‘Top Model’ is Rigged, Says Former Judge

Former America’s Next Top Model judge Janice Dickinson has something in common with The Ashley. We both can’t stand Tyra Banks. The Ashley used to be a die-hard fan of this show. (I even own some of the DVDs of the early seasons, which is completely embarrassing, I know.) These days, the only reason I watch an episode is to get a good chuckle at Tyra’s horrific hairdos and narcissistic attitude. (I’m sorry, but anybody that names the mail on her show after herself needs to go! Take your ‘Tyra Mail’ and get out of here!)

Janice, on the other hand, has good reason to dislike Tyra. As devoted ‘Top Model’ fans may remember, Janice was a judge on the show from 2003-2008, when she abruptly left after getting in a bitter fued with Tyra.

Never one to remain silent, Janice decided to spill the beans during a recent interview and reveal why she really left Tyra Land.

“I experienced being on that show being conned, thinking I was actually helping judge a TV franchise and that my say actually had any input, but it really didn’t” she said in the clip. “Covergirl [Cosmetics] are the people that choose the [winning] model, not any of the judges, not what Tyra says. It’s who Covergirl thinks should win each season.”

“People don’t know that,” she continued. “When I found out, I split! [Tyra] makes a lot of money per year hawking that franchise worldwide but in essence, in every country, it’s Covergirl that chooses the winner.”

"Bring it, Tyra!"

Yes, kiddies, according to Janice, it doesn’t actually matter who does well in the all-important final “fashion show showdown” or who takes the best final photos. The winner will ultimately be who Covergirl wants to hawk their eyeshadows. (On a side note, does anyone ever actually see any of these models posing for Covergirl ads after they’ve won? I haven’t a ‘Top Model’ winner in a Covergirl magazine ad or commercial since about Season 3. The only Covergirl ads I ever see are those stupid Drew Barrymore ones!)

“Definetly on Tyra’s show, it’s rigged!” Janice proclaimed. “I was so depressed sitting there knowing that.”

Ever classy, Janice finishes the interview by sending Tyra a message that’s certainly not appropriate for Tyra Mail!

“F— you, Tyra!” she said. “Eat a bag of royal skank!” 

The Ashley is not sure what that exactly means, but, generally, if you’re going to eat a bag of skank, The Ashley also recommends the royal ones. They just taste better.

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  1. Not sure what drugs Janice was on but that was more than obvious from like the 2nd cycle on. Duh. The people who give the contracts ultimately decide. Like it is a surprise that they wouldn’t?

    It’s still fun to watch though. Janice was too mean (however she is hysterical and I love her).

    They made DVD’s of the first few seasons? Or do you mean you burned them yourself?

  2. This has been obvious to me from the beginning. I can’t even watch the show anymore. It’s allllllllllll about Tyra, Tyra has to be in their music video and WTF is that pot ledum crap? The girls that go on that show are really pathetic to put up with all of that. I could see if they actually became top models, but that has NEVER happened. Not even one has gone on to be a top model.

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