EXCLUSIVE: ‘Teen Mom’ Maci Bookout Kicked Out of Hotel For Fighting

Teen MomTeen Mom star Maci Bookout was sent packing from a Disneyland-area hotel after getting into an explosive fight Saturday with boyfriend Kyle King!

Security kicked Maci and her entire crew out of an Anaheim, California, Marriott after her drunken fight with Kyle caused numerous noise complaints from other hotel guests!

The couple– in town on vacation (and to film ‘Teen Mom’-related stuff)– allegedly went all ‘Whitney and Bobby’ on each other after the group had dinner and drinks at McCormick & Schmick’s restaurant.

Later that night, Maci and Kyle got into a huge fight at their hotel and it allegedly turned physical. 

Security was called and Maci and her group were escorted out of the hotel for fighting!!

This is straight from the security guard that kicked them out:

“They were drinking a lot the day before. But Saturday night we received a bunch of noise complaints and the last time we heard Maci and her boyfriend arguing. He called her white trash and a whore. The door was propped open and we entered. He had his hands on her arms. I told them to get out and that was pretty much it.”

To be clear, he did not see either of them actually hit the other. However, he can confirm that they were arguing loud enough that it caused many hotel guest to complain about the noise. He also said that several guests reported that it sounded like there was a physical fight going on in the room.

Maci and her friends left the hotel soon after and did not cause a scene.


Even after the fight on Saturday, the crew continued to party. Maci and her friends spent last night at the Heat Ultra Lounge, a nightclub down the street from Disneyland. (No word on how 20-year-old Maci got into the 21-and-over club though, but they were sitting in the V.I.P. area with a security guard for most of Sunday night.)

Maci has moved to a hotel in Los Angeles to be closer to the studio where she will be filming her ‘Teen Mom’ stuff. (Her friends have gone home.)

Things appear to be OK between Maci and Kyle now; however Maci retweeted this cryptic tweet today:

“NEVER make permanent decisions on temporary feelings.”

UPDATE: To clarify, Bentley did not come on the trip (he’s at home in Tennessee). Also, they are not filming the show, Maci is here to film ‘Teen Mom’-related stuff, but not the actual show.

Kyle has taken to his Twitter to somewhat deny The Ashley’s story. He tweeted:

“Deff no fight we moved hotel to keep from driving ad far hotel people didnt like us dont think no fighting for us @MaciBookoutMTV are good!”

The Ashley stands by her story.

(Photos: Twitter)

63 Responses

  1. Maci is such a BITCH. She’s ugly; got a crater-face; and is a total controlling and manipulative bitch who is only happy when she gets her way.

  2. ew maci is so shady!! she totally starts drama and then balmes it on ryan and expects him to say sorry? she is a tramp that wants two guys at one time. she thinks she can still control ryan and its sad. poor dalis has to deal with that! if I were dalis I wouldve beat maci down months ago..she acts all tough and all she is is scandalous and pathetic! Im so sick of these girls. Ive followed them from the very beginning. never missed an episode though thats sad to admit haha.. and now after a few years of seeing their endless drama and toxic personalities, Im very relieved its almost over for these annoying girls. NOT women, girls. this is why you dont have unprotected sex with crazy people. ..theyll trap you for life!

  3. I think all of you should just stfu already! You or myself are NO ONE to judge. && do you really give a damn about her life && what she does? If you do, seriously you need to go get a life! I’m not tryin to be mean, but damn… Y’all have so much time to talk shit, maybe y’all need to find a hobby! lol

  4. @ Jennifer I agree with you…. U ppl can not judge her for what she does because I’m pretty sure if u had da money she has an was on a show like her u would be doin the exact same thing… So just stop hating… What’s the saying haters are ppls motivators..

  5. I really used to like Maci. She seemed to be the most level headed girl from that season. She has no right to ever say anything bad about Ryan again. The bigger the show gets the worse she gets. When she chose to HAVE and KEEP Bentley she also made the choice to give up living the party life. Babies and drunken parties just dont go well together. I guess its just a good thing poor Bentely wasnt there. Though if he really wasnt there it kind of makes me wonder why she was staying near Disneyland.

