The Ashley Likes To Watch Stupid People on TV…

This may not be reality TV-related, but The Ashley just couldn’t resist posting it for her readers to enjoy. Watching people that are this stupid actually boosts your self esteem. Honestly, how can you feel bad about yourself when there are creep-goblins like this out there?

This is probably the best video The Ashley has seen in awhile. Basically, this chick, Shannon (who claps vigorously for herself when she’s introduced, which I love), is here to prove to her idiot boyfriend, Joe, that he’s the father of her child. (Honestly, does Maury Povich do anything other than creepy paternity test shows anymore?)

"I used to be a credible journalist..."

Anyway, Joe isn’t buying all this “you’re the father” talk. He’s convinced that because the baby has blue eyes and light skin, it couldn’t have sprung from his loins. This is all just a typical ‘Maury’ episode until Joe reveals that he has been doing some Internet sleuthing and has discovered the baby’s actual father.

Joe is quite the Sherlock Holmes. He went to Shannon’s MySpace page and simply found the only white guy on her friends list and determined that he must be her baby-daddy. And that white guy was…

Wait for it….

Tom Anderson, the MySpace founder. Yes. You read that correctly.

Watch the clip. You will start feeling better about yourself immediately.

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  1. I watched that episode.. the best part was when Maury asked if it was POSSIBLE for him to be the father and he said CAN 2 DOGS MAKE A CAT? lmao

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