonde.. its sad.

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