‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Splits With New Boyfriend Daniel Alvarez!

Has Farrah Abraham‘s new dream romance already ended?

The Teen Mom star started dating club promoter Daniel Alvarez in June, and the couple has been seemingly very happy for the last few months, attending a Miami Dolphins football game together, being photographed with Sophia, and most recently, taking a trip to Austin, Texas together this past weekend.

Unfortunately, the couple split over the weekend. Daniel Alvarez confirmed exlusively to The Ashley that their relationship is over!

“Yes it is true,” he told The Ashley this morning.

“The thing is, we were [happy.]” he said. “We had a great time in the city and enjoyed each other’s company. Things just aren’t always what they seem and the truth will eventually come out once the next season airs. I have nothing to hide and I was the best I could possibly be to both her and Sophia. I still deeply care for both of them and wish them nothing but the best.”

Seems like a really nice, mature man to me….Farrah could probably learn a lot from him!

Farrah posted on her Twitter that she was dumped by Daniel (but later deleted the post, saying Daniel “hacked it.”) However, Daniel says that this is not the case.

“I just found out about the Twitter post she made,” Daniel said. “It’s pretty sad to see her act like that..I thought we were over and nothing else was to come of it.”

The Ashley is not surprised that Daniel finally had enough of Farrah. If she treated him anything like she treats her parents, I can’t believe they lasted as long as they did!


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  1. Farrah is incredibly naive, horribly ungrateful, and hopelessly self-absorbed. She has no business being a mother to a toddler with her level of immaturity and selfish attitudes. She was foolish to introduce her child to Daniel and belies her deluded sense of self. Her child lacks discipline and is starved for attention…Farrah is the poster child for the lack of prepardness by a teen to be a parent. Her mother called her “billiant” to Daniel…I had to laugh-out loud.

  2. IMO, Farrah has Bi-Polar Personality Disorder with Histrionic tendencies and lacks the ability to have lasting relationships. These are serious emotional disorders and I’m sure there is more to them than we will ever know. This is by no means giving her a pass or making excuses for her behavior just maybe a little bit of understanding. But I admit I don’t like her one bit and feel very sorry for her family and those that have to put up with her nonsense.

    1. i agree that farrah has some emotional difficulties and that’s probably why deborah treats her the way she does. matter of fact, i think deborah has some emotional challenges. oh hell…the whole fam damily is nuts if you ask me. seriously!

  3. Farrah is the most ignorant self centered selfish snobb on the show she needs to get off her high horse and stop acting like shes miss priss better then everyone you can tell shes ill and has mental issues i mean “this girl sold her car on Craigslist”
    after a day and she was surprised but it turned out the deposit was bad. i mean for real who all else doesnt know not to deal with long distanced sales with CL. besides farrah

  4. Everyone right yeah ferrah is rude to her mom and should be thanking god to have a mom like her i like her mom shes seems be be a loving caring mother but you are wrong about saying that ferrah is not a good mom shes a great young mother for her age im proud of her and who cares if she introduce 2 guys to sofia thats her choice so back off and stop hating people she young we all did our mistakes but at least shes trying i know shes a good momma

  5. What really bothers me is how disrespectful Farrah is to her parents. Her mom can’t say one thing without Farrah making her mother seem stupid. She uses too much sarcasm and her tone of voice makes me wanna smack her in the face! And she’s mean toward her dad as well. She is ungrateful and selfish and believes everything will turn out right without the comfort and support of her parents. They make terrific grandparents and Farrah isn’t accepting their advice and support. If you watch the episode where she moves to Florida, she barely says goodbye paying more attention to Sophia than leaving her mother to go live in
    another state. She’s rude and this is why she doesn’t have too many friends: it’s her ego and personality, which is why her newest boyfriend dumped her.

  6. I think Farrah is not only a selfish & disrespectful daughter but she also comes off as being mentally ill. This chick is never satisfied with anything nor does she show any gratitude towards her parents. I hate the way she addresses her father by his name & the way she barks @ her mother. Her parents happily keep Sophia & have been supportive of Derek’s passing & seeing her through it yet the almighty
    aFarrah still finds a way to whine how her parents try & control her life??? Are you serious? This mental case jet sets all over the country while her parents keep her daughter & she’s looking for sympathy?? She should be grateful for them. I’m sure her costar Amber portwood would love to trade families with this witch!! Farrahs parents and Sophia are the ones to feel sorry for. Farrah please get on medication and come off your sassy horse and realize you are not as hot as you think you are, not the best mommy that you think you are, not the alist Hollywood celebrity you think you are and you are second on the most hated teen mom list. I’m not surprised at all that this guy was scared off in only two short months. The other guys you hunted down on previous seasons were scared off in two short hours! Farrah get over yourself because we are all over you. Congrats!!

      1. Ok I understand that this is a blog, and everyone is entitled to their own opinions so here are mine. Ferrah may not know how to deal and communicate well with other people, but I still think that she is an excellent mother. She has made some positive choices throughout the seasons, and has slowly but surely improved on the relationship between her and her parents. She has just been trying to figure out how exactly to do that, and it obviously hasn’t been easy for anyone including herself. Just like anyone else she has a lot to learn in life and is doing what it takes to get there. Most of you on here sound more like her haters than anything, and who is any hater to judge one’s life? I give her props and wish her the best. =)

    1. She was actually told by her mother to call him Michael. That’s how she was taught. I think she is a decent mother, but she loses her cool too much, gets mad over little things. I don’t have time to defend this girl anymore. After I found out she did coke after Sophia was born because she wanted to die was just too selfish for me. I understand she has been through a lot but grow the hell up, deal with it, and raise your child right and take care of yourself. She is so worried about finding love again too soon. Why can’t she just wait 2 more years when Sophia is in school and she has less on her plate and HAS free time, instead of making free time by dropping Sophia off with other people so much.

