‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Gets Proposed To–And Dumped–All In One Week!

teen mom 2
The happy couple is back together!

Check out The Ashley‘s latest story for the Today Show’s website!

Just when it looked like Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans had finally kicked the creepiness that is Kieffer Delp (and his trusty green sweatshirt!) out of her life in favor of her Marine boyfriend, Gary Head, things got all crazy!

Like herpes, Kieffer just keeps coming back…but his latest return may have cost Jenelle a husband! (Seriously, I swear I’m not making this stuff up. This actually happened.)

Click the link below to read The Ashley’s story!


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  1. I think it was just for closure, a one last time thing, and Kieffer was just trying to get to Gary. Yeah he was seen running but maybe cause Jenelle knew people would react like this and didn’t want him to be seen. They are NOT back together. And honestly, I don’t think Gary even actually proposed to her cause then she would have the ring yet he still had it with him that night. Don’t even think he really did love her either with the stuff he posts on Twitter. The way I see it is this and it has pretty much been proven: Gary, Kieffer, Tori, Hannah, James Duffy are all in this together. They befriend Jenelle only to team up and ruin her name, her person, her everything; all to become rich and famous and popular.

    I still don’t know which Twitter account of Kieffer’s is fake and which is real but I blocked them both. Jenelle said the @kdelp117 one was a fake after realizing it yet Gary has been talking to him. I really don’t care but would kinda like to know so the mystery’s solved lol.

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