Proof That the Kardashians Are Terrible People…

Most Roundupers know that The Ashley is not a fan of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians crew. Gossip magazines literally saturate us in Khloe and Kim crap every week (The Ashley literally plays “count the Kardashians” when a new magazine arrives!)

However, The Ashley recently heard this story from someone who saw firsthand how awful these people actually are. The Ashley was at a party, talking about her hate for all things Kardashian, when an acquaintance shared this story with her. It literally turned my stomach. I thought these people were just greedy, vain famewhores. I had no idea they were capable of something this mean.

Anyway, according to my source, a few years back some of the Kardashian degenerates allegedly came into a Downey, California, animal shelter (with film crew in tow, naturally). They wanted to adopt a dog and were planning to film it for the show. (The Ashley doesn’t watch this show, therefore she is not sure which episode this footage was used for, or if it even got used. I do know it was during the early years of the show though.)

Anyway, they selected a doggie to adopt. My source said the doggie was running around and was super happy to be going to a home. They people at the shelter were so excited that the dog had finally found a home and got it all ready to go. The Kardashians were filmed choosing the dog and going through the adoption process and were shown leaving with the new pup.

"What about meeeeee?"

Minutes after they left, the animal shelter worker comes around the corner and sees the pup who was supposedly adopted still sitting in the kennel. When he questions the other workers what happened, they tell him that the Kardashians allegedly gave the dog right back after the cameras turned off and left! The dog never even left the shelter!

As someone who believes very strongly in helping get animals adopted from shelters, this sickens me. How could someone be so cold-hearted?

This story has a happy ending, though. Even though the doggie wasn’t adopted by the Kardashians, it turned out to be a blessing for him. The workers at the shelter felt so bad that they worked extra hard and found him a good home with people who won’t shove him in a purse and use him for publicity.

The Ashley really hopes this story isn’t true; however, I don’t see any reason for this person to make it up. He worked at the shelter and saw it with his own eyes. However, The Ashley can only say it “allegedly” happened since she didn’t see it with her own eyes.

Let’s get these cold-hearted degenerates off of our TV screens and out of our US Weeklys! Sign the petition!

Anyway, if you have a heart (unlike the Kardashians) and actually do want to help shelter pups, please consider making a donation to The Ashley’s favorite dog charity. Or, if you’re considering adopting a pooch, click here for some great tips.


  1. Wow, the utter hate in this thread is appalling: to think you would dislike people you don’t even know. If you need to put down others to make yourself feel good then that is pathetic. Your basing this off of heresay,why not mention the good they have done? Donated to countless charaties and organizations. Yes they are flawed and I don’t think they ever specificy stated they are role models. So why even bother. They are just relevent because you make them so. This whole freaking thread just put me in a bad mood. Y’all need to reevaluate your lives if you think the biggest issue in this world is the kardashians… well it’s not, let them live their damn lives!

  2. I personally like the k-dash clan. i cant say if i think this is true or not because do we really know these people? but i think with everyone saying these people need to piss off… but yet read all the magazines and read all the articles online.. thats only giving them more publicity and making the magazine editors think everyone wants to read about them.. therefore they print more and more about them. if everyone hates them so much.. then stop making them famous!

  3. Wow this pisses me off. I hate the kardashians or however you spell their dumb name. I am a huge animal lover and have spent lots of time with shelter animals.. it makes me so sad that they did something like that. They really are gross people (fake wedding) and are famous for nothing. Wish they would piss off!

  4. @katherine…yeah where is this misspelled word(s)/name(s)?
    Regardless how she spellt it, if this article even has a bit of truth to it, then who cares? And she can pass judgement to people who do such awful things.

  5. I’m not a fan of these douche bags AT ALL but I do recall seeing an episode where Kim “rescued” a stray dog and took it to the vet and it apparently had a lot of health issues and she was just oh so heartbroken over it.

  6. Kind of ruins your credibility when you don’t even know how to spell the names of the people you apparently have researched/viewed well enough to pass such serious judgment upon.

    1. @katherine I don’t think so. Bottom line is The Ashley doesn’t have to pass judgment; these people showed their ugly true colors on their own. Besides…..what’s spelled wrong? Did I miss something? -The Ashley

      1. I think she’s referring to Khloe’s name, which was spelled with a “c” instead of a “k”. Because it’s SUCH a big deal, right? 🙂

    2. Oh yea, her spelling a name wrong definitely means all credibility is lost (sarcasm). Really? She was told this story by someone in a shelter and she decided to share. Who the hell cares how she spells the name.

  7. I am a K-dash family lover (sorry!) and I don’t think that got aired. If it did, I didn’t catch that episode. I do remember her getting a dog and buying a bunch of redic shit for it though in true Kim fashion (I think…all of these shows start to run together after awhile). That is horrible though!

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