‘Teen Mom’ Maci Bookout Officially Dating A New Kyle?

Meet New Kyle!

It looks like Teen Mom star Maci Bookout and pro Supercross racer Kyle Regal are officially a couple! She has been teasing fans for a few weeks now on her Twitter account, posting photos of her and New Kyle hanging out without confirming or denying they were actually dating. The new relationship started right after Maci and Original Kyle (aka Kyle King) called it quits.

Last night, Maci and her friends were in Atlanta watching New Kyle’s Supercross race. (She’s been quite the traveler lately. Just last week, Maci was in Indianapolis, watching her boy-toy race at Lucas Oil Stadium, and has plans to watch him race in Houston next week.)

Maci’s friend, Katie, posted this telling Tweet right before New Kyle’s race:

“Main event lets goooo @kyleREGAL!! Your girlfriend is a nervous wreck!! Show out boy! #ThreeSixMafia”

Looks like New Kyle has a new Number 1 fan!

New Kyle tweeted this last week:

“Letting my very sexy (girl)friend @MaciBookoutMTV have a weekend off of coming to the races.. gonna miss you punk.” (She later surprised him by showing up at his race…awww!)

And….another racer’s lady friend tweeted this to Maci last night:

“@MaciBookoutMTV welcome to the Moto wives/gf club… Sucks watching from the couch!”

I think that pretty much confirms that they’re official, right?

Choosing a guy that has the same name as your ex-boyfriend has its perks. Maci won’t have to throw away that “Maci + Kyle =Foreva” keychain she had made at the local fair when she was dating Kyle King because it actually still applies. I like it when things can be reused!

I’m sure Original Kyle is thrilled as well.

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  2. Maci should’ve invested some of that MTV money in perfecting her nose and adding some filler to those lips. She looks like a horse. I don’t care for her at all. She is very controlling. All throughout the seasons her main focus was trying to control Ryan’s life. As if she was soooo perfect. I’m sure she was jealous that Ryan was dating other women. It was none of her business what Ryan did on the weekend when Bentley had a overnight…as long as he was not doing drugs and having wild parties. Bentley was in good hands. If his parents wasn’t complaining…why should she? Ryan didn’t like the fact that she was moving their child to a different city….but he had to accept it. She acted as if she was his mother. When on the same hand she moved Kyle into her apartment without a committment to marriage. Then she tried to put the pressure on him to marry her and have another child. But at the same time she complained how hectic her life was. Now, she’s introducing another man into Bentley’s life. She needs to keep track on how she’s living…not Ryan. She’s very needy and she need some Psychological help. However; she is a good mother.

  3. okay so what? she is a single mom basically has been since day one! ryan was a jackass always has been he never loved maci obviously we could all tell that! & kyle king was a jackass as well he never could make up his mind with maci, i personally think he was in it for the fam of the show! i move fast & i have a son aswell, not bc i have “issues” but bc it helps me heal.. i say go head girl you done it alone long enough!!

  4. I do think that some of the girls on the show are very boy crazy. The girls that I notice with this behavior are Maci,Kail,Amber, Chelsea,Leah,and Jenelle. Once one relationship end they have this need to go out a get a new boyfriend to feel complete. Which I do find that behavior as sad . These girls have low self esteem they believe that they need a guy to make them feel happy. Case in point this is why Chelsea just got played by that Daniel kid from caged. Because she is so needy and there is rumors fly around that Jeremy is only with Leah because she is on teen mom.

  5. Honestly I’ve never really supported Maci until she dumped KK. I just lost all respect for him when he put his hands on her. And now I’m wanting to get her haircut (not same color) because I just really like it and it suits me. Don’t be so quick to judge though; some girls just like to move fast, it helps them move on and heal quicker. Take Leah for example; she moved on quick from both Robbie and Corey. Also I think Maci and KR were friends for a long while too before (and if!) their dating. It seems to be ‘the third times the charm’ for Leah, so maybe it’ll be the same for Maci as well. And not to judge a book by it’s cover or anything but KR does seem to be a bit more cuter than KK. Seems like she loves those motorcross types 😉 am seriously thinking of getting into the sport now lol.

