Why Was Phillip Phillips Not in This Week’s ‘Idol’ Ford Commercial?

“Is it OK if I moan in pain until we come back from commercial break?”

If you were one of the over 11 million people that watched American Idol last night, you may be wondering 1) why the hell America eliminated the best singer in the competition, Joshua Ledet (more on that later… The Ashley is mad!) and 2) why Phillip Phillips wasn’t forced to participate in the cheesy-but-fantastic Ford commercial this week.

Phillip was nowhere to be found in this week’s silent-movie-themed Ford product pitch video. (The Ashley has nothing better to do than notice things like that.) Of course, she had to sleuth it out to see why ol’ Philly is allowed to be exempt from the horrible hi-jinks that these videos usually entail.

The answer? He’s practically dying. According to a story posted on TMZ this morning, Phillip is in desperate need of kidney surgery! He’s been suffering from severe kidney problems all season long, even having to have a temporary procedure to hold him off until he can have surgery. (He refuses to quit the competition.)


“Phillip has also missed some of the field productions that are shot for the show — including the Ford commercials,” the article says. “Our ‘Idol’ sources tell us they felt that making him go on location for these shoots were just too taxing.”

Um…can’t they hire Heejun Han to dress up like Phil and take his place in the Ford shoots?

The TMZ story says that Phillip’s condition has gotten progressively worse during ‘Idol.’ In fact, according to the article, “Phillip went back home to Georgia last Saturday … his family doctor spent almost the entire stay by his side and was alarmed by what he saw — Phillip wasn’t eating and looked horrible.”

Poor Phil! Although he’s facing major surgery, there are a few positive things here: he will definitely win ‘American Idol’ next week (three words: in.the.bag) and he has been able to worm out of participating in the Ford video shoots, in addition to some of the various other incredibly cheesy promotional crap they make these kids do.

There really is a silver lining in every cloud!

(Photo: FOX, Twitter)

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    1. r u kidding my gosh i think that she will win but no1 get far if the win!!! k so phill WILL go so far u cant even think!! >:)

  1. I THOUGHT he was missing. Also, it was REALLY a shame that Josh left. I mean, Jessica and Phillip can sing, mostly Jessica, but Josh HAD it! I was REALLY dissapointed.

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