Another Day, Another Arrest for ‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans…

"I'm baaaack!"

Um…didn’t I just write this story?

Apparently Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is trying to set the record for most trips to jail in a single week. She was arrested on January 10 for making harassing phone calls and allegedly threatening the life of her former roommate, Hannah Inman. Yesterday, Jenelle was arrested yet again, this time for violating a domestic violence protection order that was filed against her by Hannah.

The Ashley went straight to Jenelle’s [extremely hot] lawyer, Dustin Sullivan, for information on the arrest and what Jenelle’s facing.

“Jenelle was charged with Domestic Violence Protection Order Violation last night,” Jenelle’s lawyer told The Ashley today. “She spent the night in jail and we had a first appearance in court this morning. Her bond was set at $1000.00 secured. Her next court date is set for February 6, 2012. She is facing 75 days of active jail.”

"Anotha arrest? Good lawd, Juhnelle!"

Jenelle has be sprung from her cell and is back to tweeting. Apparently, she’s as tired of going to jail as The Ashley is writing about it!

“I’m TIRED. (T)icked off. (I)rritated. (R)eady to cry. (E)xtremely upset. (D)one,” she tweeted this morning.

You would never know it by her mugshot! She looks so happy! (This might be the new trend in Hollywood, as ‘Bachelor Pad’ star Kasey Kahl did it too when he was arrested this weekend.)

The Ashley would really like to know why MTV doesn’t have better control over some of these girls. Obviously, several of them are loose cannons and you would think they would try to protect the girls’ reputation but monitoring what they do, especially online. With Amber Portwood currently incarcerated, and Jenelle making weekly pit stops to jail, it sure doesn’t represent a good image to the show’s young fans.  

Thank goodness for Catelynn and Kail who seem to be able to stay out of trouble and actually do positive things. They prove that not all ‘Teen Moms’ end up in jail!

Wanna see pictures from Jenelle’s court hearing this morning (via the TMZ)? She’s dressed in a striped jail jumpsuit and ankle shackles! Click here!

5 Responses

  1. Hannah finally got a job after she probably flunked out of Southeastern Comm College. She’s a flipping waitress at Hooters. And still making low talent YouTube videos of herself singing. I guess she is still trying to get her own spot on a reality show.
    I think she should just get a webcam and do cam shows online. She can charge to show off her best talent. If you don’t know what that is, just ask the black boys on the Waccamaw Academy basketball team. They know. 😉

  2. Hannah tries to be such a “badddd bitch”. Instead, she comes off as a stupid, skinny, sarcastic little bitch who can’t even write a complete thought without using the F-word. She had so much potential when she was in high school. Now, she’s a used up crack whore with a shitty attitude, saggy boobs and a puss that probably looks like a catchers mitt it’s been tapped so often.
    Oh and by the way, she ain’t as rich or well to do as she tries to act online. Seriously, her dad is a truck driver from Evergreen. Country bumpkin with a foul mouth is her claim to fame.

  3. If her so called “friend” *Sarah RaeAnn* would STOP sending her forwards that she [Sarah] gets from Hannah, then Jenelle might be alright. This Sarah girl tweets her so much to check her messages on Facebook because she has sent her a forward from Hannah. Let it go. Sarah seems to be keeping the pot stirred for Jenelle. THAT in my book is NOT a friend like Sarah claims to classify herself as. JMO

    1. Okay, so I was just scrolling around your site to see if I missed anything. Her other picture looks exactly the same as this one just without glasses! I was like, “Didn’t I just see that picture?” LOL. Love your site!

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