Former ‘Biggest Loser’ Contestants Respond to This Season’s Contestant Walkout

"Quit your whining! You're making us look bad!"

Last week, things on the Biggest Loser ranch exploded as the remaining Season 13 contestants walked off the set after learning that the producers had plans to bring back eliminated players and make them eligible to win the grand prize. (Read all about that story here!)

According to TMZ, most of the players eventually came back and continued to film; however two of the contestants have officially been given the boot!

Surprisingly, past contestants of the show are siding with production, rather than the Season 13 contestants. (That’s probably because nobody likes them…not even Bob Harper, as evident here from his comments!)

“I think the show has lost its soul,” Amy Parham of Season 6 told The Ashley. “That’s tragic because hope is what the struggling viewer needs not drama!”

Amy isn’t the only former contestant that feels like this season’s crop of “Losers” are acting like…well, losers.

“Not sure if anyone ever realizes that these folks aren’t really losing too much weight,” tweeted Bill Germanakos, who won Season 4 of the show. “[They] must be ‘playing the game’ too much. If they spent more time in the gym, they might hold a candle to former Losers. Instead they choose drama.”


Other former contestants are worried that the Season 13 crew have forgotten what the show is really about.

“The main thing I hope for is that the contestants realize what an amazing opportunity they have had on the show and to change their lives!” Courtney Rainville of last season told her fans on Facebook. “My personal reason for going on the show was never the money, as this is the same for many contestants….the point to take from it is to lose weight and hopefully inspire others, not to win for money but to win at life.”

Last season’s Vinny Hickerson had kinder words for the current contestants.

“It’s a journey,” he told The Ashley. “When you’re on a journey you have to learn every step of the way.”

Although The Ashley hasn’t managed to figure out who the “walkers” were (yet), she does know that Chism was not one of them. He confirmed this to one of his followers on The Twitter, telling them that although he can’t say if he got voted off the show, “I definitely didn’t quit.”

Yay! I liked that kid and would have lost a lot of respect for him had he been one of the quitters. I’ll update when I find out who walked off the show!

(Photo: NBC)

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  1. Never liked Conda….sorry she made finale! Buddy and Mark are LOSERS..they signed a contract…HELLO

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