‘Bachelor Pad’ Star Ella Nolan Goes Plastic Surgery Crazy!

bachelor pad
Um...where's her belly button?

Well…I guess we all know what she needed that Bachelor Pad money for…..

Ella Nolan, one of the finalists on ‘Bachelor Pad’ has been whining for weeks that she is ‘desperate’ to win the $250,000 prize money because she’s a struggling single mom with a 9-year-old son. She has said many times over that she was “willing to do anything” to win that money (and she’s proven that by playing tonsil hockey with 7+ guys during challenges) because she wanted to buy a house for her and her son.

Well…she did buy a couple of mounds but not the kind you can live in. Yes, kids, Ella is the latest ‘Bachelor Pad’ star to go under the knife of co-star Erica Rose‘s plastic surgeon father, Dr. Franklin Rose. (Vienna got her nose done by Dr. Rose in July).

bachelor padAccording to Life & Style Weekly, Ella not only got her nose done, but also got brand-new D-cup breast implants and liposuction!

“I got everything I wanted. I feel incredible,” Ella told Life & Style during her photo shoot on September 4. “I can’t stop touching my new boobs!”

Hmm…either she suddenly has acquired a large sum of money somehow (are we looking at one of the ‘Bachelor Pad’ winners?) or Erica got Ella the ‘BP’ discount with her surgeon daddy.

The Ashley has no problem with someone getting plastic surgery; however, if Ella did win the money and go blow a bunch of it on plastic surgery when all she talked about was taking care of her son, etc., then that is kind of crappy of her. Those surgeries combined could have cost an upward of $20,000 (unless she got a discount).She does look great though!

Erica’s dad seems like a famewhore too so I can see him doing some of it pro bono in order to get the publicity. Who will be the next ‘Padder to go under the knife!?

(Photos: Michael Williams, Life & Style Weekly)

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  1. Don’t know what she is whining about on the show. Her son has a very loving father and step-mom in the picture that take care of him while she is off having her fun. He lives in a house with his dad and step-mom and has everything he could ever need or want. Including great schooling and a wonder future. She is NOT raising him alone!!! And she gets child support, even while away for days/weeks at a time.

  2. I’m a little disappointed. She was one of my favorite people on there. If she was that upset about her nose and honestly did hate it, I understand. But the liposuction and boob implants was unnecessary especially since she is ‘struggling so much’ raising a 9 year old. What she spent on that could have been put into his future college fund. Also I thought she was sooo beautiful before, and I am not saying she looks BAD because she doesn’t, but she no longer looks like ‘herself’. =(

    1. Couple of questions…has anyone asked where the father to her son is?? Is the father paying child support?? Where is her son when she is gone filming these shows and having surgeries?? Is she really raising her son alone?? Does her son’s father have joint custody?? Why is she struggling so much if he is in the picture?? Does Ella work when not on TV?? How much does she actually work?? She has photo shoots, interviews, etc that don’t pay. Why not get a real job and work like the rest of us?? Maybe someone should look into seeing if the father is involved. Is he on facebook?? Does he live near her and her son??

  3. Is that off centered dot really supposed to be her belly button, or is that a fleck of dirt on my screen? That is disturbing.

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