‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans: “I’m Not A Bad Person, I Promise!”

File under:  It’s a slow day in the reality TV world.

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has launched an official website for herself and her son Jace! The MTV star claims that she will be using the site to update fans on her life, rather than using her official Facebook fanpage or Twitter. (I’ll believe that when I see it!)

Anyway, Jenelle is trying to use the online journal to set the world straight about what kind of person she really is.

“You might all know me as ‘the bitch’ from ‘Teen Mom 2,'” she wrote. “You should never judge a book by its cover though.”

She goes on to explain that she is not the same Juuuh-nelle we’re used to seeing on our television screens.

“I’m a very sweet girl and very generous believe it or not,” she wrote. “Please read my post and see that I have changed. I’m not that bad of a person, I promise.”

The site also includes very recent photos of Jenelle and her frenemy, Tori, parasailing in Myrtle Beach, as well as photos of Jenelle with her on-again-off-again boyfriend, Kieffer Delp.

Those who look very closely at a shot of Jenelle in a car will also be able to catch a tiny glimpse of everyone’s favorite reality star, Barbara Evans, driving the car that Jenelle is posing in. (However, there were no ‘jumpah cables’ or Fix-a-Flat in sight! Boo!)

If you want to check out Jenelle’s new website for yourself (although given the lack of Barbara-related content, I don’t see why you would), you can click here.

Click here to see the official website of Jenelle’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ co-star, Kail Lowry!


  1. I don’t think people judge her by her cover, I think people judge her by her countless never ending amount of mug shot photos.

  2. Hey Jenelle, once a loser, always a loser. The only thing you will ever see in the medical field is pee pots.

  3. She is a liar. I honestly really never thought she was a bad person until she started making disrespectful jokes an sharing them about the shooting in Aurora, Colorado. People lost lives and to think that’s funny is sure messed and mean.

    And to think she wants to be a nurse when she thinks it’s funny that people get hurt in horrific ways. First time I doubt she is able to grow up and do something meaningful.

  4. Wow ” pursuing a career in the medical field”. Really? I’m a nurse and there is no way in hell a doctor, clinic, hospital will EVER give her a job. She has been seen on TV doing drugs. Yeah that’s a huge no-no in the medical field.
    Her being back with Kieffer is just another way to prove she has not changed a bit. She is still living a horrible sad life.

  5. She’s not the same jenelle? So shes not causing drama anymore? Bull. Because you go two days without getting in a fight doesn’t make you “changed.” buying Jave a bunch of crap doesn’t mean she’s “changed.” CHANGING means she’s changed. Go a month, 6 months, a year without drama THEN well talk. Until then it’s the same song every week and she keeps proving its BS EVERY WEEK. She seriously JUST had all that drama with Gary and is already dating and living with Queefer. Who released nudes of her last time she broke up with him and moved on to Gary a week later. She’s the exact same Jenelle.

  6. OK didn’t kieffer post/sale nude pictures of her and if I’m not mistaken wasn’t she engaged to that military guy Gary Head. Now she’s back with that bum, probably getting HIGH HIGH again! And she said that she’s changed. Yeah right the only thing that tramp has changed is her bra size.

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