EXCLUSIVE: Laura Bruce Says ‘Downsized’ Won’t Return For Third Season

"So long, faithful viewers!"

Say it ain’t so! The Ashley just got word that WeTV has not picked up Downsized for a third season. One of the stars of the show, Laura Bruce, informed The Ashley of this yesterday.

Laura also posted the following message on the family’s official Facebook fanpage:

“Downsized just got official word that WEtv has decided to discontinue our show. Thank you so much for your support and we wish you all the very best! Blessings always.”

The Ashley is sad to see the show go. It was a very real portrayal of a very real (and very large!) family. She will miss seeing the Bruce family on her TV.

Since we were left in somewhat of a cliff hanger last season, The Ashley will try to tell you what ended up happening. Rex did not end up moving away (he had contemplated moving to a relative’s house in another state to have a better chance at getting a college scholarship).

"Really, WEtv? Why you gotta cancel us?"

Laura has been working at a local boot camp (in addition to her teaching job) and has been helping to raise awareness for MS (she completed another MS walk in early November and the whole family came out to support her.)

Since the show stopped taping, the Bruce family has been busy helping to raise money Katie Wagner, for a 15-year-old girl from Anthem, Arizona, who has just been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. She is a friend of the family and Laura Bruce has helped with the fundraising efforts. (If you want to check out Katie’s website, click here.)

I don’t know about you guys, but The Ashley will certainly miss seeing the hijinks of the Bruce/Rumsey family on the TV. She’s crossing her fingers that WEtv comes to its senses and signs them on for a third season!


  1. Downsized was a wonderful reality show .I cannot understand WHY it was taken off the air, but all these other stupid reality shows with people who fdrink. That family was real….acting then back

  2. Bring Back The Show!! It was on today an old re-run an i moss watching this show!! It was amazing an this family has a lot of good to show an helps a lot of people out! Bring It Back!!

  3. Was just wondering what happened to this show. Such a shame is was a fantastic show and helped seeing others going through the same thing struggling in this difficult economy. They had such wonderful strength and family values. Will truly be missed. Maybe is should have been on a better network that people actually watch.

  4. Of all the reality shows that had me glued to the tv set..Downsized was perhaps my personal favorite. And of course, it gets cancelled…!!?? I sometimes wonder about network executives and their decision making. I wish all the best to the Bruce family.

  5. I hope WE TV reconsider and give a chance to downsized which a show about the struggles families are going through on this days.They are a good example of a family working together and through the struggles keep going with the right attitude.Please bring them into the next season.Mildred

  6. This was a ‘real family’ showing what millions of other familys across the country are going through,(living from pay check to pay check, no health insurance) I believe that is why it was canceled,it’s a shame but I feel the truth. It’s sad, that shows like watching a family pass gas, etc _Honey Bo is popular, but a nice family who is teaching their children to be ,responsible respectful etc is canceled.
    I would have loved to see the Bruce family get a get deal like many of those who do not even need the money -Housewives,Jersey Shore etc.

  7. Very disappointed Downsized is not returning. Excellent show on so many levels , blending families, effects of the recession really hitting home with the challenges faced with raising a family. I hope whoever decided to pull the plug on this real reality show – that their nanny quits.

  8. I loved this show and was very sad to see it go. I thought it was a very real family and engoyed learning the lessons it taught me. I am very sad and i hope it will come back 🙁

  9. I so enjoyed this show. It was the best real reality show and I thought it taught people alot also about what is and isn’t important when so many of us need to downsize for one reason or another. I’d so rather see these people and follow their lives then the other crap that’s on tv.

  10. Just wondering why WeTV continues showing “Downsized” if they’re not planning on bringing it back. It’s like, here!, let’s bait you into getting invested in this family…and then we’ll leave you dangling. 🙁

    People who’ve just recently found the show won’t realize that they’re going to be left high and dry after they finish watching season 2.

    And for those of us who watched in real time from the beginning, this just sucks. I want to know what happened to the family! Like the girls who were about to start college–how did that work out? Did they both go to ASU? Did they get jobs there? Did they get scholarships, student loans, grants…? How is Todd’s business going? Are they doing better financially? And so on…

  11. My husband and I miss this show very much. What a neat family and loving family. Please bring this show back! It truly was a one of a kind show.

