Lori Wickelhaus of ’16 & Pregnant’: Where Is She Now?

Lori & Aiden: Both doing great!

Earlier this year, MTV was kind enough to update all of us curious viewers on what’s happened to the girls that have appeared on 16 & Pregnant since their episodes aired. (The Ashley is a good source for this too, you know!)

One of the girls everyone was curious about was Lori Wickelhaus, who, during Season 2, struggled with the decision of whether or not to place her son up for adoption. Without the support of the baby’s father, Cory, Lori eventually decided to go through with the open adoption.

She appeared on the ‘Where Are They Now’ special, yet, curiously, did not appear on the recent ‘Teen Mom Adoption Special,’ in which the other girls from the show that chose adoption discussed their choices.

So what’s Lori up to these days? She is notoriously one of the most “quiet” of the ’16 & Pregnant’ girls ( i.e. not ending up on TMZ or getting pregnant again).

How freaking cute is Aiden?!

Apparently, from what The Ashley can tell, Lori is doing fantastic. She, along with her parents, enjoy a good relationship with Lori’s son, Aiden, and seem to be able to see him on a regular basis. (BTW- he has grown up to be so freaking adorable!)

Lori is studying Early Childhood Development at Cincinatti State. She’s single and appears to be enjoying her time as a college student. She also has a very close relationship with both of her parents.

She even got to meet her favorite football player, AJ Green of the Bengals, last week with her father!

As for Aiden’s father, Cory, he is still living in Kentucky, is working at an auto parts store and he and Lori don’t speak. That’s pretty much all I could sleuth about him. I don’t believe he has contact with his son, but I’m not sure on that!

The Ashley is dying to know why Lori didn’t take part in the Adoption Special! Maybe she’s over the whole ’16 & Pregnant’ fame thing.

UPDATE: To read about what’s happening in Lori’s life as of August 2013, click here!


  1. I hate that girls mother I just wanted to punch her mom in the face… how can you look ur daughter in the face and see how upset she is crying and don’t want to give up her child and yes she was forced to give up her child. If I was the lady who adopted the baby and seen how she was forced to give up the child I would give her back her baby I wouldn’t be able to raise a child if the mother was forced to give up the child. It would have been different if she wanted to give up her child but she didn’t want to. I understand that she was 16 but her mother could have handled that differently yes I would be upset too if my daughter got pregnant at 16 but I would not force her to give up her child I would help her raise the child so she could finish school and get her life back on track. That was a horrible episode but I hope that girls mother gets bashed every time someone sees her and tells her she is a horrible mother to force her child to give up her baby.

    1. Agree 100% that episode is so sad, makes me angry every time I watch it, fancy saying ‘if ur mum didn’t do what she did we wouldn’t have u?’ . Trying to justify it. I’m not surprised she didn’t apear on the adoption special, probably regrets what happened. The only real flesh and blood she knows and was made to give him up, selfish adoptive parents!

  2. I saw the show with this family. It stood out because I live in the same part of the world and so I started watching this episode. My heart broke for this teen mom. By the end of the show I detested Lorie’s mother. Her dad did whatever she told him too and seemed to me to have no opinion unless his wife said he could. He needed to drink a large glass of man the heck up and grow a pair. In the hospital the looks that she gave the bio father were like daggers. What a black hearted, selfish, megalomaniac her mother came off as. By the end of the show I was filled with anger at this woman. I am adopted and I have an adopted son, so I am not against adoption. But I am against being bullied. Its not any-wonder that the Bio dad don’t talk to them. I would be the same way if someone disrespected me and have me no choice at all and then gave away a part of my heart and soul to strangers… I hope Lorie gets a great education and job and can get as far away from that woman as she can. They had a high dollar home and in a great part of town and I believe they could have helped her keep her son. I wish the baby the best and that his new family love him unconditionally. But still my heart is sad for the teen mom. and her Mother makes me sick.Somebody needs to tell her that it was not all about her. I also hopes she knows what Karma is, so that she will know it when it slaps her in the face. I found my birth mother I hope Lorie can also, nothing is impossible. She did the very best that she could, no one could blame her.

