Is ’16 & Pregnant’ Girl Valerie Fairman in Rehab?

16 & pregnantOK, kids, file this under “rumor” until The Ashley can completely confirm or deny it. However, the information did come from a good source, who didn’t want to be named in this story.

Valerie Fairman from Season 2 of 16 & Pregnant is allegedly in rehab for drug issues, according to my source. Multiple sources have told The Ashley that Valerie has struggled with a pill addiction for months now (allegedly!) and is finally getting help at a rehab center in Pennsylvania.

Not much has been heard about Valerie since her episode of ’16 & Pregnant’ aired in March 2010, (except for this little incident last year in which Valerie was arrested for beating up her adoptive mother. You know, the usual!)

MTV revisited Valerie in early 2011 to film the “Where Are They Now?” special. She was with baby-daddy Matt when the special was filmed but broke up soon after, according to the source. They are not together anymore.

Although Matt is still in Neveah’s life, Valerie’s parents allegedly have partial custody of the baby.

That’s all the info that The Ashley has for now, but she’ll update if more info comes in. Again, this should be filed under “rumor” for the time being. The Ashley did some investigating on this and the story appears to be legit, though.

(Photo: MTV)


  1. i was with valerie, it wasn’t a rehab. it was a residential home. and valerie had left early due to good behavior.

  2. I am in a rehab center in Pennsylvania and her baby daddy is actually here also. Matthew. He is here for drugs and I am not sure what else. But he told us and talks about neavah or however you spell her name.

  3. yes this is true to the best of my knowledge..valeries birthmother…i believe she is out of rehab now but i know nothing else…sorry

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