    1. and you need to make sense. its not sentence construction. it’s sentence structure, so yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  7. The girl is ugly. If they had ugliest person on tv awards-she would win. An ugly smooshed-in face and an ugly attitude

  8. i jus read about her dating this guy in a magazine i bought this weekend..now theyre over haha. how old is this guy he looks 30?

  9. Mabey u should stop talking bad about Farrah because you just dont get how hard is raising a kid and grieving with a lost at a same time! A lost that is happened to be her biggest love and her baby’s daddy! I think Farrah has made an excellent job as a mother, and she is not mean to Sophia! Sophia is her whole world! Im not saying she is not mean to ppl sometimes but u guys just have to understand that she cant get over Derek’s death and she has to deal, on top of that, with work and raising Sophia, I guess u should get in her shoes to see how it feels that you get pregnant by the man u love, that ur mom prohibits you to talk to him or tell him that ur pregnant, to make u change ur number and then wake up one morning and been told that he’s dead! Mabey u should think about that before u should start talking bullshit about Farrah!

    1. I don’t think anyone is arguing that what happened to Derek isn’t hard for her. A lot of us probably know what its like to lose someone we really love and care about. The problem with Farrah is that she takes it out on the people who are trying to help her and make things easier for her. She needs to learn to deal with her grief in a more mature, constructive way, instead of lashing out at nearly everyone she comes into contact with. And please don’t say that I don’t understand what its like to raise a child while dealing with the death of a loved one, because I really do.

  10. Farrah attitude is so disgusting no one life is perfect at one point in everyone life who are going to lose someone you love you . That doesn’t Farrah the right to act as nasty and rude as she does to everyone around just because she lose someone she supposed love . And Farrah is not innocent and is not this grieve widow like she claim to be on teen mom because she the one and the only one that decision to cut derek out Sophia life before she was she said in her episode in voice over mode that Derek was obsession with her he was abusive and controlling Farrah did’nt have to say those things about Derek she choose no one forces Farrah to anything she just cry over Derek now not because she miss and love him and regret what happen between them she wants the viewers to like her and feel sorry for her .

  11. would you act the same way towards your mother if she kept you from the father of your child.. made her change her number, wouldnt let her tell derek he was the father of sophia and then he died before he could ever know any of that… i am sure she has very hard feelings towards her mother for those reason and every one thinks she is a spolied brat because of it!

    1. No, we think she’s a brat because she’s a brat. Of course its hard to deal with what happened to Derek. But its not just Deborah that Farrah is nasty too. She snaps at everyone, even Sophia! She’s constantly yelling, telling people theyre stupid and to shut up. The girl has no respect for anyone, plain and simple. Even her college proffesers told her she was a bitch. It’s not because everyone’s “out to get her.” It’s because she IS.

      1. Agreed Paige I’m so tired of Farrah I’m the victim attitude when everyone is telling you have a bad attitude. It’s time for you to take a good look in the mirror Farrah is rude to anyone she has this attitude. Where she thinks everyone own her something Farrah is a rude brat who has no friends. Because she treat people like crap no one in this world deserve to be treated the one Farrah talks to people . Farrah behavior is her fault no one else she watches the show so she knows how she come off as being a rude bitch and so anytime Farrah could of chose to change. How she treat people but she has not and that is not her mothers fault or fathe fault it is Farrah fault and Farrah didn’t have to listen to her parents. About the whole Derek Farrah known for the moment she was having sophia. That she knew that she didn’t want to have derek involve in any way so she needs to take responsible for that and stop blaming her parents because it was her choose too.

    2. dont you realize farrah has no friends?? like shes lucky she has her mom otherwise her scenes would consist of her talking to herself. she had that asian friend for a few episodes, but i guess like everyone else, she too, bailed…farrah is jus nasty and she thinks she’s entitled to everything.

  12. Surprise surprise I knew it was not going to last Farrah is a hot ass mess. she is mean and cruel and immature and its all about Farrah why would he hack her twitter account he is grown ass man he has business to run. Farrah is an idiot this is the second guy she allowed to meet her daughter and it didn’t work out She was dating him for 2 months and she was all over the magazines covers. Talking about how much in love she was with him and how she has the ”perfect little family” maybe this is Farrah karma. For being so mean and cruel to her family and Derek’s family it could of not happen to a nicer person I have no sympathy for Farrah because she is mean,spoiled brat,immature, rude,disrespect,insecure person. And she never apologize for what she said about Demi Lovato which was yet another cruel and unnecessary evil thing to say to someone who just got out of rehab. And is trying to get her life back together and be postive and be actually role model unlike Farrah. Who is just famous because she got knock up at sixteen

  13. Whoever wrote this article should keep their biased opinions to themselves and focus on writing about the topic rather than what they think might have happened.

    No where did Daniel say anything negative about Farrah, and the author should have remained the same.

    I think the author should mind their own business and if they do continue writing, should focus their writing on getting the facts, not writing opinions.

    1. I’m pretty sure that’s the point of the blog. It’s about her opinion regarding a story not a news article dummy. I love The Ashley!!! She speaks the truth. Farrah needs to realize that treating people like they are dirt is always going to bite you in the ass.

      1. the ashley is my fave blogger she really does research things before she posts ,there is others out there who will just turn a tweet around and say they wrote a blog . so i appreciate her time and effort and think yes she gives an opionion but also gets her facts straight we love the ashley

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