    1. I think all of you are stupid, and pretty much every single person on here needs to learn how to spell!!! WHO CARES WHAT THESE GIRLS DO!!!!! What they do has nothing to do with anyone on here. You dont know these girls and you dont know anything about them, so its not your place to judge them! You think you know them because of the stuff you see on T.V. but you dont! And everything else you hear is just gossip. People drink before they are 21, SO WHAT!!! And just because she puts her pictures on the internet of her having fun, DOES NOT make her a bad mom! And who cares how much money she spends, thats her money and its her life. If she wants to spend it, then so be it. Its her money that she earned. Yeah, she earned it! The T.V. show is her job. If any one of you were on T.V. you wouldnt have any other job either. These girls are famous because they are on T.V. Everyone who is on T.V. becomes famous, thats just the way it is! At least she takes care of her son and herself and thats all that matters!!! So all of you need to get your own life!!!!! And stop picking out their flaws and focus on your own, because I bet pretty much every person on here is either a loser, dosent have a job themselves, is not educated, and/or is jealous of the stuff these girls have and get away with. So go fix yourself and stop picking on people who you dont even know, and most of these girls could care less what you losers have to say!!!!!!!!!!! So spend your useless time on something else…

      1. Obviously you must care what they do if you’re sticking up for someone on TV. As Heather B on the first season of real world said “they use what you gave them.” And that goes the same for you…”they could care less what what you losers have to say.” Do you think they care that you’re defending them? And not everyone who is on tv becomes famous. lol

      2. @ Jennifer I totally agree. Also, I am so glad someone finally called people out on their spelling and grammar. Yikes…

  6. I never liked Maci and I based my opinion on her from her 16 & Pregnant episode. I’m glad MTV let us finally see her true colors on season 3 of TM. Now she’s with this ogre Kyle and is probably still bad mouthing Ryan. Why she gets away with underage drinking (which is illegal) I have no idea. Everyone deserves to party when they want to, but Maci obviously has some very serious issues.

  7. OK GUYS, we understand that some of you don’t like Maci… HOWEVER, if YOU were a celebrity would you want to review a site and see all the nasty things that people said about you? Of course she got drunk and partied, so what? There’s no law based on having a bit of fun. This is her choice. If she wishes to see her drunken face on a website then so be it. At least we see her on Teen Mom actually trying to take care of her child. Bentley seems to be perfectly fine in Maci’s care. I just think everyone loves to talk negative because they aren’t living the superstar lifestyle! Get over it, ok? Thanks!

    I love you Maci & all the other teen mothers too 🙂

    1. True, there are no laws against partying, but there are laws against drinking if you’re under 21. Just sayin’.

      1. It’s not even about her getting drunk (underage) its about a screaming fight that got them kicked out of a hotel. She put herself on a tv show that was made to show her bad decisions, that millions of people watch. People are going to have opinions on it. Get over it!

        1. Well, my opinion is that there’s a gigantic difference between “having a bit of fun” and “having a screaming match that gets you kicked out of a hotel.” Even mothers need to have a little fun every once in a while, but when it gets taken too far, it’s just trashy.

    2. How does Maci take better care of her kid than the others? I’ll give you that she’s better than Amber and Jenelle but other than that she’s no better than the others. She also has a lot more support and help than some of the other moms on the show so I don’t see why you’re giving her props for being such a great mom.

      You are deluded if you think anyone who is pointing out Maci’s trashy behavior is doing it out of jealousy. In reality the “superstar lifestyle” is a big mistake since the MTV money WILL end at some point. She’s pissing it all away on apartments and other crap and isn’t even focusing on her degree. Five years from now she’ll be kicking herself in the ass for wasting easy money and not getting her life together when she had that money rolling in.

      1. Agreed I hate when you point out these girls flaws their fans go for you are jealous of them. Or that you wish you were on tv like them these girls are not role models Maci and Kyle were acting stupid and immature. And they acted like they were A list celebrity and Kyle is freaking liar there is no way. The Ashley’s would ever publish a story like this without any proof They was a fight and he did called Maci names. His behavior seem like the classic abuse from the day he was on the show and started dating Maci I knew he was the jealous type. He one of the main reason for Maci and Ryan fighting last year and maci wants to talk crap about Ryan going out.

    3. if you put yourself out there and don’t like what people say about you, too bad. You made the choice to be a famewhore and be on tv. Take the good and the bad that comes along with it.

  8. No parent is perfect, no matter what age you are. If she wasn’t on TV and well known by the entire country, nobody would be pointing fingers. People freak out about people on TV doing the same things your friends and neighbors do all the time and nobody says a word. This is ridiculous.

  9. Uhh raise your hand if you’ve even gotten in a drunken fight with your boyfriend? It happens. The security guard admitted that he never saw ANYONE get physical, stop making this more than it is. “Teen Mom related stuff” is more than likely the voice-overs that they do, why is that so hard to figure out? So dramatic, I swear. She’s an amazing Mom, bottom line.

