‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Gets a New Rack!

Jenelle Evans Breast ImplantsAnother Teen Mom star has gone under the plastic surgery knife in a quest for bigger breasts!

‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jenelle Evans joined the silicon (or saline?) club (other members include ‘Teen Mom’ stars Farrah Abraham and Maci Bookout) earlier this week. She went from a small B cup to a full C cup (although she told her fans on Stickam earlier today that she still doesn’t know how big they will actually be.)

Photos of Jenelle being helped out of the Wilmington Plastic Surgery Center were snapped by paparazzi. Also caught on camera that day? An MTV film crew and Jenelle’s on-and-off-again ex-boyfriend, Kieffer Delp, who from the looks of the photos has traded in his trusty (and crusty) green hoodie for this striped number.

Kieffer was on-hand to take care of Jenelle the first few days after her surgery, but the two have since split–again! Kieffer (and his fancy new hoodie) has hit the bricks, with Jenelle telling her fans of Stickam, “Am I friends with Kieffer? Not really. Not anymore. Things just turned out to be the same with us and I just can’t be with him again.”

Anyway…while Jenelle declined to reveal how much money she spent on her new, um, assets, she did tell us that her mother, Barbara “High! High!” Evans, approves of her decision.

“I guess Fix-a-Flat works on chests too!”

“My mom likes my boob job and she thinks they’re not that big and that they look good,” Jenelle revealed during her Stickam session. “She was afraid that they were going to be too big.”

I can just imagine the scene that played out when Babs saw her daughter’s implants for the first time. In my head, it went something like this:

Weeeell Juh-nelle! I see ya wif new boobs. I hope they make for a good time for ya booooooyfriend!”

Jenelle is still in a lot of pain, even telling her fans on Facebook, ”The next day after implants is worse then coming home from the hospital after birth.” This echos what Farrah told an Austin, Texas, radio station recently.

“I do think it was harder to move with a breast augmentation than surgery than with the surgery of giving birth,” Farrah told the host of the Bobby Bones Show. “I think the breast augmentation might have been more painful. My dad had to help me go to the bathroom! It was very painful.”

One person that hasn’t been scared off by Jenelle’s reports of implant pain? Her 16 & Pregnant Season 2 co-star, Ashley Salazar. Ashley, who said she plans to get a breast augmentation in December, sent Jenelle an encouraging get well message.

“Jenelle, you are so lucky! Congratulations girl! I can’t wait to get mine done, lol! I hope you have a good recovery and enjoy those!”


  1. Ugh another boob job…I have to admit I don’t get it. I had a full C cup after I gave birth and I wished for anything that they would shrink back down. I felt like a cow!

    But I don’t begrudge Jenelle for getting them if that’s what she truly wanted. I DO, however, hope that since she is making so much money, the court has ordered her to pay child support to Barbara…the woman who is supporting her kid.

  2. They do get paid at the end of the season (its when the crap dads [adam] come back around) They just blow their $ so fast, Leah- car and house, Jenelle new boobs, Maci is always partying or seeing her bf across the country, I could go on and on…The only one who has even a little bit of money control is Farrah, or at least she spends it wisely. Shes the only one who graduated college! At least she’s using her fame to better herself! (mom&me hot sauce, college, modeling…)

  3. Heaven forbid Dr. Drew actually bring this up during a reunion special…wouldn’t want to make the poor, fragile minded, “us against the world” teen moms upset in ANY way.

  4. Give up your baby for adoption and get boobs! That’s a joke! I feel sorry for that kid. She will grow up reading all this about her mom who gave her away for a better life! Better life for who? Herself, very selfish and irresponsible! Karma will play out in the end. I can’t believe she would even tell people she was getting boobs, do you remember the baby you left behind? Shame! Shame on you! You were obviously raised wrong!

    1. Jenelle didn’t give her baby up for adoption. Her mom has custody of HIM, not her. I think you’re thinking of Catelynn who gave up her daughter. Regardless though, the money should still have been spent on her son. Not boobs.

