Will Heejun Han Save This Season of ‘American Idol?’

american idol
"I've got this guys!"

Faithful Roundupers know that The Ashley loves her American Idol, but even she has to admit that things on the ‘Idol’ set have gotten a bit stale. (Um…maybe it’s because you make people sing the same stupid Stevie Wonder songs every other week?) With shows like The Voice and X-Factor just waiting to pluck from Idol’s once-untouchable fan base, the show’s producers are starting to have to think of ways to keep things entertaining.

Enter Heejun Han.

While Heejun is an above-average singer, no one can honestly say that he is in the same talent bracket that say, Carrie Underwood is. The ‘Idol’ judges cut many more-talented singers this year (two words: Johnny Keyser!) yet Heejun made it through. The reason? Um…probably this:
(Scroll to the 28 second mark)

And also this….

Heejun is a breath of fresh air for ‘Idol.’ We’ve had many contestants that we have tuned in each week to see what they’re going to sing, but never a contestant that we can’t wait to hear what he’ll say. HeeJun’s one-liners are classic!

After reading this, I kind of want to put HeeJun in my pocket and make him my best friend. He’s adorable.

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  1. Very superstitious, writing on the wall!!! Haha. If he doesn’t show up for the finale, I’m not watching it. Hell, who am I kidding, I probably won’t watch anyways. Ha!

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