  3. when I seen this episode I had just lost 2 babys …. seeing this made me cry I felt for lori her so called “mother” didnt help her situtation it breaks my heart to hear lori sag I want to keep this baby anf then her mother practically says u have to move out as a parent u should be angry disappointed etc in ur child but to kick ur pregnant daughter out because shes having a baby absolutely disgusts me … if she is honestly happy with her decision then good on her but from what I seen on the show she didnt have a decision it was all the “mothers choice and threats” pathetic stand by ur child no matter what

    1. an up date on Lori, she had a girl in oct.2013 and mother is very pleased with this child.. Lori’s mother doesn’t like boys from what I see. Lori’s first was a boy, her mother made Lori give it up. Lori has a girl and the mother is all happy about it and Lori gets to keep it… sounds to me Lori’s mother hates boys.

  4. I just rewatched this… I feel like I was watching a diffrent show than most of the people commenting here. I don’t think Lori’s parents were the evil people they are made out to be. As much as people can say she was forced, they humiliated her in front of her friends, etc, I actually applaud them for not making their teenage daughter being pregnant a good thing. I’d rather see that then Nikkole’s mom from I think S2 who was talking about how she was excited, and don’t get me started on the episodes where the moms have huge baby showers. Were they harsh? yes. But Lori obviously needed that given she was in her third trimester and had made NO plans for what she was going to do with a baby, and I don’t think that her parents are obligated to support her and a baby. You have sex, you risk getting pregnant, and you risk having to make adult decisions like provide shelter for you and your child.
    Also, notice that Lori hasn’t made the news for being arrested, doing drugs, beating people up, getting pregnant again, a sex tape, a boob job, etc. You can knock her parents all you want but she seems to be doing a good job of living a normal teenage life.

    1. News flash: Lori(not married, no job, living with her parents) just had another child oct.2013.A girl this time and Lori’s mother is thrilled!! Wasn’t thrilled the first time, guessing because it was a boy.. Give the boy away, but keep the girl?? Sounds to me that Lori’s mother hates boys.

  5. Actually she is dating a guy named Joey Amos and Is pregnant again she is or use to work at Cortland Acres in Thomas Wv complete opposite of where everyone thought she was

  6. I just watched this re run, and omg everyone is right on this girl so called adopted “parents”. I bet this poor girl regrets what they forced her into, and more than likely shes still upset about them forcing her into this. these people looked like they have money, so they totally could of helped her out..just so sad

  7. Just saw a rerun of this episode, made me bawl! As a mother of three daughters I can’t imagine forcing adoption in them. Lori’s mother gave no other option to Lori or the father and his family!! Maybe they were ill prepared, maybe adoption was the best for the children, but this situation could have been handled so much better! Literally made me sick to my stomach when they were calling the father names for how he was reacting. They were showed no empathy to what he was feeling, and barely any to their daughter. The only concern was how it affected THEIR lifes,even the concerns of Lori’s future seemed to be more about them.

  8. I could not believe the way Loris parents acted to her. No they did not ever give her a choice. She wasnt on the adoption special cause her parents were too humiliated to let her go cause of how they acted on 16 and pregnant forcing her to give up her son. It was that or she couldnt go cause it is too much pain for her to talk about. I dont blame her there. Her parents are heartless idiots who should have their butss kicked for the way they treated her

  9. Agree 100% with both of the last comments…lori’s “mother” was no help and didnt really give her an option. It was apparsnt because she started seeking her boyfriends help as a last resort to keep the baby, even when she knew he flakier then a biscuit…Even in that other girls episode, valerie I think was her name, her adoptive parents accepted her decision, despite not agreeing. It was sad to see, this girl wanted to keep her baby, it was written all over the episode, and the way her mom acted like it was such a disgrace to have a baby born by her teen adopted daughter made me wanna slap her!!!as an adoptive parent you shouldnt act that way!!! The way too they called her babys dad as if to piss him off, and get lori to change her mind everytime she seemed unsure….like wowwwww..the sad thing is the adoption happened, im glad shes ok now, but hell, even if shes not what are you to do about something like that you cant take back…….herparents should be ashamed, it reminded me of jehova witnesses coming to my door trying to shove beliefs down your throat…SMH!!!!!