    1. Beggars can’t be choosers. Ever since Teen Mom decided to stop giving her the golden child edit everybody knows how sanctimonious and hypocritical and spiteful Maci really is. Every time Ryan doesn’t follow her orders she threatens to take his kid away.

    2. i think that she had a really good boyfriend which was kyle king i cant believe that they are not together him and ryan were hot but the one that is a new kyle not so much the type for a girl like her. she is a very beautiful woman.

  6. Oh also, did i mention the fact that Kyle Regal lives in Texas. She said that the two hour drive from Chattanooga to Nashville (Murfreesboro, technically) for Kyle King was too much and their relationship would never be anything because it was too long distance. Kyle Regal lives FAR away from her. So if she couldn’t handle the distance between Kyle King, is she going to move Bentley all the way to Texas for this dude and away from Ryan and the rest of his family?!?! I sure hope not.

  7. See all the good MTV does for teen moms? You get to have enough money to travel around for every man that crosses your path.

    1. hah right?? while i was reading their rant i was wondering how the hell this person knew all this..maci has a stalker on her hands

  8. I don’t have an issue with her dating, since it was bound to happen at one point or another. While most probably think it’s too soon, this is Maci were speaking of. She clearly has issues and can’t stay single. So getting with this dude a couple weeks after breaking up with her other Kyle of over two years isn’t shocking. What IS shocking is that she has already introduced Bentley to him. They Skype, he roots for him in Supercross, he has his jersey and they met up in person. That’s WAY too soon. Maci and this guy have only seen eachother a few times, it’s disgusting to me. She is also very much so a hypocrite. She got onto Ryan for introducing Bentley to different girls, but she’s doing the same thing. But then again, Maci is proving her hypocracy lately with the amount of partying she is doing and i know for a FACT many of it is while has Bentley. (take last night for example, her weekend with Bentley, she got trashed in Atlanta…) And one more thing. Is she REALLY going to travel the country to see this dude? She’s seen him in Atlanta (right after her split with Kyle btw, wouldn’t surprise me if she either a. broke up with Kyle for this Kyle or b. was cheating on Kyle with this Kyle), Daytona Beach, Indianapolis, she’s going to Houston next week, and New Orleans after that. That is SOOOO much freakin money to spend on some dude she hasn’t even been seeing for a month. And since January she’s been to California twice, Atlanta three times, Pittsburgh, Dayonta Beach, Indianapolis, New York and she has Houston and New Orleans coming up. Is this chick EVER home?!?!?!?!?! Such a waste of money. She is going to be sooo screwed when Teen Mom is over with and the MTV checks stop rolling in. Oh, and she was supposed to graduate this May but she’s no longer in school. (By the time she gets her ASSOCIATES DEGREE, it will have taken her like six years, it’s already going on like 3 1/2 or 4 at this rate). She even just tweeted it. Kyle Regal said she is now too cool for school, and she answered him and said that he was right. She is disgusting.

    1. You are spot on. Maci is so immature and boy crazy. It’s really, really sad that she has this new guy in Bentley’s life so soon, she was preaching about how Bentley was so attached to Kyle King and now he’s gone and there’s a new guy.

      It’s pretty pathetic that she’s “too cool for school”, I guess she won’t be too cool for burger flipping after Teen Mom goes off the air and supposedly the next season is the last. I can’t believe that she’s not trying to save something considering that the end is in sight. You know she’s blown through all her money, she was spending 1000 dollars a month on an apartment, driving a nice car, commuting 2 hours (the gas alone was probably extremely expensive), partying, shopping, getting her hair done, travelling. I wonder how long the new Kyle will hang around when she can’t afford to follow him around because her minimum wage job doesn’t pay enough.

  9. I find it kind of amusing that old kyle’s surname was king, and new kyle’s is regal, ie to do with royalty…

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