Hantz Family Has Been Torn Apart by ‘Survivor’

"I'm going to kick your ass over the computer, Uncle Russell!"

It’s no secret that Russell Hantz will go to battle against his Survivor castmates, but now he’s in the middle of ferocious fight with a family member, nephew and current ‘Survivor’ cast member Brandon Hantz!

Emotions have been running high between the uncle and nephew since Brandon’s season of ‘Survivor’ started. Russell has taken to doing live commentating on his Twitter while the show is on, and oftentimes, his uber-emotional nephew is the butt of his jokes. Russell especially likes to pick on Brandon for his tendency to cry.

This morning things came to a head between Russell and Brandon, who waged an all-out Twitter war against each other!

I don’t know about you but The Ashley is a big fan of reality TV stars taking their personal problems and arguing about them over the Twitter. It’s pretty much the best thing ever, yes?

While Russell has been poking fun at Brandon all season, him saying that Brandon is the worst ‘Survivor’ player ever seemed to be the straw that broke the camel’s back for Brandon. After seeing that, Brandon finally laid into his creepy leprechaun uncle. (By the way, below Brandon is referring to Shannon Elkins, who was on ‘Survivor: Nicuragua’ and is now Russell’s sidekick.)

Never one to let someone else try to make him look stupid, Russell responded to his nephew with this:

That’s when things got personal, and people started threatening each other! (I love this crap, don’t you?)

Please, God, let CBS get this on film.

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  1. Hantz Family Has Been Torn Apart by ‘Survivor’ . NO they torn them self appart, 300+ people whent thru the same game and did not go bat shit crazy

  2. Brandon is still young and he is in a process of changing. He is fighting between what is good and bad. His old nature is changing and that is not easy. It is like killing yourself. He must hang in there.

  3. Poor Brandon. It appears his parents have both never sent him to school and also never taught him the difference between right and wrong.

    The good news for him is that he should have made a few bucks from Survivor and can now afford to go to school for a few years. Though it might take more than a few years to bring him up to national norms for High School grads.

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