EXCLUSIVE: Third ‘Teen Mom 3’ Girl Revealed!

teen mom 3
“Get ready!”

OK, kiddies, file this one under “95% sure!”

This morning Radar Online “broke” the news that Mackenzie Douthit and Alexandria Sekella are two of the girls that were chosen to be on the upcoming Teen Mom 3 series. The Ashley wanted to let her readers know that, yes, this news is true, Alex and Mackenzie are indeed currently filming for the first season of ‘Teen Mom 3.’

The Ashley was waiting until she had all four girls figured out to announce it, but since Radar decided to blab, The Ashley will go ahead and reveal the third girl.

Katie Yeagar will also be on the new series. MTV crews have been spotted filming in and around Katie’s hometown of Rock Springs, Wyoming for the last few months.

MTV crews were on-hand to capture Katie as she took part in the “Rock the Runway” event held in Rock Springs on March 17. (You can check out the video from the event here. I think I spotted Katie in a few of the shots, although it’s hard to tell. I also spotted a few camera men in the background.)

Of course, Katie and the other girls are not allowed to reveal anything about production so they can’t confirm or deny that they are on the show. However, MTV was seen filming at Mackenzie’s recent prom, and Alexandria has been spotted with film crews following her and daughter Arabella recently. (Her baby-daddy has basically split, from what she says on her Formspring.)

The fourth girl that will appear on the show hasn’t been revealed yet; however, The Ashley has her money on Kristina Robinson, a girl  that will be featured on this season’s finale. Her baby-daddy died and she has since gotten married, so her life seems to have enough excitement and drama to earn her a spot on the show.

UPDATE: The Ashley has learned that Kristina will most likely not be on ‘Teen Mom 3.’ The Ashley’s sources tell her that the girl most likely to fill that fourth spot on the show will be Lindsay Harrison or Briana DeJesus.

Check out the “proof” that The Ashley has gathered to support that Katie, Mackenzie and Alex will indeed be on ‘Teen Mom 3.’

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  1. I couldn’t stand Alex! She doesn’t seem to be capable of any forethought whatsoever. “Something just came over me and I couldn’t give her up!” Girl, you had the best case scenario; your friend’s family could have raised your daughter and given her a beautiful life, and you still would have been a part of that while still being allowed to be a teenager. Instead, you selfishly kept the child and kept sleeping with your addict boyfriend WHO TOLD YOU HE DIDN’T WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE KID. And still, you kept whining about how you thought he’d change and be a great dad. Alex’s blatant stupidity really gets to me.

    Although I am so glad that Lindsay wasn’t chosen, because from what I saw on Twitter, she’s not only dumb but also racist and classist. Seriously? You think you’re a model with the glamour shots your mom paid for? At least she has the sense to go to the police academy and get a job that will actually support her and her daughter, I suppose. I have to at least respect her for that choice.

  2. I really think McKenzie would be great for teen mom, however I didn’t really like Alex! Her episode was super borin besides her drama episodes! Katie was okay but a lil blah! Also, I really hope they bring Briana in, then I might actually watch it!

  3. I think Kristina really should be on here!!! She is such an inspiration for so many <3 i know she is for me!!

  4. AS a mom of 5 being a teen mom myself 19 years ago I think MTV should strive on some of the girls working on their relationships and being new moms. I liked Hope and Myranda personally. Stop the drama because DRAMA and show that relationships can work despite their age and circumstance. Though, I agree I liked Mackenzie as a choice.

  5. I hope mtv add Briana I think she is the real deal for the teen mom series. She will be competely honest and real I think that if mtv does not add her they are making a big mistake I think Alex. The girl with the drug addiction baby father is the wrong choice I think mtv choose her because of the drama I wish mtv would stop with the drama. Mtv focus too much on drama and not enough on the everyday so hopefully Briana will make it on to the show. Then I will actually watch we need more girls like Briana and Katie

  6. Am I really the only one who thought Katie was a whiny brat? I really didn’t care for her episode that much. Mackenzie I liked. She was really sweet but unfortunately kind of boring. And Alex, while I give her credit for going off on her drugged baby daddy like that, the whole thing with the carseat gives me a bad feeling about her. Meh, I’m not impressed that much by the lineup so far.

  7. Katie is my favorite girl thats ever been on 16 & Pregnant, and Joey is my favorite guys that ever been on. So i’m ecstatic that they will be on. I knew Mackenzie and Alex would be chosen, so i’m not surprised. I don’t mind Mackenzie, but i do NOT like Alex one bit. I’m pulling for Briana as the fourth girl, Lindsay just always seems so mean lol (never smiling, etc) and i don’t want to have to hear the name Forrest anymore either!

  8. I’m really excited about Katie and Mackenzie. Not so excited about Alex though. I think that I would be happy with either Brianna or Lindsey being on the show but, would prefer Lindsey because I liked her so much.

    1. i loved Mackenzie but i want Devon and Hope. Hopes story was really good i loved her and Devon is from where im from. i like Katie and Alex though so i want Hope to me number 4! i wish we had a say lol.

  9. And please give us a story about Jenelle Evans getting breast implants…I just saw this online! The Ashley needs to investigate and give us the scoop!

  10. Just a question have they filmed the reunion already?gould that be what the camera crews are around for?

      1. Oh I was talking about when they do the little updates on what happened since their episode aired.

  11. I didn’t like Katie, I just thought that she was too goodie goodie to be on the show. I like Mackenzie and Alex though.

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