    1. I am almost positive that she was so strongly against it because of religion, her mother brought up that she is not married & it was obvious they are catholic

  10. I have just watched 16 and pregnant about Lori who was made to give her son up for adoption. It was obvious she wanted to keep her baby as she didnt want him to be haunted with the same things that haunted her when she was adopted. Her mother was from hell she never gave her any support at all she wanted her own way she never gave her an option I wanted to reach int the TV and give her a big hug and tell her I would help her. Twice she asked her mother about a baby shower and twice her mother humiliated her in front of her friends . She is a disgrace she is not fit to call herself a mother. She knew her and her boyfriend werent getting along and all she banged on about was were they both fit to parent together. Well no probably not but she knew that. She set her up to fail and made her feel inadequate. Did Lori have a choice as to if she kept the baby would her parents support her, Lori did say She would probably be on the streets and her mother said its hard isnt it. A baby is a gift maybe he didnt turn up at the right time but Loris not the first and she wont be the last. Her mother should be ashamed of herself her daughter was confused and begging for help and she just stood back what a horror. Surely she cannot be a natural mother because you would die for your child no matter what and to see your child hurting so much would be unbearable. Why didnt she just hug her and let her make her own choice . That thing that calls herself a mother is nothing but a heartless bitch. Good luck to you Lori you will need it with parents like yours.

    1. You wrote exactly what I was thinking too. I think Lori would of made the decision without a second breath had she had the support of her parents. Her mother is a disgrace she didn’t gave her the choice and this shows that she hasn’t been a natural mother she doesn’t understand what its like to be pregnant and give birth to your own baby, so how could she make such a big decision for someone else in that situation when shes never been trough it herself. I think Lori will grow up regretting her decision and will wish she stood up to her mother and kept her baby like she obviously wanted too. It doesn’t matter if she was only 17 and wasn’t with the babies father she could still have been a great mother she was a mature sensible young lady… a much better person than her own adoptive mother!!

      1. sorry the first line of my comment was meant to say “made the decision *TO KEEP HER BABY* without a second breath”

    2. Ditto.

      Maybe Lori’s adoptive parents couldn’t have children of their own because they weren’t fit to be parents. Those people were so manipulative and mean. It was disgusting to watch them. I wanted to reach through the TV and smack that woman. She made me sick!

      1. While I agree that Lori’s mother behaved horribly, it isn’t right to blame it on her not being Lori’s biological mother. It is also completely wrong to state that infertility is due to not being fit to parent.

        There is no need to associate adoptive parents, or infertile people with this one person’s insensitivity.

    3. I agree that loris mother was unbearable to watch..how could she be a good human being an not support her daughter.u see I was 16 and pregnant in the 80s and gave my baby up for adoption and now I’m in my 40s and it still hurts like hell..her mother was heartless..I’m still amazed that she was an adoptive parent..that was cold heartless and its apparent that she just was selfish bc she couldn’t give birth..heartless just heartless

  11. I’m really happy to hear this news. She was a sweet, confused girl who really struggled with the adoption. It still gives me chills when I think about how difficult it would be to give a child up for adoption when you yourself were adopted, and had so many unanswered questions about your own “origin,” not to mention the biological distress arising from giving up your only genetic relative known to you. (That is based on the premises of evolutionary psychology, a field that explores how behavior is affected by evolutionary history, and which has explained certain phenomena like “aptitude” in terms of propogating one’s own genetic material.)

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