Amber Portwood’s Brother Not a Fan of Her ‘Teen Mom’ Co-Star

"Hey Farrah! Stop being a douche!"

The Ashley isn’t the only one that thinks that Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham needs to grow up and stop thinking the world revolves around her (and her unevenly cut bangs!)

Apparently, Amber Portwood‘s brother, Shawn, is also disgusted by Farrah’s Snotty McNasty attitude. In a recent post on his personal blog, The Chili Man Chronicles, Shawn had some pretty critical things to say about his sister’s co-star.

“Watching [last week’s] episode…has done nothing but confirm what I have always thought to be true, Farrah is hateful,” Shawn wrote. “Seriously, her parents bend over backwards for her and she is so negative toward them.  There is never a sentence that comes out of her mouth that is not sarcastic, disrespectful, or demanding. They support everything that she does, even when it is not necessarily correct.”

He’s a smart man, that Shawn. The Ashley has liked him since he made his appearance on the Water Park Extravaganza episode of ‘Teen Mom’ earlier this season.

(For the record, he isn’t ignoring his own sister’s nasty behavior. He prefaced this blog with the following: “Just so everyone is aware, I have never condoned how my sister acts.  I want to say that first before I continue with my rant.”

Sean also revealed a few things about Amber’s progress since she’s been home from rehab. Apparently, she seems to be heading down the right path (finally!)

“She is also finally getting her High School diploma and getting her life on track.  She is taking the proper steps in her life to finally be an adult.”


  1. Her mother IS very controlling, but hey, Catelynn has shown you don’t have to end up behaving like your parents. It takes emotional intelligence to break the cycle, though, and Farrah has all the emotional quotient of a fridge magnet.
    However, this behaviour will come back to haunt her later in life.
    When her mother and father ( or rather, as she prefers to refer to them, “MOOOOOOOM! *eyeroll* ” and “MICHAEL! *eyeroll* ” ) pass away, she will most likely be plagued with regret and remorse. Whether she wants to or not. People will remind her how awful she was to them. And by then, it will be too late to change anything.
    Also, when Sophia grows up and sees the show, she might have questions for Farrah: “Mum, why do I cringe every time you open your mouth on that show to talk to my grandparents who practically raised me as a baby? Actually, now we’re on the subject…why do I cringe everytime you open your mouth, in
    Also, may this never happen for Soph’s sake, but…her main female role models are a) Debra, the domineering control freak,
    and Farrah, the incorregible überbrat. So it’s possible that Sophia grows up thinking it’s OK to give orders, expect her every whim to be conceded or throw a hissy fit when things don’t happen as planned by her. I kind of hope this happens a bit, because then, it would be Farrah taking her own medicine. Justice! Long-awaited, perhaps, but…justice!
    On a different note, does it annoy anyone else, the way she can NEVER say “Hello” properly? ( Soph’s already doing it, too!). She goes all sing-songy and goes “HEL- LOOOOW!”. Oh it annoys me no end!! Throw that in my “reasons why I detest Farrah” ever-growing list…

  2. I thought I was the only one that disliked her. I see that in the teen mom thingy with dr. drew she going to cry and say she has no friends. reason being you not a nice person and thats why people dislike her. if doesnt matter if u on tv or not you cant be like that to people.

  3. I am so sick of and disgusted by her. I don’t even like watching the parts she is on anymore. Her mother annoys me also, but she is just a bitch.

  4. Regardless that he prefaced this rant of his with how he doesn’t condone Amber’s actions, he should probably concern himself more with her and her terrible behavior than with Farrah’s. Farrah’s nasty attitude is nothing compared to the physical violence that Amber has portrayed on more than one occasion. Honestly, its kind of strange that news articles about Amber’s brother keeps coming out, first about how awful Gary is for Amber, then on the Teen Mom episode and now this? Kind of makes me think he is just as fame hungry as Amber & Gary are.. While he does have some good points, we all have those same points and yet we aren’t the subject of news articles.

  5. Shawn is a cool guy, I like him! Eitherway I am happy for Amber and I hope she really is going down the right path this time. Hopefully AWAY from Gary.

    I miss your Teen Mom episode updates 🙁 Bring them baaaack!

  6. ode (stupid phone submitted comment mid statement!) Anyway, once she explained the situation with her parents, I started to understand a bit. Could she have dealt with it better? Yes. Could she have been more mature about it? Yes. How many of us were at that age though? Living with a challenging situation on both her and her parents part can both be totally grating and it tends to bring out the worst in people.

    Ugh, I hope amber is getting back on track, but I will believe it when I see it.

  7. Ok, Farrah can be a total brat but there is more behind the scenes. Please watch the after the show from last week. I was appalled by last weeks epis

  8. Farrah annoys me too but I was kind of like that towardsmy mom at that age but it NEVER meant I hated her or didn’t respect her or wasn’t grateful for her! We have the BEST relationship now but I can kind of understand Farrah’s attitude. It’s hard when your Mom is ALWAYS the one who is right (even when she’s not) and u get preached to about the same past mistakes over n over w/ no positive compliments when u do, do good! Remember we all don’t know what happens behind closed doors or in their past! I know Farrah try’s but her snappy-ness probably comes from the frustration of always trying to beat a dead horse over & over w/ the same outcome. I think her moving away is the best thing for her & her parents relationship! It’s hard for her to see the good when u r slapped in the face w/ the bad every minute every day! I think her eyes will b opened when she tests out her freedom!

  9. Hahaha good stuff Ashley! Shawn’s statement fully summarizes Farrah’s distasteful attitude and backs up everything you (and many others) have been saying for months.

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