Premiere Dates For All Your Favorite Reality Shows!

Fall is upon us which means two things: The Ashley gets to bust out her amazing collection of winter coats and….all of her favorite reality TV shows are starting again! Although Teen Mom and Bachelor Pad have kept The Ashley entertained over the summer, she can’t wait to see the new seasons of all of the other reality shows!

Here’s The Ashley’s handy-dandy list of reality TV show premiere dates! They are listed in order of premiere date.

Survivor: South Pacific

Premieres: Wednesday, September 14 at 8pm

Channel: CBS

For more information on the new cast, click here!

America’s Next Top Model: All-Stars

Premieres: Wednesday, September 14 at 9pm

Channel: The CW


Dancing With the Stars

Premieres: Monday, September 19 at 8pm

Channel: ABC

Battle of AgesThe Biggest Loser: Battle of the Ages

Premieres: Tuesday, September 20 at 8pm

Channel: NBC

For spoilers, photos of the contestants and more, click here!


Premieres: Wednesday, September 21 at 8pm

Channel: FOX

(Does anyone actually plan to watch this show?)


Shark Tank

Premieres: Friday, September 23 at 9pm

Channel: ABC

The Ashley looooves The Shark Tank!

The Amazing Race

Premieres: Sunday, September 25 at 8pm

Channel: CBS
For more information on the new cast, filming locations, etc., click here!

Real World: San Diego 2

Premieres: Wednesday, September 28 at 10pm

Channel: MTV


One show that will not be coming back? True Beauty, which basically tricked conceited creepnuggets into thinking that they are on a reality show about being fabulous, but really is only making fun of how big of douchebags they are. It got cancelled after last season. This makes The Ashley very sad.

(Photos & Logos: CBS, ABC, MTV, NBC)

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