    We are very disappointed that you didn’t bring it back:(

  12. WE tv needs to bring Downsized back I think that’s the only reality show most americans can relate to. Get rid of that stupid waste of space show Kendra on Top. When E! cancelled that show it should have stayed cancelled. WE tv really needs to bring Downsized back.

  13. I am very disappointed…our family really enjoyed watching this show. WE tv can keep stupid shows like Bridezillias? Downsized was a family show…a positive show that taught life lessions. Shame on you WE TV…for canceling this show : {

  14. I can’t believe it!!! For once, a good clean show with real life situations that people can relate to and they take it away. Really? It was a show we could actually watch as a family and discuss to help teach our kids about real life lessons and everyday situations that could actually happen. I’m so tired of all the violent, crude speaking drama that is left on tv. So instead we get more of Braxton family values? ha! what values? I caught 5 minutes in and the girl was worried about getting pregnant and the baby messing up her awesome figure. Seriously? She’ll just have plastic surgery to get her figure back. Yeah, we all do that. Ha! Is this what tv is supporting now? No morals, everything is fake. What is We tv thinking? Yeah, i want to watch that show instead. NOT!!! 100’s of channels with nothing on. Downsized will truely be missed by everyday people who are struggling to make ends meet and can relate. It gives us some small relief to see we’re not alone and we can over come things if the family unit sticks together and supports each other. Not sure about you guys but I am tired of the garbage that’s left on TV.

  15. Yo where’s my show???? I have been LOOKING FOR IT for months and finally decided to google it. THANK YOU for the clarity,

  16. Only show that actually talks about real issues going on and they decide to take it off that’s just bad judgment on wetv
    Hopefully they do bring it back its an amazing show to watch

  17. I just left a message on Wetv.com to express my dissapointment on the Reality show Downsize not returning for a 3rd season. If u feel the same way send Wetv a message. Its the only way they can see there are fans of the show still out there hoping see a returning season3 Downsize family.

  18. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO im so sad to see that the show is not coming back on, I lovvvve this show this was real reality tv. Wetv put it back on NOW!!!!

  19. That is such a shame ! I loved that show! I would watch it every week. It was very entertaining, funny, and relatable to A LOT of families. Please WEtv , bring them back for a third season, I gurantee there would be a lot of viewers, just look at the comments and the fans ! 🙂


  21. I kept checking for this show to start running a new season. Guess I am slow to catch on–it’s now July 2012…… Sorry they cancelled this one. Bruce Family: Take this gem to another network!!! I never watched that WE network until I happened on your show. Now I never watch it! Yes–take it to TLC! All of you are great at being just who you are without all the ……well you know. Good Luck!

  22. Wow! WE channel IS MAKING A HUGE MISTAKE TO SAY THE LEAST. I’m SOOOOO UPSET. THEY RATHER PAY PPl. Whom already have money instead of the one’s who needs it. They need to cancel The Real Housewives of NYC,Nj & Beverly Hills. I would include the Braxtons on my list but i kinda like that show. There u go WE Channel now u should be able to afford to bring back downsize. This show help me make some difficult financial decision. Every race & culture can relate. Please bring them back! My gamily can’t wait to see you next season

    1. Disregard real housewives comment that’s for Bravo viewers. Cancel Kendra on top. As stated in previous posting Americans want to watch something we can relate too

  23. This is ashame that they will cancel a show that many of us can relate to, but yet they keep other shows are still on

  24. I will miss you guys. I felt like a part of the family. I hope that WETV will come to there senses and bring you back.

  25. this was my favorite show,I want a third season, and hope WE tv comes to its senses! it was the only Real Reality show

  26. I think cancling this show is unfair and stinks soo bad because that was a meaningful REALity show that showed the creativity of how a normal family can can go from something to nothing and can have financial and normal family issues but still be together as one and make everything work and still have fun, i feel that some people who may be going through something similar to this can connect to this. I think this show should continue and we should take some of the fake, useless, meaningless shows off and put real shows like downsized back on.


