‘Survivor’ Stars Whitney & Keith Are In Love! There’s Only One Problem…

"There may be one thing I've forgotten to tell you..."

On last night’s episode millions of Survivor fans saw the blossoming love story between Whitney and Keith. We watched as they played footsie in the ocean, snuggled in a hammock and got freaky in the hut (much to the dismay of poor Cochran, who had to sleep next to them).

Their little ‘rumbles in the jungle’ seemed cute and innocent, and caused many fans to wonder if they could be the next Rob and Amber (a.k.a. fall in love on the show and end up getting married.)

One problem: Whitney’s already married. To someone else. And has been the whole time.

Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

According to People, who broke the story last week, Whitney married fellow country singer Donald Fallgatter (pictured below) in a secret wedding ceremony on August 2010, only two months after they met at the CMA Music Festival. The ceremony was so secret that they didn’t even tell their family and friends they were married! According to the article, the couple announced their “engagement” right before Whitney left to shoot ‘Survivor’ in May of 2011, even though they had already been secretly married for almost a year!

"Just 'cause it was secret doesn't mean it didn't count..."

Apparently, Whit also failed to mention the pesky marriage to ‘Survivor’ producers, who listed her as “single” on her official bio.

As for the poor schmuck who married her, “Donny was totally faithful while she was gone,” his friend told People. “He even went to help out at her parents’ house in West Tennessee a couple times.”

While she was away, Whitney called her husband and told him that she had developed a relationship with Keith while shooting the show. Cue devastation. (I’m surprised CBS cameras weren’t there to capture it!)

It was only after Whitney revealed her new relationship that Donald started telling people that they weren’t just dating and that they were actually married!

After returning from the show, Whitney and Keith continued to cozy up in Nashville and she referred to him as her boyfriend on Twitter. She did file for divorce, but only after moving in with Keith first!

The divorce has not yet been granted.

As of today, Jerry Springer has not yet been called, but The Ashley is praying he gets all of these people on his show and they throw chairs at each other.

(Photos: CBS/ Monty Brinton)

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