New Information on the Arrest of Butch From ‘Teen Mom’

"Back to the slammer!"

Starcasm and The Ashley reported last week that Teen Mom star Butch Baltierra was arrested on domestic violence charges. He allegedly came to the home of his wife April while under the influence of drugs and ended up getting physical with her. You can read more about April’s side of the story here.

The Ashley has uncovered more details about the arrest of Butch (real name: Darl Baltierra). According to court records, the incident occurred on Thursday, September 8. Someone at the house called the police at 12:35 a.m. and Butch was arrested.

He has since pleaded “Not Guilty” to the domestic violence charges. His bond was set at $3,000, and a “No Contact” order was placed between him and April (reminiscent of Gary and Amber‘s no contact order that was discussed on last week’s episode!) He is set to go to trial for this offense.

According to Tyler’s sister (and Butch’s daughter), Amber Baltierra, things got out of control when Butchy got his hands on some money, courtesy of his time on MTV.

She posted this on her Facebook recently, “Drug addicts can’t handle MTV money!!” She also revealed Butch’s drug of choice in another Facebook statement: “This just goes to show what he cares about n that is crack.. bottom line!!”

Hmm…didn’t anyone ever tell our mulleted friend that “crack is whack?”

Butchy has the possibility of going to jail for a long time, since this act of violence violated his parole. As you Roundupers know, he wasn’t allowed to see April until his probation ended on December 17, due to a previous domestic violence charge. Obviously, that parole date is now out the window and Butch may be looking at some serious time!

Thank goodness Tyler seems to have taken after his level-headed mother rather than his father!

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  1. Wow!! This guy is such a LOSER!! I feel sooo sorry for Tyler cause his dad is such a CREEP and didn’t even make his graduation. YOUR A CREEP BUTCH!!

    1. Lay off Butch, he didn’t make the graduation because he was jail… and yeah, that’s pretty bad. But don’t make it seem like he was pulling a Ryan.

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