In Their Own Words: ’16 & Pregnant’ Stars Jennifer Del Rio & Josh Smith Dispel Custody Rumors


Josh-and-Jennifer-16-and-Pregnant16 & Pregnant Season 3 star Jennifer Del Rio has spoken out against the news outlet TMZ for running a story regarding her custody “battle” with her baby-daddy Josh Smith. Jennifer is claiming TMZ “read between the lines” of her custody documents, most likely to stir up unnecessary drama!

The story, which ran on the site a few weeks ago, claimed that Jennifer had filed for sole custody of her twins, Josh and Noah, due to their father being “a huge threat to her family’s safety.”

The story also claimed that Jennifer had fled Florida with the boys in order to escape Josh and that she filed for sole custody because there was no way she could share custody with Josh due to their history of domestic violence.

Jennifer took to her official Facebook fan page to debunk much of the story and separate the fact from the fiction.

“For those of you who keep up with TMZ…they wrote a story about me filing for sole custody. First off, I’m not a fan of any media and don’t like it but since TMZ wants to try to read in between the lines of my documents… I asked for sole custody of my children because I do take care of them 24/7. I supply everything they need I’m the only who spend[s] every second of my day with my children,” she wrote.

While TMZ may have gotten that part of the story correct, Jennifer claims that they were wrong about her having beef with Josh, and that she did not file for custody because she felt threatened by Josh.

“[What] I did say [was that] I couldn’t co-parent with Josh because every time we try it doesn’t work and as much as my children and Josh love each other I’m not letting anyone walk in and out of their life,” she wrote.

On July 24, Jennifer had her custody hearing and was given sole custody of the boys, because she is their primary caregiver, not because Josh is a threat to her and her kids. While she did leave Florida last year without telling Josh where she was going (she moved to Chicago), it appears that all of that drama is behind them.

She is currently living with her 21-month-old twins in Florida near her family. She is also seeing a new guy.

The Ashley spoke with the twins’ father, Josh, who gave his take on the story.

“Regardless of what people have seen and what people will make me out to be, I trust in God and will follow him,” Josh said in an interview with The Ashley. “God can change any situation and any circumstance.”

As for claims that he is “a threat” to Jennifer and the boys, Josh insists that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

“I love my two sons with all of my heart,” he said. “My love for them is out of this world. Sometimes we will learn that we have to slow down in order to move further. My plans, dreams and goals for my children are huge. I know they are in safe hands right now and I will continue to let God be in control.”

Officially, Josh is still able to see the boys, but at this point, is letting things set for a while. Jennifer has said on her Facebook page numerous times that she has no problem with him seeing the boys, and that she and Josh are still good terms.

Josh, however, tells The Ashley that the couple no longer speaks and that he’s happy that she’s no longer in his life.


  1. Josh displayed obvious signs of a very controlling personality and abusive tendencies in the 16 & Pregnant episode. After verbally attacking the you g mother of his twin boys with them sleeping in the backseat of his car, he violently threw her out of the car on the side of a busy road, in the rain wearing a tank top just weeks after having a c-section. If this was not disturbing enough, he sped off recklessly sped off on a wet road with his infant sons sleeping in the backseat. I was disgusted by his erratic behavior and how his volitol temper caused him to jeopardize the safety of his babies and Jennifer. Jennifer’s parents clearly tried to mend their relationship with josh on a number of occasions- where many parents in their position would have banned their daughter from seeing him. He was blamtently disrespectful and down right ugly towards Jennifer’s loving and supportive family. I couldn’t get pays the hatefulness in his eyes. From that 30 minute episode I was left certain that Josh does appear to pose a threat to the safety of those babies and delRio family should so whatever it takes to protect those daughter and grand Holden from him at all costs

  2. Good afternoon!i saw the episode of jennifer and josh history,and in my opinion,never like jennifer’s parents actitud.the way they treat josh, or better don’t treat.push josh for wrongs behaviors.jennifer’s parents want the best for their daughter and grandsons they manipulates and controls her and the USA the children have to the name of the father in there birth certificate and consequently the last name.and the jennifer’s parents proposes to their daughter such a disgusting thing.jennifer is tipycall daddy’s girl and she have all things she ever wants.her parents have money and support her and the twins,but is not correct to push josh away,move to another state with the twins and don’t say nothing to josh.i didn’t like what i see.josh is not the monster that edited images show us,because if he was abusive during the jennifer pregnancy or during the lot time that they have,she terminate with him must longer.for both safe and primarily the twins,they have to put their kids in first and share the jennifer eventually felt is one of the kids need blood transfusion or another thing from josh, authorization for the best interest of the child?she takes the decision with her parents?i always thought that USA,was a country that respects the rights of parents and children s and mostly protect children from abusive people who physiologically make pressure in their own interest.this is my real concept of what i see in mtv 16 and pregnant.the show have four edition,but the girls with 15 and 16 still having insecurity sex,without no protection and they don’t thing about diseases to.i ask Dr Drew what teenagers in USA learn with this show.sometimes the show espies the worst that immature teenagers offers.why Dr.Phill don’t give advice to josh,i believe that he is a good kid.

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