How to Watch ‘Teen Mom’ Episode 6: “Temper Tantrums”

"Shell out a couple bucks and you'll get to see me!"

Teen Mom fans that missed out on watching the latest episode due to the DirecTV/Viacom battle can breathe a sigh of relief! The Ashley has found a way for you to get your Farrah-screaming-at-her-mom fix…but it will cost you a few bucks.

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, allow me to explain why you no longer have channels like MTV, Nickelodeon, etc. Viacom and the cable provider are in a giant contract battle with no end in site. As a result of the dispute, DirecTV has suspended all Viacom channels, including MTV, which is why Amber, Gary and the rest of the gang were missing from your television screen on Tuesday night. (Click here to read more about this dispute.)

Since the online episodes of ‘Teen Mom’ were also suspended, viewers have been frantic to find a way to watch the latest episode of the show. (It’s a good one, too! Farrah screams at her mom. A lot!)

The only solution The Ashley could find to this problem is for DirecTV customers to download the episode from Amazon. It will cost you about 2 bucks, but, let’s face it; seeing Gary’s mug on your computer screen is worth that price alone!

The Ashley plans to do a full recap of the episode (luckily she doesn’t have DirecTV), but until then, click the link below to watch the episode!

Update 7/20/12: Viacom and DirecTV have reached an agreement! You can now watch ‘Teen Mom’ episodes on again!


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