      1. I think she’s referring to Ashley (Salazar?) giving up her daughter and apparently planning to get a boob job

  5. Jenelle and Kiefer are getting even worse than Chelsea and Adam lately! Co-dependant and redundant rebounding. Sigh.

  6. I really hate that MTV portrays these girls as struggling to make ends meet when they’re clearly not. I know that I for one wouldn’t have such a problem with these girls getting plastic surgery and spending tons of money on themselves if the show was honest about the financial compensation they give the girls. I don’t doubt that it’s difficult to raise a child and deal with everyday drama like the girls on the show do, but for heaven’s sake, don’t pretend you’re poor as dirt when you’re making enough money to have plastic surgery.

    1. I know right that is the most annoying part of the show these girls get paid and it is really annoying how they fake cry how broke they are. Atleast wait intill the season is over to paid these girls to atleast keep the show real and these girls are getting plastic surgery. Cars,hair and nails done in every damn scene in the show and they are crying how they dont have that much money. The show would be better if after one season they get new girls to make the show real the moment teen mom 3 season is over. The girls will change too and they will have new cars the girls will always have their nails and hair done. Their boyfriends will have new trucks and tattoos this show is a joke it is real as the housewives series baby high was real. It would not be that bad if mtv was honest and admit that they paid the girls really well for god sake Maci moves like every another month. No normal teen mom or not teen mom could do that

      1. YES! Jessica you took the words right out of my mouth. They wine about being broke (not just on the show, in real life when they whined about how they wanted more money) and probably spend tens of thousand on their clothes, nails, and all that crap. Then they have the nerve to say there shouldn’t be a Teen Mom 3. HAHA. At least we will see a little truth to the struggles of those girls and the show will be so much more enjoyable to me. It especially annoys me that Jenelle was whining about wanting more money when she doesn’t even take care of her kid hardly. Child support? boo hoo. try being a real mom and actually doing a 24/7 job of it.. not just come and go like her greedy selfish ass.

  7. Actually they don’t have a hard time making ends meet, because they get paid for doing teen mom! So i’m sure they have plenty of money for their children. And what about this makes you sick? Getting a boob job doesn’t affect your mothering skills!!

    1. The person who said they were struggling to make ends meet was obviously being sarcastic if you didn’t catch it, because MTV wants us to believe they are struggling. That is the point of the show since most people forgot. That being a Teen Mom is a struggle and not easy. Which in my opinion is WHY they shouldn’t have 4 years of seasons for the same group of girls. After 1 season they should show new girls. All of these girls whined about not being paid enough and having no money and THAT is why they shouldn’t be getting implants. They blow it all and then want more. They don’t know how to be smart about it and save. This money isn’t going to last forever. I’d at least like to see a mom who actually has custody of her child, wakes up during the night with her child, feeds her child, and always has her child with her get the money and breast implants. Jenelle doesn’t deserve all the money she gets because she’s hardly a mom. Moms who work their asses off for their children should be getting rewarded for it. Not this girl who can’t make a smart decision to save her life!

      1. Actually, I kind of disagree, they do struggle. Just because they don’t struggle financially doesn’t mean they don’t struggle at all. They’re still young and have to balance being young and dealing with not being able to participate in all the things girls their age get to do. You are definitely right that some of these girls do not spend their money wisely, but not all of them are bad parents. I’m definitely not sticking up for Jenelle, I don’t think she is the best mother on the show or anything, but these girls do deserve to be paid for letting cameras film their lives every day and getting criticized by everyone who watches the show on every little decision they make. Sure that’s what comes with fame, but you can’t sit there and say they don’t deserve to be paid. Keep in mind they’re not being paid as a reward of getting pregnant so young, they’re getting paid to have their life filmed and shared with the world. I bet if any of us had cameras following us around 24/7 they would catch some pretty ugly things. Nobody in this world is perfect so it’s a little messed up to criticize a girl we don’t even know personally because of her choices. It’s her life, her money (that she deserves in my opinion), let her do what she chooses with it. It’s not our business to say what she should and shouldn’t do.

        1. They chose to keep their children, and Jenelle doesn’t even have custody. And whie I agree that just because they arent financially struggling, they have it a lot easier than most teen moms

      2. I dont think theres a problem with having four seasons, BUT i think they shouldnt get to use their money until the show ends. Or they should have a monthly allowance until it ends.

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