  28. Im very upset abt all of this im 15 & my family is a family of 10 and we dnt even own r own house we live with my grandparents to wtch tht family on tv may me think tht my family ant the only 1s going through pain I mean my family & I had to leave alot behind and this show made us believe tht there is more for us & to c tht wetv is not going to bring a third season back makes me mad. I love the bruce family and I hope no I pray to god tht it will come back I wish good luck to the bruce family & I love them all.

  29. I am very sad that this show will not be returning, I’ve had a blast watching it ,it brings joy to me and my family. I very much hope that it will come back soon!

    1. I’m married w/ 3 kids (teenager)My hubby/kids/I really related 2 the Bruce’s $ struggles& parenting issues.We refused 2 listen 2 their viewers about bringin back Downsized’nstead they put on rich phoney’s like Joan Rivers/Braxton’s.I canceled my We Tv cable preimum package.I wish Downsized could go to TLC so more people can afford 2 watch the show.But,greedy We wont release the rights for 7 yrs,so the Bruces can go 2 say TLC;& TLC probaly will be 2 pro corperate comerical greed happy,2 give Downsized a chance.Sadly,TLC doesn’t read viewers email’s either anymore.

  30. I cannot believe the Bruce/Ramsey family will not be returning for season III. Not only was it a show that actually helped people be creative with their budgets, but it was one of few reality shows (can only think of 1 other) that wasn’t trashy or simply unimportant. The Bruce/Ramseys’ bunch dealt with life; blending families as well as finances. I hope it was the familys’ decision not to return and that a great show like that wasn’t pulled by the network. I pray they are striving for and reaching the stars!

  31. I too was curious about the fate of the show. I enjoyed following a real family overcoming hardships. What a blow to find out it has been canceled. WE must certainly disregard the views and comments of it’s viewers. I will now think twice before ever viewing another program on WE!

  32. This is so disappointing to hear. I really enjoyed this series and feel that it has a lot of value for a lot of Americans and American family. The entire family was interesting. And how they dealt with their challenges was even more so. I is also disheartening to hear that WEtv doesn’t provide a forum for fans of the show to express their interest and devotion. Honestly, it was this series that turned me onto the network. I then became a fan of The Braxtons. But I knew The Braxtons on a more personal level so I would have found their show anyhow.

  33. I am so disappointed! My daughter and I were looking forward to the third season! Now what are we going to do?

  34. Im so bummbed. I was just telling my sister about this show and how good it is. maybe if WE did a better job of marketing or advertising, this show would have been saved.

  35. Downsized was the best reality show on today! I think this reality show is the only one which was trying not to sell something. I mean, by now all the other reality shows are using the networks for free advertising. The best part about the other shows, these people are already rich and getting richer by advertising a jewelry line, perfume line or clothing line and so on! Downsized is a true reality show. They were on top and now their on the bottom struggling to make it day by day just like millions of families today! I will miss the show!

  36. You realy need to bring this show back.my kids realy enjoy the show as well as me. This a real life struggle eveyday for people

  37. My whole family enjoyed this show, and we Hate to see it go. Good luck, Bruce/Rumsey family!!! We love you guys!!!

  38. I was just wondering when the third season was coming back on and saw this! Very upsetting. This was one of my favorite shows!!!!

  39. WEtv should definitely bring ‘Downsized’ back! This show was great and I loved watching a more realistic show! People will definitely miss the Bruce/Rumsey family!

  40. >:(!! It so frustrating to see REAL shows go down the drain, but fake shows get more and more popular…I really liked downsized too, they’re so relatable!!

  41. I am so sad to hear that Downsized will not be returning. It is a great show which portrayed a real family in a real reality setting (as opposed to most of the ‘reality’ shows which I think appear to have a lot of staging and scripting) dealing with real problems faced by every day people. What a shame. I will really miss this program. Maybe TLC will pick it up. I am going to write them about this show and maybe if everyone who loves this show does that perhaps they will see there is a market for it and put it on their Network along with some of their other family reality shows.

