Miss California Slams ‘Teen Mom!’

teen mom
Watch out, Jenelle will cut you.

Miss California pissed off a whole plethora of Teen Mom fans during the final rounds of the Miss America pageant tonight. (I can’t lie; I love watching that crap, regardless of how ridiculous it is.)

Miss California, Noelle Freeman, made it to the final round of the pageant, which is the “Questions” round. (You know, the one that they get to show off their smarts and talk about current events.)

She received her question from one of the judges, Mark Ballas (um, isn’t he the guy from Dancing With the Stars? Why the hell is a judge? What does he know about beauty pageants?) Anyway, he asked Noelle if she thought that the show ‘Teen Mom’ glorifies teen pregnancy.

Her answer was just odd. She said that she feels that those shows do glorify teen pregnancy. Then she started rambling about things that make no sense, saying something like, “I support those TV shows but it’s our responsibility to make sure we’re taking responsibility for our actions” and “these shows support the entertainment industry and the ‘appetite for reality television.”

I’m sorry, what? Those thoughts don’t even go together. Maybe she got some spray tanner in her ear and it’s seeping into her brain?

It kind of made me think of this classic beauty pageant moment (a.k.a. the best moment of beauty pageant live TV ever!)

The judges didn’t like her answer either because she recieved the least amount of votes and became the “fourth runner up,” which means that four people have to die or have sex scandals before she can be Miss America.

Miss Wisconsin took home the title of Miss America 2012. Apparently, they don’t wear waterproof mascara where she comes from because she was dripping with Covergirl Lashblast by the end of her Miss America walk.

(Photos: MTV, MissCalifornia.com)

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  1. *other teen parent and see of their lives wouldn’t be ‘glorified’ having those things. Plus if u follow them on twitter they seem pretty pleased with themselves and all the support they get weather they are right or wrong

  2. I wonder how a beauty queen is supposed answer that? But unfortunately I agree with her. Shows like that do feed into our curiosity because we like watching people make bad choices. The reason I believe it glorifies teen pregnancy is because they get paid thousands of dollars and get to start a market for themselves to make thousands more. Not to mention travel the country and be on tv and magazines. If they wanna complain about the public saying its glorified then take out the money. They can deliver a way more effective message if they weren’t being spoiled in the process and tweeting pics of their multiple vehicles. Ask any oth

  3. I actually agreed with what she said. Teen Mom does glorify pregnancy. When these girls all have cars, hair and nails always done, their own places to live, Abercrombie and Hollister clothes, etc etc. and all without having jobs (for most of them), of course it looks glamorous to impressionable girls.

    Look at Amber Portwood for example. She started out in an apartment that welfare helped her get, and now she’s making a six figure salary off the show. In the last season, Maci rented an apartment for $1000/month and she wears True Religion jeans (at least $200 a pop), and she doesn’t even work. I don’t know anyone under the age of 30 let alone a teen mom that can afford that kind of place to live without working. I can see how young girls would look at this show and think, “That can be my way out”.

    I think MTV got their point across with the first season of 16 and Pregnant and the first season of Teen Mom, so it doesn’t seem necessary, if they’re using the shows as tools to prevent teen pregnancy, to keep bringing on new girls. But they do. And they do it because, as Miss California stated in her own jumbled way, the public has this thirst for reality TV. And in the end MTV is a business that is all about making money. They make money by showing people what they want to see, not necessarily what they need to see anymore.

  4. Idk if I’m theonly one, but I definitely do not think miss America is exactly the best example for young girls either. Just because they stop calling them beauty pageants, it doesn’t fool anyone. Miss America shows girls if they want to get somewhere in life they have to look like barbie.

  5. This chick’s skirt is a little too short. I’m pretty sure if she turned around, I’d be able to see her ass. This is Miss America, not American Skank.

  6. I’m excited that Miss Wisconsin won.. because she is from Kenosha Wisconsin and that’s where I am from! Anyways I agree about her makeup. I saw her ‘winner’ photos and the makeup was everywhere! Still a beautiful girl though.

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