When Do Your Favorite Reality Shows Come Back From Hiatus?

"I wonder what ridiculous outfit I can wear this season?"

We’ve made it to the middle of summer! If you’re anything like The Ashley, you have no life and are pretty much counting the minutes until all of the good reality shows come back on the air this fall. (I mean, seriously, does anyone actually enjoy the crap they put on TV during the summer? No one actually enjoys watching Wipeout. They do it because it beats staring at the wall….but just barely.)

Anyway, all of the “good” reality shows will be back this fall. (We do have Teen Mom and Bachelor Pad to keep us entertained until then thankfully!) The Ashley has done her best to compile a list of premiere dates for all of your favorite reality shows. (If your favorite show isn’t listed here, let The Ashley know and she will do her best to find its premiere date for you!)

Anyway, here are the premiere dates for some of your favorite crappy reality shows! (The Ashley will keep updating this list as premiere dates are announced.)

  • 19 Kids & Counting (TLC): Tuesday, August 28
  • Amazing Race (CBS): Sunday, September 30
  • America’s Next Top Model (CW): Friday, August 24
  • American Hoggers (A & E): Wednesday, August 15
  • Bachelor Pad (ABC): Monday, July 23
  • Braxton Family Values (WE): Thursday, August 16
  • Dancing With the Stars (ABC): Monday, Sept 24
  • Design All-Stars (HGTV): Tuesday, July 31
  • Extreme Chef (FOOD): Thursday, August 16
  • Face Off (SyFy): Tuesday, August 21
  • Great Food Truck Race (FOOD): Sunday, August 19
  • Hoarders (A & E): Monday, August 13
  • Intervention (A & E): Monday, August 13
  • Jersey Shore (MTV): Thursday, October 4
  • Kitchen Nightmares (FOX): Friday, September 28
  • Long Island Medium (TLC): mid-September
  • Shark Tank (ABC): Friday, September 14
  • Storage Wars: Texas (A & E): Wednesday, August 15
  • Survivor: Philippines (CBS): Wednesday, September 19
  • Top Chef Masters (Bravo): Wednesday, July 25
  • The Voice (NBC): Monday, September 10
  • The X-Factor (FOX): Wednesday, September 12

Be sure to check this post to see if any of your favorite reality TV shows have gotten cancelled since we last saw them!

(Photo: NBC)


  1. GrEat list – thanks! Any chance you know the return dates of teen mom 2, and real housewives of Beverly hills? xx

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