Ben Flajnik is Officially Named Next ‘Bachelor!’

Which one of these Ashley rejects is the new 'Bachelor?'

Moppy-haired winemaker Ben Flajnik (or “Ben F.” as we Bachelorette fans know him) was officially announced as the next Bachelor this morning in a press release issued by ABC.

According to ABC producers, Ben F. is “a rare, modern Renaissance man” (is that because he painted that ‘mural’ on the orphanage wall?). They also said he is  “confident that having found love on The Bachelorette, he will find his soul mate and a lasting, love-filled relationship this time on The Bachelor.”

Yeah…because that’s always how things work out..just ask Brad Womack. (Was anyone else sort of hoping that they would bring back ol’ Womack for a third time? Not that I want to stare at his mug anymore, but because I think it would hysterical if he couldn’t make it work after three times!)

Anyway, Ben F. was finally able to announce to his fans that he is, indeed, going to be the new rose-giver-outter.

“Secret is out. Looking forward to my new journey as the new bachelor! Booya!” he announced on Twitter this afternoon. (Yes, he did say ‘Booya’ and no, it’s not 1998.)

The Ashley is sort of surprised that Ben F. was chosen as the new ‘Bachelor.’ He’s much more sensitive and ecclectic than any of the other Bachelors have been. However, he’s a little too hipster for The Ashley’s taste.

We’ll get to see Ben F. in all his Bachelor glory starting in January 2012. I’d expect to see a lot of wine-themed dates and perhaps even a cheesy series title such as “The Bachelor: The Grapes of Love” or something like that. (Nothing can ever beat “On the Wings of Love” from Jake‘s season though!)


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