  42. I loved watching the Bruce family be a family under very stressful conditions. The love and commitment they have towards one another is truly an example of courage and commitment under fire. They are an example for many families in the same situation. Please return the Bruce’s to us once again.

  43. So sorry to hear..My family enjoyed watching this show…We were rooting for this family..especially Laura.. feel show brought awareness and understanding about MS..One of my best friends has been living w/MS for 7 years

  44. A show that many families can relate too. Honest, good, holsome family, trying to keep the american dream alive through their personal struggles. WeTV, what were you thinking?

  45. I loved that show. My family is going through the same situatons. I also have MS have a blended family and a child with a cronic illnes that seems to flair up only when we are seeing the light of day. I really wish their show would get picked back up. It’s comforting to know we are not alone with these issues.

  46. I am so disappointed. Our family loves Downsized and were looking on WEtv for the upcoming season premiere. It’s the only show WEtv had worth watching….

  47. I know, I loved this show and was cheering for the family. They make a great blended family and I loved how they supported each other. Bring the show back!!!!

  48. I am really disappointed the show has been cancelled. Was looking forward to the new season. What is WEtv thinking!! This is a true reality show about what is happening to many families in today’s economy……

  49. It’s amazing that they will show programs like the Kardashians and how the rich live, but when it comes down to showing programs like downsizing to show how real people struggle to make ends meet that is unexceptable oh no we don’t have that going on TV. The Kardashians are a joke, they have so much money that they don’t even know what to do they are arrogant, conceited, that’s a program my family won’t watch, I won’t let my two daughters watch. Downsizing was about real life, I know we live just like this folks on downsizing we are struggling too. My family liked this program it showed that we are not the only ones struggling.

  50. I am so sad to hear they are not returning to television. What a uplifting caring family. The everyday struggles they face are what most people go thru, and they all pull together. With all these fake ”reality” shows on television, it was so refreshing to watch people like me and my family try to make it and work on a better future. Very sad to see this not being renewed. Shame on WE . I wish this family all the best, Todd, you are one of the best male role models on television too. Good luck Bruce family!!

  51. I’m only 16 and I REALLY love this show… i just can’t believe they would do such a thing… like really though… a Reality show thats so Real… common WeTV… you know dont wanna do this… come to your senses, and BRING IT BACK!!!

  52. I have been checking back to see when Downsize might return. While I enjoy the hijinx of the “Real Housewives” this was a show that I watched with my teenage daughter. I am sorry to see the We has decided to pull the plug. A real shame. Good Luck Bruce family.

  53. What a bummer Downsized will not return for a third season. I am so disappointed to see it go. Please WE reconsider. This is the only show I have ever watched on your network and it is a great one. I hope the Bruce family tries to shop their show/family story to other networks. It is a great story with real value in the current economy! Good luck to the Bruce family. Thumbs down to WE!!

  54. Sad to hear…I LOVE The Bruce/Rumsey family….Many prayers to the family for Health and Happiness…WE tv needs to re-evaluate programming…

  55. I am so disappointed! I love this show, and like the others who left comments, I agree that the crappy shows are left and the good shows are taken away.

    1. The good shows are taken away and the crappy shows are left? Whatever Kathy, sounds like a shallow and oversimplified take on television scheduling, frankly, kinda like believing that the worse things in life only seem to happen to good people and that only the good die young. You and your cronies need to expand your minds and not spend all your lives speaking in cliches and embracing tired metaphors.

      1. The ‘shallow mind’ is squarely on you Don. LMAO at your characterization of watching a one hour show once per week during the season. ‘Frankly’ you display the mind of a love spurned fool. My wife and I enjoyed the show together as well as other entertainment such as the Tampa Bay Rays and Buccaneers games. Perhaps a selection of a mate in places other than a Web site would change your perception of the opposite sex.

  56. Having similar financial issues, it was a crushing blow to know they will not be on again. We, and I am sure many of us in the viewing realm,can totally relate to the difficulties they faced. Boo to you, We TV, for the junk you do promote.

