Behind the Scenes of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kail Lowry’s NOH8 Photo Shoot!

Kail Lowry and her friend Toni Ziegler have joined the 13,000 people who have participated in the NOH8 campaign for equality. In case you haven’t heard of this campaign, it’s basically a silent protest (via photo) against California Prop 8, which passed in California in 2008, banning same sex marriage in the state of California.It was a sad day for The Ashley and a lot of Californians who believe everyone has the right to marry who they love.

Read more about the NOH8 campaign here. (Wanna see the sexiest celeb NOH8 photo ever? Click here.)

“The whole point of the campaign supports what I believe in, that all people are equal and nobody should be judged for who they love,” said Kail.

Kail’s journey to be a part of the campaign started well before the actual photo shoot last Wednesday.

“Its something we both wanted to do, so we kind of went on a Twitter campaign to get them to notice Kail,” said Toni.

After sending them some messages via The Twitter, the photographers behind the campaign, Jeff Parshley and Adam Bouska, worked with Kail and set up the photoshoot. It was only natural that Toni would accompany Kail to the shoot.

“For me, equal rights has always been something close to my heart,” said Toni. “My brother is gay and I want nothing more than to see him have the same freedoms and rights as everyone else. Kail also has gay family members, and we both are just strong advocates for human rights in general.”

“I wanted to be part of this cause because having a gay uncle and several friends who are gay makes me see firsthand that all people are equal and you cannot help who you love,” added Kail. “Love is love and no one should underestimate anyone as a person for their sexual orientation.”

After flying to Toni’s house in Las Vegas, Kail and Toni (plus two kids!) made the nearly five hour drive from Vegas to West Hollywood for the photo shoot.

“Toni and I set up appointments for hair and make-up and then Jeff greeted outside to walk us up to the studio,” said Kail. “Also, a host of the show ‘Bad Sex’ was there, although I didn’t know who he was at the time though!”

“To prep, we put on our white shirts, Jeff put the NOH8 tattoo on our cheek, and the duct tape over our mouths,: said Toni. “I went first, solo. Than Kail and I took some shots together. Kail did solo after that, then she took some with Isaac and a few of Isaac alone.”

After the shoot, the clan had a quick bite to eat and it was back home to Vegas. (Now that’s a long day!)

The Ashley thinks this campaign is so cool. It’s really awesome when celebrities and other famous people aren’t afraid to take a stand against something they feel is wrong. Kudos to Kail, Toni and the other people who have taken part in this awesome peaceful form of protest.

Kail has posted the official photos from the shoot on her Facebook fanpage. Click here to see them all.

“I got the pictures at like 2 a.m. on Tuesday morning and I literally jumped out of bed to look at them online!” said Kail.

“I would just love to say that Jeff and Adam were both extremely nice people and I think they’re awesome for the whole idea of the campaign,” said Kail. “Props to them for pursuing this and I cannot thank them enough for the opportunity.”

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