Who’s Going to be on the Upcoming Season of MTV’s ‘The Challenge?’

"OMG--why isn't my name on this list?!"

Thanks to a very helpful Roundup reader, and the good sleuths over at Vevmo, The Ashley has lots of exclusive details about the upcoming season of MTV’s The Challenge, including the cast and filming location!

The cast members were all spotted boarding a plane at JFK Airport in New York City on May 30. It’s believed that they were headed to Europe, with some or all of the filming being done in the country of Turkey. TJ Lavin will once again act as host of the show.

Below is a list of the new season’s cast members. After reviewing the list, The Ashley was pleasantly surprised to see that most of the “regulars” were not included. It’s been years since we’ve had a ‘Challenge’ that didn’t include degenerates like Paula, Johnny, Jenn and Kenny. (Someone should go do a welfare check on Paula. She’s probably suffering from serious ‘Challenge’ withdrawal. Perhaps she’ll use her time off to go get a real job? Haha, just kidding.)

Anyway, the cast list is full of new or semi-new faces, with 22 rookies participating this time around. There will also be 14 veterans competing. (In creepy ‘Challenge’ speak, a ‘veteran’ is someone who’s competed in at least three ‘Challenges.’)

A very observant fan on Vevmo noticed a distinct pattern in the cast list. There are four cast members from each season of Real World represented, as well as four cast members that would fall into a “miscellaneous” category. This suggests that these players may compete as teams of four.

One thing The Ashley noticed is that there will be quite a few exes competing on this ‘Challenge,’ including Danny and Melinda, who met during ‘Real World: Austin’ and ended up getting married and then divorced. Exes Wes and KellyAnne will also be appearing together. This should spice things up a bit!

Below are the cast members that will appear on the next MTV ‘Challenge!’ The Ashley has grouped them by season.

Alton Williams (Real World Las Vegas): Alton, who originated on the original ‘Las Vegas’ season, hasn’t suited up for a ‘Challenge’ in quite a while, so The Ashley is happy to see him (and his amazing pecs) back in action!

Trishelle Cannatella (Real World Las Vegas): It’s hard to believe that’s it’s been 10 years since the original ‘Las Vegas’ season aired. (Oh my God, I’m old).  Trishelle, now 32, is no longer the young hot-tub-hopper she once was so it will be interesting to see if she’s changed since we’ve last seen her.

Dustin Zito (Real World Las Vegas 2.0): He’s the one that did gay porn, member?

Nany Gonzalez (Real World Las Vegas 2.0): From the looks of it, they weren’t able to get four people from the original ‘Las Vegas’ season (because they’re all in the retirement home!) so producers likely will combine two people from the first ‘Vegas’ season and two from the second.

Chet Cannon (Real World Brooklyn): Chet has competed in a few ‘Challenges,’ and I kind of have a crush on him. I think it’s the bowties.

JD Ordonez (Real World Brooklyn): This will mark the first time JD will appear on a ‘Challenge.’ He is one of 22 rookies this season!

Devyn Simone (Real World Brooklyn): If I remember correctly, she’s quite fiesty, which should make for good TV.

the challengeSarah Rice (Real World Brooklyn): Despite her whining and crying, I still like Sarah. She says snarky things about the other players, and usually makes me giggle.

CJ Koegel (Real World Cancun): CJ is back for his second ‘Challenge.’

Derek Chavez (Real World Cancun): Why don’t I remember this kid?

Jonna Mannion (Real World Cancun): We last saw her on ‘Rivals,’ competing with her former foe, Jasmine.

Jasmine Reynaud (Real World Cancun): Speaking of Jasmine, guess who’s back? When she gets all drunk and turns into her “alter-ego” Rashida,  I just want to slap her through the TV.

Danny Jamieson (Real World Austin): Danny met Melinda on the ‘Austin’ season. They fell in love and got married in 2008. Unfortunately, they’ve divorced since the last time we’ve seen them.

Melinda Stroup (Real World Austin): How they got Melinda to agree to be on a ‘Challenge’ with her ex-husband is beyond me. Maybe they’ll reconcile and get married again!?

Wes Bergmann (Real World Austin): Naturally Wes will be appearing on this ‘Challenge.’ I think it’s in the rule book somewhere that he has to appear on every single ‘Challenge.’

Lacey Buehler (Real World Austin): I have no idea who this person is.

Dunbar Merrill (Real World Sydney): This will be the first time ever that Dunbar will be on a ‘Challenge’ without having Paula follow him around screaming that she hates him, when we all know she is totally in love with him.

Isaac Stout (Real World Sydney): This will only be Isaac’s second ‘Challenge.’ I don’t remember him at all from his previous ‘Challenge’ so hopefully he’s more exciting this time.

KellyAnne Judd (Real World Sydney): KellyAnne is a former flame of Wes, whom she met on another ‘Challenge.’ It will be interesting to see if they can manage to get along.

Ashli Robson (Real World Sydney): She dated Dunbar during the ‘Sydney’ season.

Brandon Nelson (Fresh Meat 2): There appears to be a miscenllanous group of four, in which the members never appeared on a ‘Real World’ series.

Eric “Big EZ” Banks (Fresh Meat): Yay! I love ‘Challenges’ that include Big EZ!

Camilia Nakagawa (Spring Break Challenge): Ugh…this chick annoys me. I’ll just hit the mute button whenever her face appears on the screen.

Cara Maria Sorbello (Fresh Meat 2): Another ‘Challenge’ full of Cara Maria crying because Wes hates her? Fantastic.

Also competing on this ‘Challenge’ will be:

Jemmye Carroll (Real World New Orleans 2010)

Mckenzie Coburn (Real World New Orleans 2010)

Ryan Knight (Real World New Orleans 2010)

Preston Roberson-Charles (Real World New Orleans 2010)

Robb Schreiber (Real World St. Thomas)

Trey Weatherholtz (Real World St. Thomas)

Marie Roda (Real World St. Thomas)

Laura Waller (Real World St. Thomas)

Frank Sweeney (Real World San Diego 2.0)

Zack Nichols (Real World San Diego 2.0)

Sam McGinn (Real World San Diego 2.0)

Ashley Kelsey (Real World San Diego 2.0)

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  1. A Challenge without CT is not a challenge I would watch… booooooooooo!!!!
    I cant believe my eyes will b denied of the pleasure of looking at such an amazing specimen… lol!
    Not only him and his sexy accent will create a huge void on the show… people will be denied of looking at one of the most fearless competitors I’ve ever seen!!!

  2. I just stumbled onto this site…I LOVE YOU! I love that you write about The Challenge! I didn’t think anyone was watching them anymore (besides me!). I will definitely look back to this site…often…especially as Teen Mom finishes up and The Challenge comes back! Thanks!

  3. I wish wes and kelly Anne was not going to be there they are so annoying. Happy ms beautiful and that jack ass johnny is not coming back either hopefully this season is good. I’m tired of the same people same drama and also tired of all the boys treating the girls like they are the weakest member of the team.

  4. I always LOL when you put the quotes under the pis. That Paula pic made me die! can’t believe she isnt going to be on a challenge

  5. Ashley and Zach from San diego broke up. & he ot in a showmance with Jonna.

    Eric “Big Eazy” also hook up & got in a showmance with someone that nobody expect lol 😉

  6. Lacey from Real World Austin was the “outcast” of the season. She was somewhat boring. Not really a partyer like the typical Real World cast member. She was sort of the goodie goodie.

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