See the Cast of ‘Teen Mom’ When They Were Babies!

Each week Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 fans tune in to see the drama, joy and heartbreak that comes from having a baby in your teens. We are so used to seeing these people as they are today (teenagers and people in their very early 20s) that it’s easy to forget that they were all once teeny tots themselves!

Take a look at what our favorite ‘Teen Moms’ (and Dads!) looked like before MTV, baby-daddy and baby momma drama and “Official” Facebook fanpages came along. They are all actually really cute, but I’m going to have to Kail or Gary for cutest baby picture! It’s also amazing how much the moms and dads look like their kids! (I guess that’s kind of how it’s supposed to be though, yes?)

Some of the moms, especially Jenelle and Amber, are carbon copies of their babies!

Anyway, enjoy the gallery!

Unfortunately, I’m missing a photo of Jenelle’s mother Barbara, as well as Butch too!! I’d love to see them as spring chickens!

P.S. These photos were collected from various Facebook fan pages (LOL) and various snooping sessions! (Special thanks to Roundup friend Hailee for sending over the Ryan and Jo photos!)

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  1. Kyle, Maci, Amber, Gary, Tyler, Jenelle, Leah and Ryan all look EXACTLY the same now as they did when they were babies! Pretty crazy.

    I think Gary and Ryan are the cutest 🙂

  2. You’re so very welcome! 🙂
    Bentley has Ryan’s facial features but Maci’s eyes. Leah and Jace are just their mothers made over. Carly is a good mix of Cate & Ty. Isaac looks like Jo (I saw his baby pic somewhere too, so I’ll send that in!) Aubree looks like Chelsea, and Leah’s girls look like her (but Aleaah is her twin)

  3. Seeing this picture of Maci, I see she looks just like her mom. I thought the same thing as everyone else as soon as I saw that picture of Jenelle I thought oh my gosh they could be twins. I have always wondered who he looked like cause I dont see him in her now that she is grown.

  4. I’ve always thought Leah looked like Gary too; that is until I saw child pictures of Amber. Leah looks exactly like her! Carly looks exactly like Tyler that it’s just so adorable. Jenelle and Jace could be twins. And after seeing this season of Teen Mom, I’ve realized that Bentley looks a little like Jen, Ryan’s mom. But that’s my opinion. I would LOVE to see baby pictures of Ryan and Dalis though. I mean, you have Maci and Kyle so why not? xD.

      1. Its ryan’s new girlfriend. I don’t think she was on the show. But she will be on the next one Im guessin cause they seem pretty strong on twitter and other reports Iv read/seen 🙂 I think shes good for ryan!

  5. Bentley looks A LOT like Kyle, even though we all know hes not his kid. He has a little bit of Maci in him, but he looks more like grown up Maci then baby Maci.

    Leah looks just like her parents. A mix of both. The chubby cheeks from her dad are adorable.

    Jace looks IDENTICAL to Jenelle

    Isaac definitely looks like his mommy.

  6. Amber’s face looks just like Leah’s does now.. So weird cause I always thought that Leah looked more like Gary but I guess not huh? And Carly definitely looks just like Tyler.
    But I just don’t see the Maci/Bentley resemblance but I would be curious to see a baby pic of Ryan!

  7. I think if you put a picture of Jenelle and Jace next to each other you wouldn’t be able to tell them apart lol….He really does look just like her. I think Bentley looks alot like his Mama too 🙂 So cute!

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