Are ‘Bachelor Pad 2’ Lovers Jackie & Ames Giving It Another Try?

"Cheers to not having to deal with those 'Bachelor Pad' douche-rags anymore!"

Millions of women ‘awwww’d in unison this summer as they watched Ames Brown dash after the limo carrying away his Bachelor Pad 2 sweetheart, Jackie Gordon. Later, at the ‘Bachelor Pad’ reunion, we were all devastated to find out that Ames had dumped Jackie soon after his romantic gesture, and Jackie was still brokenhearted over the whole thing.

Hopeless romantics rejoice! This couple may be giving their love another shot, according to US Weekly. Jackie gave an interview to the website last week in which she described her current dating situation:

 “Obviously this whole summer was just a whirlwind — a lot of really wonderful moments and a lot of really hard ones,” she said in the interview. “Since the ending of it, I finally am able to just be my happy single self and date once again and feel good about it. There’s a future for me in dating.”

Blah, blah, blah, that’s all well and good, but what about Ames?!

“It’s really up in the air. He’s a great guy,” she said. “I have only great things to say and we’re friends now and currently talking as friends, which is great. Ames fit the bill [as my perfect guy] in so many ways for me, so [a new guy] would probably have to be someone similar.”

Bachelor Pad 2
"I'd totally take another piece of that!"

Jackie’s obviously still got it bad for the Amester. According to this week’s US Weekly, Ames may be feeling the same way. The magazine claims that sources saw the two kissing last week during one of their “friendly” dates. (I can’t find a link to this story; however it’s in the current issue of US Weekly if you want see it! However, it should be filed under ‘well-backed rumor,’ as The Ashley can’t confirm or deny it actually happened.)

Personally, The Ashley thinks that these two are perfect for each other! They’re both New Englandy, artsy-fartsy people who have blue blood running through their veins. They were both way too classy to ever be on the the ‘Bachelor Pad.’ The Ashley’s hoping these two crazy kids are able to work things out!

(Photos: ABC)

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