EXCLUSIVE: “16 & Pregnant” Star Danielle Cunningham Explains Recent Arrest

16 & Pregnant
"Mugging" for the camera

Earlier this week reports surfaced that 16 & Pregnant Season 3 star Danielle Cunningham had been arrested for domestic violence. Danielle, the mother of baby Jamie, was arrested in Licking County (hahaha, Licking), Ohio, for allegedly pushing her elderly grandmother during an argument.

The whole story seemed fuzzy to The Ashley so she decided to go straight to the source and get Danielle’s version of what happened last Saturday. Of course, there are two sides to every story, and since The Ashley wasn’t in Licking County (hahahah, I’m sorry, but it’s funny every time), she can’t say for sure what really happened. However, this is Danielle’s account of the events.

Did Danielle actually get arrested?

Yes. She was arrested by Pataskala Police on Saturday at her grandmother’s house and hauled into the county jail. After spending some quality time behind bars, she was released on her own recognizance. (That means no one had to bail her out and she didn’t have to post bond because the judge is confident that she will appear for any mandated court proceedings.)

Did she really beat up her elderly grandmother?

No way, according to Danielle.

“She locked me and Jr. out of the house in 100-degree weather so I started freaking out, pounding on the door as I had a right to. She opened the door and started screaming about a little red Popsicle juice on the counter. She had a bad day and was taking it out on me.

“We started arguing,” Danielle said. “She ended up throwing my purse in my face and saying I’ll never be nothing. She pushed me into a bedroom so I pushed her out. She freaked out and called the cops. And I got to go jail.”

(Side note from The Ashley: Not that it matters, but Danielle’s grandmother is hardly an elderly old lady. If you remember Danielle’s episode, you’ll remember that Danielle’s mother, Casey, was a teen when she had Danielle and is very young. Danielle’s grandmother is only 53, so definitely not the frail, elderly woman I was picturing. And, no, I’m not condoning pushing anybody, regardless of their age, I’m just stating that fact.)

What happened after she got arrested?

Danielle appeared in court following her short stint in the clink.

“I plead not guilty and got out,” she told The Ashley. “My trial is in 3-4 months. [I’m] waiting for the letter in the mail.”

What happened to the grandma?

Nothing, according to Danielle.

“My grandma had zero marks to prove anything,” she said.

Danielle is just the latest of the ’16 & Pregnant’ alumni to get arrested. Click here and here to read about other ’16 & Pregnant’ stars that have been sent to the slammer recently!

(Photo: BustedMugshots.net)


  1. Danielle seems to modify the facts to make her culpability more palatable. Watching her talk about how she is a single teen Mom who does everything for her baby almost makes me laugh. When she moved in with her boyfriend after the baby was born, she said she wanted to prove she could make it on her own. Funny that she thinks she is paying her own way if anyone but her own Mom pays for her. Danielle doesn’t even have enough motivation to finish high school and she could do it online! Come on someone get this girl to see that her version of her life is fiction, it is time for her to grow up and stop leaching off of her family and her ex-boyfriend’s family.

  2. Holy crap, Pataskala, and Licking County, are only about 20 minutes from my house. I will have to look in this weeks busted files paper and see if her mugshot is in there.

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