    1. It happens if you have a drinking problem and a dysfunctional relationship. People who live that lifestyle think it’s normal, other people can see that it’s not. Maci is not an amazing mom. Maci is boy crazy and immature and it wouldn’t suprise me at all if she ended up in rehab for alcohol in the future.

      1. She’s obviously referencing Ryan’s text to Maci last season about Kyle. She’s not making fun of mentally handicapped people

  10. I think that everyone should leave Maci alone. She’s young , what do you expect? So she had a fight with her boyfriend, that’s normal. Who cares if she parties, everyone does. Bentley was not there, so she deserves to go out. She is still a good mom.

    1. Getting physical is NEVER ok, regardless if youve been drinking or not. Getting in an argument and yelling is normal, getting kicked out of a hotel because they’ve gotten so many complains about yelling and fighting is NOT normal.
      And she may be young, but she is also 20 years old and not legally allowed to drink. Yeah, most people drink before their 21st birthday, but how many times have pictures surfaced of Maci with a beer in her hand, or at a club where they clearly serve alcohol? If you’re going to drink underage, especially if you’re in the public eye, don’t flaunt it.

      1. Everyone DOES fight. But the thing is, we don’t actually know it got physical. Were you there?!? no. Neither was I. So it gives us no right to point fingers! We are in no right to judge! also remember to only believe 20%of what we hear because it is people gossip’in to get attention!

    2. No, it’s not normal to have a fight with your boyfriend to the point that you are kicked out of a hotel and words like whore and white trash are thrown around. That’s dysfunctional and I feel sorry for Bentley if that’s the kind of relationship his mom and her live in boyfriend have because they probably act like that all the time. You dont’ just one day start fighting out of nowhere and it escalates to that level in my opinion. Maci is a nag and extremely manipulative. Run Kyle Ruuuuuuunnnnn

  11. Never really care much for Kyle. Truth eventually comes out though. He’s verbally abusive and already showing signs of physical abuse. Goes to show why KIDS should not be drinking, ILLEGALLY. Poor Bentley. Prayers go out he never get’s abused by alcoholic parents.

  12. I used to really like Maci, but now I think she’s trashy as all get out. I think my opinion of her started to turn when she was all, “Wah wah wah, school is so haaaaaaaaard, I just wanna have another baby with Kyle and make my babies my whole life!” and then went and dropped all her classes because she never studied, even though she definitely had time when Bentley was with Ryan. I mean, I get that being a mom and a student is hard, but hey, that’s what happens when you get knocked up!

    1. The thing is, There is report of people saying that she didn’t even go to class unless the cameras were around! She is honestly SCREWED once the money doesn’t come from MTV! I doubt she even has much left with her lifestyle! I CAN’T believe people actually think she’s a good person who just sits at home, but that’s what MTV makes her look like! I hope she goes to jail sometime soon and gets an MIP and she’ll grow the hell up!

      1. I was watching Season 3 of Teen Mom, and there’s this one episode where she rents a $1000/mo house, and I was baffled as to how she could afford that when neither she nor Kyle had jobs. Student loans only go so far, and if she’s getting enough from Ryan to pay rent AND take care of Bentley, then I want to know what Ryan does for a living so I can do it too and make that kind of money. I don’t even have a kid and I can barely afford to rent my tiny apartment, let alone an entire house.

        Also, does anyone notice that from time to time she’ll complain about how expensive it is to take care a kid, and how she doesn’t have money for diapers, etc, but somehow she (and the rest of them, this isn’t just her) does manage to find the money to go to the salon and get her hair done all the time?

      2. I understand that MTV is trying to show that it’s not easy to be a teen mom, but they really need to work on their editing. These girls are constantly moving, driving new cars, and getting their hair/nails/boobs done. If they want to show that being a teen mom is hard, they shouldn’t have this on the show. Last time I checked, the extensions Maci got at the end of last season were not cheap, especially when she doesn’t have a job. In one season I remember Amber saying that she was tired of taking care of Leah and Gary because he lost his job and she was taking care of all of the bills…while working at the tanning salon. All I could think of was, “Wow! Who knew I could pay my rent, car, insurance, water, heat, etc. with the pay from the tanning salon? And here I wasted so much time and money going to college and getting a bachelors and two masters degrees. Stupid me.”

  13. I like Maci and the other girls but the thing is the prettier a Teen Mom girl is the less likely she is to be bad mouthed no matter what she does and the more money she will make. Maci I guarantee you is one of the highest paid Teen Mom stars out there and I am sure she has plenty of dirt if Mtv really wanted to dig it up but unfortunately their not going too. Do I think it is wrong for her to have a good time,No. She is her own women and as long as her son is not caught up in the middle of it then it should be fine. Mtv want drop her no matter what so it really don’t matter and her son was not with her so it was really none of anyones business and everyone knows the club for people 21 and over ,well when you are a celebrity as she is it aint hard to score anything that you want.

