The Girls of ’16 & Pregnant’: How Many Graduated High School?


Jamie of Season 3 got her diploma with her daughter in her arms!
Jamie of Season 3 got her diploma with her daughter in her arms!

UPDATED: 12/10/12 to now include the girls of Season 4.

It’s springtime, which means high school students are preparing to sport those big, bulky graduation caps and gowns and get their diploma on! With so many teenagers graduating, it made The Ashley wonder how many of the teens featured on MTV’s 16 & Pregnant actually made that ceremonious walk down the graduation aisle.

Statistically, teen moms are much less likely to graduate high school and go on to college than girls that don’t have babies. (Which, of course, makes sense. When you have a screaming baby on your hip, that algebra homework seems much less important!)

According to statistics released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “pregnancy and birth are significant contributors to high school drop out rates among girls. Only about 50% of teen mothers receive a high school diploma by 22 years of age, versus approximately 90% of women who had not given birth during adolescence.”

The Ashley decided to do some research to see how the teen mothers that have appeared on ’16 & Pregnant’ fared against the national average. The results were pleasantly surprising.

Of the 47 girls that appeared on the first four seasons of the show:

  • 72% (34 girls) have graduated high school, which is well above the national average.
  • 15% (7 girls) have gotten their GEDs
  • 6% (3 girls) are still in high school. (Izabella Tovar, Taylor Lumas and Mackenzie Douhtit)

If the three girls that are still in high school end up graduating, that means that 44 girls from the show have completed high school. Only 3 have dropped out at this point.


Even better news? From what The Ashley can gather, 55% (26 girls) have gone on to attend college and/or trade schools!

No one has graduated yet from a four-year college, but Farrah has obtained her Associate’s degree.

The Ashley finds this news extremely exciting! Collectively, these girls have beat the odds and done much better than what society expected them to do!

Wanna see more research that The Ashley has done on the girls from ’16 & Pregnant?’ Click here.


12 Responses

  1. S1: Maci, Farrah,Ebony and Catelynn.
    S2:Jenelle, Nikkole, Valerie, Chelsea?, Lori, Sam, Nicole, Leah, Lizzie, Kailyn, Brooke, Fecilia, Aubrey, Christinna, Markai, Megan?, Ashley. S3: Jordan, Jennifer, Jamie, Cleondra, Kayla, Isabella, Kianna, Taylor, Allison.
    S4: MacKenzie, Katie, Briana (2011), Lindsey, Alexandria, Jordan, Myranda, Hope, Sarah, Sabrina, Devon.

  2. Season 1:Farrah ,Catelynn ,Maci ,and Ebony.
    Amber and Whitney dropped out.

    Season 2a&b:Felicia, Nikkole, Kailyn, Valerie, Leah, Lizzie, Lori, Jenelle, Kayla, Christinna, Cleondra, Samantha, Ashley, Markai , Nicole, Megan, and Brooke.
    Emily dropped out. Chelsea and Aubrey got there GED.

    Season 3: Isabella, Jordan, Taylor, Jamie, Jennifer, and Allie.
    Kayla and Kiana dropped out. Danielle tried to go to online high school but failed I think.

    Season 4: MacKenzie, Katie, Briana, Lindsey, Alex(finished online), Myranda, Hope, Sarah, Devon, and Sabrina.
    Jordan got her GED. Kristina dropped out about he stresses of her pregnancy.

  3. so, who all graduated/got ged?
    Season 1: maci, farrah, catelynn, ebony, and whitney
    Season 2a: jenelle, nikkole, valerie, lori, samantha?, leah, lizzie, kailyn
    Season 2b: brooke, felicia, emily, markai, christinna, kayla, megan?, ashley
    Season 3: jordan, jennifer, jamie, cleondra, kayla, izabella, taylor, allie
    The only ones I know that didn’t graduate/get ged are: amber, chelsea, nicole?
    Did- aubrey, danielle, kianna?
    I looked in to season 4 as well, and so far,
    mackenzie (shes in cosmetology school, so idk) katie, briana, lindsey (never really said, but i think she did), jordan dropped out to get a ged, and I dont have a clue on Alex or Myranda…so that’s half of season 4 so far, of which 4/6 have graduated.

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