Sister of ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Assaulted by Ex-Boyfriend?

Farrah Teen Mom
Stay strong Ashley!

Farrah Abraham‘s sister, Ashley Danielson, was allegedly assaulted last weekend by an ex-boyfriend, according to her Twitter account.

Ashley has made semi-frequent appearances of Teen Mom (appearing on the most recent episodes, including last night’s). She and Farrah have had a somewhat tumultuous relationship in the past but seem to be trying to make things work between them.

Anyway, according to Ashley’s account, she was punched by her ex-boyfriend on Saturday night.

Ashley tweeted this photo of her eye after the assault.

“There were a lot of people around and he was taken to jail,” Ashley told her concerned fans on Twitter. “I’m ok now! I am prosecuting him to the fullest.”

The Ashley is sending positive vibes to her name twin. She is a big fan of Farrah’s sister because usually she’s the only one in Farrah’s family that doesn’t let Farrah treat her like crap.

Stay strong Ashley!

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