    1. pretty is subjective. And I don’t think Maci is..she has that big five head of hers and its more her personality that makes her unattractive. But as other’s have pointed out..she is manipulative. But MTV may be changing their views on her. They weren’t as kind in their editing last season. But she seems to be a good mom to Bentley aka Bintley so I can’t knock on her for that. But as a person..she is repulsive.

      1. lol i agree!! and as far as a celebrity? umm kinda but not really…she’s a famewhore reality personality.

  14. Maci is a skank. People believe the Maci Myth that MTV liked to perpetuate but she’s as much a party girl skank as Amber and Jenelle. Actually she’s lower than the others because they at least haven’t tried to replace their kid’s dad with the new boyfriend when he isn’t even committed. She IS a whore and trashy. Last season MTV portrayed her as a manipulative spoiled bitch so next season should be interesting.

  15. Thank go someone actually realizes she’s a complete frickin train wreck! honestly, she is trash! Not because she got pregnant as a teen but the fact that ALL she does is party! Jenelle is straightening up her life a lot, Farrah is an amazing parent she has graduated continuing her school and making herself an awesome single mother! But Maci? seriously, she makes a ton of money for being a complete loser. Must be nice too, to be 20 years old and not get in trouble for underage drinking! PFT, any of us were to party underage and get kicked out you’d be in a cop car with an MIP..

    1. Your rude! Haven’t you learned if you have nothing nice to day keep it to yourself??? You dont know what she is going through so you cant judge her! Just because she parties doesn’t mean a single thing! She is a good mother! Shes a lot better than half of the other ones! So until your in her shoes, in her exact position DON’T TALK! You all who are calling her trash and a skank are all RUDE and JUDGMENTAL!

      1. Im sorry but most of u on here r pretty stupid. because u have nothing better to do than to talk about someone elses life. big whoop she is on tv big whoop she parties and big freakin whoop she got pregnant. my advice keep ur legs closed finish school and actually worry about making something of yalls selfs instead of reading amd judging others u dumb kids!!!!!!!!!!?

  16. Maybe now people will stop talking down on Ryan and saying just how “perfect” Maci is when she’s clearly not. Personally, I don’t like Kyle too much and think Maci can do better. He just acts jealous, a fame hog, drama starter and now kinda abusive with putting his hands on her. Plus he tries to act like Bentley’s dad way too much and I honestly think he’s the reason why Maci and Ryan can’t get along. This is just my opinion though.

  17. So, she’s filming teen mom stuff? Well then, where is Bentley? He is the whole reason Maci is relevant! Maci got her breasts done, funneled beer on spring break, parties with her friends and sits VIP in clubs at 20…. SHE WAS ON TV FOR GETTING PREGNANT AS A TEEN!!!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH with these teen mom girls having celebrity status. The 16&pregnant should have been a true life episode…. Not a series going on 5 seasons.

      1. Grow up. You are acting like a loser, and not a good mother. Your friends follow you around like you’re a goddess. Sweetheart they only want to be on the show. It made me sick the way that you wanted to follow Ryan to the beach so you could spy on Ryan with BENTILLY (yes I have spelled his name wrong because that how you pronounce it with your hill Billy accent) and they went no questions asked.
        I can only hope you are paying all their expenses, like you pay for everything for your loser boyfriend Kyle —WHY DOES HE NOT HAVE A JOB.
        Oh by the way give it up and admit it, you are still in love with Ryan.
        Proactive will do wonders for your bad skin try it out, maybe you can make a commercial and make some more money to support Kyle who is basically your slave.

    1. Yea so what lol out of all the moms on this show she is THE ONLY ONE who doesnt a pawn Bentley off on her parents and family. She grew up too fast yea but she is entitled to have a little fun without Bentley. MTV only shows what they want you to see it is a micoscopic piece of their lives. Everyone makes mistakes and I get so sick of listening to people judge others, im so sure that every single person on here talking crap about her is perfect so you have the right to pass judgement. Your just as pathetic as you say she is for following her life and watching her when you obviously hate her, what about Ryan?? How horrible he treated her and how he still lives with his parents and Bentley always being with his mimi so Ryan can go out with his gf? Maci is always with Bentley Regadlress of what bad decisions she has made she is a good mother esp for someone her age!

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