‘Bachelor Pad’ Villian Wes Hayden Gets Jaw Broken in Bar


"Waaa! I got my ass kicked!"

Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad villian Wes Hayden (you know, the “Love Don’t Come Easy” song guy) is recovering from surgery today after getting his jaw broken in a Katy, Texas. From what the one-song wonder posted on his Twitter, it sounds like he got sucker-punched. He posted this on Monday:

“Wow! I was assaulted this weekend at Mo’s Place in Katy,Texas. They let the guy leave without letting me press charges. The just swept it away. They let the guy go who sucker punched me. I watched him walk out the door. I have a broke jaw, surgery this Thursday. I pressed charges at the hospital…”

From what Wes told friends on his Facebook page, a drunken guy was badgering him, causing Wes to report him to the staff. About 20 minutes later, Drunky McDrinksalot came up to Wes while he was taking pictures with two female fans (wait, he has fans?) and sucker-punched him, hitting him behind his left ear. Somehow he ended up with a broken jaw.

Of course, he may be omitting some very important information to try to gain sympathy from his fans.

One girl that posted on his Facebook page claims that Wes not only called the guy’s girlfriend a name, but also that he threw a beer bottle and screamed “Don’t you know who I am?” to the cops that showed up. (I love it when douchy barely-celebs bust that card!) The Ashley doesn’t know what really happened, but she can totally picture Wes pulling something like that. 

"Even I considered sucker-punching you to get you to stop singing that damn song!"

The staff at Mo’s responded to Wes’ pity party story with the following statement:

“Be assured that if there was a fault, it was Wes Hayden’s fault and that Mo’s Place did everything it could to protect his reputation. Numerous witnesses that can verify.”

The Ashley is LOL-ing at the part about needing to protect his ‘reputation.’ He’s a reality TV personality that’s known for singing the same song over and over again, and for boneing both Vienna Girardi and Gia Whats-her-Face. (Allegedly!) What’s left of his reputation to protect?

Anyway, Wes had surgery today and will be recovering in bed for the next six weeks. Perhaps he could use that time to finally write a new song.

(Photos: Facebook, ABC)

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