‘Teen Mom’ Season 4 Will Be The Last, Says MTV

"We're outta here!"

The second season of Teen Mom 2 ended a few weeks ago (Barbara Evans, I miss you. Call me!) leaving fans of the Teen Mom franchise in limbo for a few weeks until the new season of 16 & Pregnant premieres on March 27. (Click here for info on all the Season 4 girls.) However, we will have to wait until June 19 to see the original girls in what MTV says will be their final season.

“Season 4 will be the final season of Teen Mom with Maci, Catelynn, Amber and Farrah,” MTV told  Us Weekly in a statement today. “They will continue to be a part of our MTV family, and we’re thankful to these brave young women for sharing their stories and helping to make a positive impact on teen pregnancy prevention.”

Of course, The Ashley doesn’t find this shocking. Not only are they missing a quarter of their cast with Amber Portwood being in jail/rehab/a permanent state of chaos, but Maci has stated numerous times that she is done with the show because she wants to give Bentley a normal childhood, away from the cameras. However, this is the first time we’ve actually had an official statement issued by MTV to confirm this.

I'll miss you too, Farrah.

Fear not, ‘Teen Mom’ fanatics; we will still have at least one more season of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ followed by a completely new addition to the ‘Teen Mom’ family: Teen Mom 3. This show will feature girls from ’16 & Pregnant’ Season 4.

Something tells me that we haven’t seen the last of Maci, Farrah, Catelynn and Amber though. Farrah is rumored to be in talks with MTV to get her own spinoff show, while Catelynn is campaigning via The Twitter to have MTV film her and her fiance Tyler‘s wedding in July of 2013.

Are you sad to see the original girls’ ‘Teen Mom’ run end? Personally, I will miss Farrah’s ugly cry-face more than words can say.

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  1. Are you people serious? Who cares? I looked at this because I was certain that this shoe going off the air was good news, distasteful.

  2. Well I think tht use people r bein harsh on these girls I love three of the four Maci is amazing for making sure tht she keeps a good relationship with Bentleys father Ryan for the sacks of her son she is workin hard to get done wit college so she can make a good lIfe for Bentley she is an amazing mom nd her show wasn’t boring use ppl are so ruid use just don’t like tht she had a tv show nd she made money be didn’t have to have a job but she did have a job while bein on the show I personally loved hers I would love to meet her Bentley Ryan nd everyone in her family be Ryan’s family I also would like to meet Kyle Farrah she is doin well wit her life as a teen mom due to her baby’s father Derek dieing her daughter will never kno her dad that’s sad I thought it was awesome how she took Sophia to the cemetary to see her dad be to tell her about her dad moving to Flordia to be on her own like an adult she still went to college worked be took care of Sophia personally I think she’s an amazing mom be person in general her show wasn’t borin either it was amazing ppl need to just stop judging her be let her live her life u dn kno her to be judging her be bein ruid Amber I didn’t like at all she was ruid nd wasn’t bein a good mother to Leah she was very abbusive nd had anger problems tht got taken care of too late nd she decided to start bein a good mom too late Catetlynn nd Tyler I love too I thought it was an amazing choice they made to give their child up for adoption so tht she would have a great life I feel had for them becuz of wht they have to go through wit their parents about given up Carly but wht they did was the best for their child I feel bad for them also becuz they rlly don’t get to see Carly like they would want to or see her grow up hear her first words see her take her first steps see her start walkin nd crawling but wht they was great they knew they couldnt give Carly a great life the life she deserves becuz of how old they were nd someday I can’t wait to see them have a child becuz their goin to be some awsome parents nd I hope someday Carly will go looking for them to meet her birth parents to thank them for wht they did for her I personally thought their show was great I love them they were not boring as ppl said they were I love Maci,Ryan,&Bentley Farrah,Derek(RIP),&Sophia & Catelynn,Tyler,&Carly I kn

  3. I really enjoyed catelynn and Tyler the most they were my favorites by far I found Maci boring as hell amber a dumb as who didn’t really care about any one but her self Farrah was cool she has just had a hard time loosing derek and being a single mom with a overbearing mother catelynn your a good person I’m your biggest fan you rock girl

  4. These girls are in for a shock when their last season ends. Where will Maci get the money from to travel around the country and get her hair and tattoo’s done, who will pay for Farrah’s plastic surgery and who will bail Amber out of jail???? The only one of these girls that I feel is a genuinly real, nice person is Catelynn. She’s not trying to be some ‘celebrity’ an get all the attention, she seems pretty normal.

    I don’t really see how people could say that Teen Mom doesn’t glamourise teen pregnancy!! In reality how many teen mom’s get 2 have breast implants, travel around the country, have nice cars and pay $1000 a month rent??? As far as I’m aware, not many!!!

  5. Five head Maci leaving the reality circuit?? I think not..she’s a famewhore. “Bintley” is a cute kid though.

  6. Now these girls are going to get a taste of what teen motherhood really is like. They’ll have to work for their money and it won’t be anywhere near what mtv pays. As soon as they are off the show the speaking engagements will probably dry up, they simply won’t be relevant anymore.

    Now that the show is ending I think Maci is going to straight up go off the deep end when she realizes how much money she blew on rent and gas for a two hour commute just to play house with Kyle in hopes he’d propose

    1. I agree. Maci seems to be the one living it up the most. Hell, she was paying $1000 a month on an apartment when she didnt even have a job. I think she’ll take it the hardest.

  7. Well I don’t personally think Catelynn had a boring show. It was really interesting for me to watch someone go through the process of adoption because I’ve never personally seen anyone go through it. I learned a lot and really enjoyed it. Why is anyone else’s stories any less boring? Also I probably won’t watch Farrah’s show.. but gotta gives the girl props for being the only one doing anything with her life. Catelynn is probably gunna do good things too. Can’t say the same about Amber and Maci.

    1. I also think Caitelynn had an interesting story. She’s probably one of my favorites to watch! I also think it’s so important to show girls that adoption is an option and can turn out very well.
      Farrah having a spin-off show!? Oh Geez. I definitely won’t be watching that!

  8. So I’m calling it right now, Catelynn will go down in history as the most boring reality tv star ever. Her storyline this season will be like the last 3. She’s gonna go to the birth mothers retreat, come back, have issues with April over Carly, complain that she doesn’t have a relationship with Carly and…yeah that’s it. Is she still allowed to go to prom cause I would love to relive that dress shopping scene again. Butch better be in season 4. Haha.

  9. For some reason, I highly doubt maci can make it a year out of the spotlight…and as for a farrah spinoff, I always thought her segments if the show were the most boring. How many seasons do people really want to hear her scream at her mom?

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