‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Disagrees With Pregnant Sister’s Baby Name Choice

"If you think I'm naming my child that, you're crazy!"

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is about to become an aunt for the first time, thanks to her sister, Ashley, who is currently 29 weeks pregnant and about ready to pop. ‘Teen Mom’ fans will most likely remember Ashley from her numerous appearances on the show. (Who could forget her snarky comebacks and perfectly timed eye-rollings when Farrah’s being a brat? I love Ashley!)

Although Ashley is much older than the ‘Teen Mom’ star, she seems to be looking to her younger sister for advice on motherhood.

“My older sister is 26 and having a girl,” Farrah recently told INsite Magazine. “I’m ready to be an aunt since I already have a girl. I’m supporting her and helping her with organizing and planning. I’m giving her baby products from my line and helping her design the baby room.”

Of course, that’s not all Farrah’s giving her pregnant sister. Apparently she’s also been giving Ashley a hard time about the name she’s chosen for her future daughter, according to Ashley’s pregnancy blog.

“OK. So here’s the deal,” she wrote earlier this month. “I pretty much have my heart set on naming my little bean, Sylvia Carmela Adele. My sister on the other hand HATES the name Sylvia and tells me that everyone else does too.”

Geez, Farrah. Tell her how you really think.

Ashley at 29 weeks!

Of course, Farrah gave Ashley a few names that she feels would be better than the one that Ashley picked out.   They include Sayechelle, Serrica, Sapphire and Sadie.

I’m sorry but the first two name suggestions look like the names of communicable diseases. And Sapphire? Well…any child named Sapphire is destined to work the pole at the Spearmint Rhino in Las Vegas. Just sayin….

For the love of God, Ashley, please don’t listen to your sister and saddle that kid with the name Sayechelle. (How the hell do you say that anyway? It looks like you were trying to spell “satchel” and were hoping Auto Correct would help you out.)

Ashley said in a previous blog that, “Sylvia holds the most meaning to me anyways because it’s my great grandma’s name. She was a strong woman, as is my grandma (Carmella), as is Adele… The baby is going to be named after three wonderful, strong women.”

While I’m all for sisters giving each other advice, in this case I think Farrah needs to keep her nose out of it and let her sister name her own baby a perfectly beautiful (and non-stripper-esque) name!

What does Debra, the mother of both Farrah and Ashley, think? More on that later…

(A Special Note From The Ashley: My apologies to any of you out there that are named Sapphire and are not strippers. Way to beat the odds!)

(Photo: MTV)


  1. Saychelle is a place. I believe near Nigeria. And the comments over all are rude. Although I believe there are alot of weird names out there. All in all its Ashley’s baby. It’s not always about whiny Farrah

  2. Farrah has a line of baby products? I thought she was just hawking butt plugs and vibrators.

    1. Rate This

      Farrah needs a new butt hole n pussy. But when she’s a slut,she should just keep the old used parts. What a f***** bitch. Thank god shes not in BC we donot need more VD sluts.

  3. Does the daddy have any say do? With that said it ok to “listen” to advise. What does that hurt. It’s if she uses it or not. ;-). I’m sure Ashley will pick out the perfect name. As long as her baby is healthy and happy, that’s all that matters right? Who are we to judge. BTW Amanda is a beautiful name. Just say’in…………..

  4. You ‘love’ this Ashley girl? Watch the new episodes of Teen Mom, specifically the one where she publicly embarrasses her mother, and please strike that from your article; she’s a worse person than Farrah.

    As for the name, what Ashley came up with sure is a mouthful. Alone the names are fine, but don’t flow together very well IMO.

    Also the name Sylvia always makes me think “salvia”. . . But that’s probably just me xD

  5. I love Sylvia, I think its a beautiful and classy name. I think people judge names based on previous prejudices, but if you take the time to say the name out loud, “Sill-vee-ah” its very beautiful.

    Cute nicnames too!

    Sylvie, Via “Vee-ah”, Vee 🙂

  6. To be honest the only names i personaly liked are sylvia and sadie…and thats still pushing it. While sapphire MAY or may not be a stripper name ….well honestly so is Ashley, i mean how many “loose” girls do you know with the name sapphire ? then you turn around and look at the typical cheerleading “w” next door and her name will more then likely be Ashley, Courtney, Kelli…i mean we’re all sharing opinions here right ? j/s

  7. Adele? I can see Sylvia Carmela. But Adele? Great singer, but I wouldn’t name my kid after her.

  8. OMFG Farrah should grow up in the end, it’s her kid. Sayechelle, Serrica, Sapphire and Sadie and all the crazy names she pulled out of her ass should stay there. I personally like Ashley’s baby name anyways, has a nice ring to it.

  9. I actually really like Sylvia Carmela … But your naming your kid after Adele? Really? That’s stupid.

  10. You should think before you write, my little cousins name is sapphire and you wouldn’t even be able to handle one day in her shoes. She is strong and will not grow up to be a stripper, your probably the reason girls hate themselves good job! Not.

    1. Wow calm down she even said “My apologies to any of you out there that are named Sapphire and are not strippers.” If you don’t like what The Ashley writes then DON’T read it!

  11. Farrah is a selfish, spoiled beeotch! Keep your face out of this Farrah!
    It’s not about you! Ashley can name her baby whatever she wants! Sorry you can’t control everything!
    Farrah is just like her mother! Eckkk! Go away already.

  12. I think that whatever name somebody wants to name their child is up to them. People say that ‘Amber’ is a stripper name, and it very well may be for some strippers, but I am not a stripper. Sapphire just reminds me of a color. If it has a meaning then that name is very much more meaningful to the child and parent later in life. But some people need to think about how some names lie ‘Lilly’ or “lola” may sound cute for a baby or small dog, when they are adults, it may not seem as cute. Like a boy I knew whose parents named him Taylor, back in the 90’s and now all girls are named Taylor, it’s just like put some thought into it. Like Gracie is cute, because you can be called ‘Grace’ later or just name her ‘Grace’ and then go about a nickname later! 🙂 I do think Sylvia is pretty, as long as the parents think it is beautiful. Why are they only using ‘S’ names anyhow?

    1. like how my parents named me Tyler in the 90s even though I’m a girl and Tyler is normally a boy’s name? Taylor is very unisex just as Tyler. I know people still naming their kid unisex names.

  13. She doesn’t get a say, it’s not her child. Not everyone is going to like the same name you do but in the end, it’s up to the parents and the parents only. In fact, I’m pretty sure my own mother won’t like the names I choose for my child/ren. But her input doesn’t matter to me 😉

  14. i do like the name Sadie but ashley should namer child whatever she wants not what someone else thinks unless she really likes that name

  15. Lmao! I love your take on this ridiculousness.

    And I agree, naming your kid after a birthstone almost guarantees that eventually she will dry-hump a stage while Def Leppard plays.

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