Brother of ‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Defends His Sister After Her Arrest

December 2011
Again with the tarantula eyelashes?!

Oops, she did it again! Teen Mom star Amber Portwood is once again behind bars.

Amber was arrested at her house yesterday. According to E! Online, the cops came to Casa de Amber because she missed her latest parole hearing. While at the house, they discovered some mystery pills in Amber’s purse that she did not have a prescription for. Because of this, the cops slapped the cuffs on her and hauled her downtown to the clink.

This comes just days after it was revealed that Amber had violated at least five of her probation terms (which stemmed from her on-air beatdown of baby-daddy Gary Shirley).

However, he always-outspoken brother, Shawn Portwood (who is affectionately known as “Bubby” by Amber) wanted to make it clear that not everything we’ve heard about Amber’s troubles are true. He took to his blog to defend his sister and rebut the claims that she’s violated her probation.

“I want to debunk some of the outrageous claims,” he wrote this morning.

According to Shawn, Amber has been abiding by all of her probation terms (except for that pesky “no pills in the purse” stipulation, apparently.)

Shawn wrote that in regards to Amber “failing to behave well in society,” (refering to the incident at the IHOP restaurant last month in which Amber got into a fight with another restaurant patron.)

“Negative! Amber did not hit anyone,” Shawn wrote. “The girl was starting trouble with her.  Amber cannot go anywhere without someone trying to start something with her because of who she is.”

Teen Mom
"Thanks, Bubby!"

In regards to Amber supposedly failing to obtain her GED, Shawn says that “Amber is currently enrolled in classes to get her high school diploma, not her GED.” (Um…you can be ‘enrolled’ but not actually working towards it. Wasn’t she ‘enrolled’ in diploma classes like two years ago? Just saying!)

The third probation term that Amber is accused of violating is failure to complete six months of anger control evaluation and classes. To counter this charge, Shawn informed us that Amber is
currently seeing a psychiatrist two times a week for anger and depression.

As for the fourth and fifth terms that Amber has supposedly violated, both of which deal with money, Shawn said those are also false.

In regards to her failing to pay probation fees, Shawn said, “I am sure that she does not have a problem paying any fees considering what she makes a year.”

And as for her failing to set up a college fund for her daughter Leah, Shawn said Amber has more than complied.

Can you ship my self tanner to County Jail?"

“[This is] the biggest lie of them all,” said Shawn. “At the time of the hearing Amber already had $20,000 in a college fund for Leah.  She has since added to that and it is almost $40,000 now.”

This is something The Ashley is happy to hear. She’s always wondered if the stars of the ‘Teen Mom’ shows are saving some of their MTV earnings in a fund for their children. At least something good can come out of the Portwoods appearing on this show if Leah ends up being able to pay for college with some of the MTV money.

I’d also hope that MTV is required to pay all of the children that appear on these shows. It seems like they almost have to, as they would be the equivalent to child actors, no? The Ashley will investigate this further.

She will also update on the state of Amber Jail-a-Polozza Part II when she hears anything new.

Wanna see her booking sheet? Starcasm has it here!

(Photos: Madison County Police, MTV)


  1. I think amber is jus full of excuses…im a teen mom nd have been on my own since i became one…all she cares about is herself …nd sweetie no one buys those crocidile tears u might have lost alot of weight but really ur ego is jus as big as u were…grow up nd stop only thinkin of urself nd at least try to be a better mom for leah nd if u cant handle it then might as well let gary raise her since it shows hes a better parent anyways

  2. Well I think her brother spoke without knowing as much as he thinks he does. I heard she is in jail until her court date at the end. of January because she has violated so much of her probation. That could be wrong too but it sounds about right when I think of Amber.

  3. Gary is a lazy leech in his mid twenties that got an underage girl pregnant. I have disliked him every sense he moved in with Amber after she got her own apartment away from him. He is a petty jealous acting teenage girl.

  4. paige i think its just the fake eye lashes that make her look like that. Okay look im not a hater i dont know the teen mom girls so im really not going to hate but really Amber you cant sit here and tell me the desitions you make are good ones. I know you have some lets call them problems but i know plenty of people with the problems that you have and they do fine with there kids. I believe you try, not your hardest, but you do try to be there for leah. but really you have put that poor little girl in danger more times than i can count. Like that time you met that kid at Walmart and then let him change Leahs diper and get her dressed. How long did you know him?? Ask any mother and they would tell you your crazy you dont do that. Look Amber when Leah grows up and watches this show shes not only going to be sad but embarassed of you. You not only represent your self on the show you represent your hole family if yourcted like that would you walk around holding her hand. Gary is great guy and still till this day is still in love with you but as soon as you lost wieght and made some money he wasnt good enough any more and he was only useful when you needed him. look im not trying to bash you im just trying to make you see but you never will

  5. Her going to jail or not is completely in her own hands. So is following her probation rules. If she took it seriously at all, she wouldn’t make such a stupid mistake like leaving pills around. Her brother needs to realize she brings everything on herself (if she didn’t miss whatever she had to go to they wouldn’t have found her pills) and she decided to put her life out there Goethe world to criticize. She is also continuing to do so.

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