EXCLUSIVE: Maci Bookout Did a Hit & Run While Filming ‘Teen Mom!’



(NOTE: The Ashley posted this story back in January, but has bumped it up because the episode that this happened was shown last night.)

Apparently, back in October, when last night’s episode of Teen Mom was filmed, Maci allegedly was involved in a hit and run while filming at her college, Chattanooga State University.  According to this video shot by students at her college, She was backing out of a parking spot and accidentally clipped the front of a Jeep parked behind her.

"I hit a car this morning and took off...don't tell!"

Now, The Ashley is no stranger to backing into cars…in fact, she is arguably the worst driver (other than Lindsay Lohan) in Southern California, so she can’t say anything about Maci’s driving mishap.

The difference between The Ashley and Maci? The Ashley always leaves a note or tells the owner of the car. Maci pretty much just peaced out!

Students at Chat U got the footage of Maci hitting the car. Then, they chose to make it into this school project video.

The students actually did a pretty impressive job with the footage. They got footage of the hit, Maci getting out to see what happened (but then stopping to pose for pictures), MTV basically telling her it’s not that big of a deal and that she should leave, and Maci driving away without even leaving a note behind. So, so wrong.

The students were able to interview the girl who owns the car, Nadia Hill. “I got hit by one of the Teen Moms!” she says in the video. “This is just horrible. I can’t believe MTV would do this to me!”

According to the Tennessee DMV website,

“If you are involved in an accident or collision in Tennessee, you must be prepared to act responsibly and in accordance with State law.  As a responsible driver, you must never leave the scene of an accident. Not only is it essential that you provide any necessary help immediately following an accident, but leaving an accident scene can result in having your driving privileges revoked or your license suspended.”

True, she didn’t kill anyone or damage the car beyond drivability, but she did cause problems for that poor girl she hit and then didn’t even bother to take responsibility for her actions.

I’m taking off my WWMD (What Would Maci Do?) bracelet ASAP!
Here’s another cell phone video documenting the event. (LOL at the guy narrating the scene around the two-minute mark!)
These guys even claim that right before this happened, Maci filmed a scene for the show that was COMPLETELY STAGED. Waa! I don’t want to believe it!


  1. In this scene I thought she was supposed to be running into class, so I was wondering when she was leaving and being filmed. But anyways that is just ridiculous. MTV producers probably just saw it as more publicity for their teen mom when she got busted… And of course she would.

  2. I saw this video on YouTube several months ago and have been waiting for the episode it was in….I want to like Maci still, but she’s making it hard…

  3. The problem I have this is the fact that Maci didn’t even bother to leave a note or to wait for the person to come out Maci has this I’m better than everyone attitude just like Farrah. I think being on TV has really changed Maci and people online were say how the girl was blowing out of portion but it someone hit your car and just left you would be piss off too and the fact the girl car has damage before does not really matter . Maci should be ashamed of herself because if it was not for MTV her ass would of been in the crap ass car she had before her 280,000 payment I really don’t like the original teen moms expect for Catelyn the rest of the girls are annoying,fake,Narcasstic and egomanic

    1. Exactly. Regardless of how the amount of damage, it’s still against the law (and plain wrong) to hit someone’s car and take off. It doesn’t matter if it was a little or a lot of damage. It doesn’t matter if you are Jane Schmoe or Maci Bookout, you can’t do that.

  4. Oddly, while looking at the video, you can see where there used to be rivets holing the bumper together, so obviously it had been hit before and the damage was old. It’s still NOT okay that she hit the car and left, but the owner of the Jeep is clearly committing fraud.

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