Vote For the Best Rejected ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Cry-Face!

The Ashley has a Friday morning treat for all you creepy Bachelor fans! Last week she stumbled upon what is possibly the best (well, at least the funniest) ‘Bachelor’-related Tumblr page ever. Since The Ashley is old, she doesn’t know a lot about this ‘Tumblr’ thing the kids are all talking about. She does, however, know funny and this page is really, really funny!

The site is called “Forever Alone: Faces of Rejected Bachelorettes.” (Even the title is brilliant!) Basically, this person screen-shots the faces of the girls as they learn that Ben has given them the ol’ heave-ho. (Or, as the title suggests, the moment that they learn that they may once again face the threat of being “forever alone!”)

I love that he/she includes a photo of the girl that was taken right at the moment that they realized their fate. It just adds to the fun!

The Ashley has taken the liberty of pulling out some of her favorites from the site; however, she highly suggests that you mosey on over there and check out all of these gems for yourself!

Don’t forget to go to the bottom of this post to vote for your favorite Rejected Contestant Cry-Face! (Yes, I’m a terrible person. I realize this. Moving on….)

Casey S., after she learns she's getting sent back to her crappy at-home boyfriend

Jennifer, as she learns that Ben has "quit" her in lieu of Courtney
Monica puts in a worthy effort; however her cry face is no match for the other girls!
I can't remember this chick's name, but I'll always remember her cry face!
Samantha gets choked up as she's blindsided and booted by Ben!

Elyse, as she learns that the Pity Raft will soon come to take her away

  1. I love when they do the post-bachelor interviews (like on or whatnot) and they’re all “oh I knew it was coming, so I wasn’t shocked or upset. I wasn’t really feeling the connection either,” and then you see these cry faces and all one can think is “Uh huh. Not upset. Righhhht.”

  2. I voted Casey S..That was bad. Also her ekkkkkk cry was something else! Nice screammy cry.
    Jaclyn I would vote as the ‘ugly cry’. Whos ever idea was it to put that ‘dumpster trash’ (btw that was what she called Shawntel the prettiest girl on this season) Jaclyn is just UGLY! Heck I’m 40 and single and I wouldn’t even go next door to date her! ekkkk

  3. Couldn’t decide on Casey S. or Jennifer, they both are really bad! Haha. & The one chick’s name is Jaclyn. Some of those ugly crying faces remind me of Farrah from Teen Mom! Hahaha.

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