5 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘X-Factor’ Host Steve Jones

X-Factor's host Steve Jones: hot & talented!

X-Factor viewers got their first taste of the singing show during its premiere episodes last week. In addition to the long-awaited dose of Simon Cowell‘s salty, British humor, viewers also got their first glimpse of the show’s Hottie McHotterson host, Steve Jones.

The Ashley was able to sit down with Steve during a FOX network event a few weeks ago. She is happy to report that not only is he super-nice in person, but he’s also extremely easy on the eyes!!

Here are a few random things you probably didn’t know about the host of The ‘X-Factor.’

1. He could kick your ass in a ‘hold-your-breath’ contest.

“I can hold my breath for 3 minutes, I have what they call eliptic lungs ,” he told The Ashley. “The irony is that I hate swimming so these lungs are wasted on me. I don’t like the sea. I’m scared of the stuff that’s in there!”  (The Ashley is too!)

2. He’s a total Trekky.

The Ashley finds it funny when really good-looking people turn out to have nerdy hobbies and traits, so she was extremely happy to learn that Steve Jones, despite his hotness, is kind of a nerd!

“I’m a trekky, I love Star Trek and I’m not ashamed to say it. I think Star Trek: The Next Generation is one of the greatest TV shows ever made.”

3. He’s about to be an uncle!

“My younger brother Chris is in a long-term relationship and is expecting his first child, which kind of takes the pressure off me [to have kids!]” Steve said. “[My mom] is happy with my career and X-Factor. I have a similar work ethic to Simon. Work is all consuming, nothing else in my life. Everything takes a backseat. When I’m involved in something like this, everything else needs to be forgotten about, which is exactly why I’m single at 34!”

4. He is not a metrosexual.

Unlike the host of that other singing show, Steve hates wasting time on grooming.

“The least amount of time I can spend in the bathroom, the better,” he said. “I don’t want to be in there applying mascara or whitening the tips of my hair. I just want to get in there and do what I gotta do and get out.”

5. He probably won’t be on TMZ any time soon.

Steve insists that there isn’t much dirt that can be dug up on him!

“I’m a decent person, I treat others as I want to be treated myself,” he said. “The last time I broke the law was speeding slightly over [in the UK]. I’m a decent person so [they can] do what [they want]…”

The Ashley has watched some of the ‘X-Factor,’ and while she’s not sure if she’ll watch the whole thing. What are your thoughts so far on the show?

P.S. Yes, The Ashley did cut herself out of this photo. Her face was so creepalicious in the photo that it would have scared the children.

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