Check Out DeAnna Pappas’ Wedding Video!

Come on, girls; admit it. We love to see other people’s wedding photos and videos. If you’re anything like The Ashley, you’ve spent more time than you care to admit creeping around the wedding albums of your Facebook friends (or their friends…or the people you went to high school with…or random strangers).

Anyway, it’s also fun to creep the wedding photos of celebrities. (Why do you think the tabloids pay big bucks to secure the exclusive rights to the wedding photos of even low-rent celebrities? Because they sell magazines!) We love looking at another chick’s wedding dress, flowers and (sometimes) horrific bridal hair.

The Ashley was super excited to see that former Bachelorette and recent bride DeAnna Pappas has released part of her wedding video! She married Stephen Stagliano, the twin brother of ‘Bachelor Pad’ star Michael Stagliano, in October.

The video starts out kind of slow so I recommend skipping to the 45 second mark unless you want to look at flowers and crap like that.

Enjoy, fellow wedding creepers!

(Video from IMAGIQUE on Vimeo.)

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