  57. Hate to hear this!!! I loved this show, and think it was very good for our economy for others to see it’s possible to dig out of a financial hole!! I’m sad 🙁

  58. i am disappointed in WE for cancelling “Downsized” i thought ur family show was great! i will miss it, but wishing u all the very best, ur a great family!

  59. I know! They will keep something stupid like Bad Girls club…or whatever its called, but cancel Downsized. One of a few shows I actually took some advice from. I am really going to miss that show. Where can we tell the WE people about their bad desicion?

    1. I went to WEtv’s website and emailed the network. I posted on WE and the show’s Facebook page, and signed a petition linked on the Facebook page to bring back the show. I do not know who posted the petition, so, I’d use the first three options first.

      If you’d really like to send a hard message to bring the show back, snail mail or fax a hard copy of your request in addition to the email.

  60. That Stinks! I really enjoyed this show. :O(
    Why do the networks always let go of the good shows and keep the crappy ones? ugh!

    1. It’s like that all the time. The producers’ point of view is if you don’t like the show, go to another channel

  61. I would love to watch this show, but WEtv is on another package that we would have to pay extra for. If they put it on one of the main channels maybe more people could watch it?

    1. This was such a unique show. It had it all…comedy,tragedy, great life lessons and a truly great family. Hopefully someone will come to their senses and pick this show up!

      1. Agreed!! I DVR’d the entire season and I just finished watching it last night. Now come to find out its been canceled, that’s a shame. I can think of MANY reality shows I’d like to see canceled!! My family and I enjoyed every moment, Todd Bruce is an old school dad just like my husband and its refreshing to see that nowadays cuz to many teenagers get off Scott-Free without any life lessons or consequences. Thank You for opening up ur lives for two short seasons, you’ll be missed!! Much luck and success to each and everyone of you.
        The Huber family from MI

      2. I’m married w/3 kids.My hubby & I have only been married 2 eachother (18 yrs n July 2012).We all luv & miss watchin DOwnsized as a family!The bad thing was that we had 2 pay xtra for WE TV’s premium channel,costed more.If Downsized was shown on regular tv/even TLC’s reg cable (cheapier,non premium netwk),more people,who could relate 2 the shows stars $ strugles,could view the show.(The 99% of us can really relate to Laura & Todd’s $ wows.WE TV’s 4 the rich Hollywd 1% types/wannabes,that r like the Braxtons/Joan Rivers families,greedy,selfish,rich,snobs,that dont care about their viewers,they’d b wealthy w/o them anyway.

        1. I’ve tried 2 email We Tv, & couldn’t,too complicated,&they don’t have a phone # 2 comment for fans that luv Downsized.TLC,sadly doesn’t respond 2 viewers anymore either.It seems 2 tv stations that the fans no longer matter.All they care about is what rich corperations will pay 4 their advertisment(commercials spots).

          1. I too myself are upset of not the renewing of the show. I believe we all need to learn life lessons and how you pulled together and are a family. Your right the tv reps could care less if we enjoy the show. They get you connected with these people and then they cancel. shame on them.

      3. I hate that they take a shoe you can relate to and toss it out , I watch this with my husband and children and we could relate and helped is open up and talk , I will miss the Bruce family.

    2. Dang! Why would they cancel this show? It is really the only reality show that is real!
      BRING IT BACK!!!!

    3. I am very upset that the show was taken off the air. I liked watching it because it shows what people are having to deal with because of the recession. I have been out of a job for four years. My husband and I lost our house. It was auctioned off. So I know exactly what the Bruce family is going through.

    4. It is sad to see a true reality show go. But they keep the Kardasians and stupid shows like Jersey Shore on for years. What a waste of money. Hate to see the show go because I really enjoyed watching them and learning from their mistakes. I sure hope things get better for them no matter what they do.

    5. I am disappointed to hear that such a great and educational show about a real, loving American family has been discontinued. Praying that the show is picked up. The Bruce’s revealed a reality that most of America is going thru. We need them back.

    6. I totally agree with Patty. It was more than just a reality show because it was a real family going thru what real families have experienced in the last few years. Every family should set down as a family and watch this show.

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