‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Debuts First (And Hopefully Last) Music Video

I’m not going to lie; I’m sick of writing about this creepmuppet.

It seems like Farrah Abraham‘s mug is plastered everywhere these days! With only two episodes of Teen Mom left, she’s certainly hustling to make sure that the public doesn’t forget who she is.

Just in the last few weeks alone, she’s added the titles of author (her autobiography, My Teenage Dream Ended, was released yesterday), and singer to her resume. (Click here to listen to her new album. I must warn you, however, that her “music” should not be played near pets or small children, as it will scare them and probably scar them for life.)

Today, she added “music video star” to her growing list of offerings. In the music video for her track “On My Own,” Farrah screeches through three minutes of hard-to-understand (and, at times, just downright strange) lyrics that are about being a single mother…I think.

The video, which looks like it was filmed using the free Flip video camera that MTV gave her when she appeared on 16 & Pregnant, starts with someone (I’m assuming it’s supposed to be Farrah, but I’m sure she probably made Michael do it) pushing Sophia on the swing. Next, it’s a shaky, nausea-inducing shot of spinning clouds, and then onto footage of Sophia running through the cemetery, all while creepy Chinese-restaurant-esque music plays in the background.

"I will continue to haunt your nightmares!"

W…T…F…this is like a bad dream you have after falling asleep while watch too much ‘Teen Mom.’ And taking acid.

If you would like to speak to Farrah (and tell her how bad her “music” actually is), you now have a way to make that happen! For only $20-a-minute, you can have a phone conversation with Farrah, thanks to the DialAStar phone service. (I seriously wish I was making this up, but I’m not. Click here to see her profile on the site.)

Twenty dollars to speak to this turd for one minute? You’ve got to be kidding me! Save your $20 and go buy an album by someone with actual musical talent. (Might I suggest this one?)

Click here to watch YouTuber Ladi Amber’s hilarious review of Farrah’s video!
(Photo: MTV)

24 Responses

  1. The music sounds similar to Q Lazarrus from silence of the lambs…u know, when he has his junk tucked and he’s dancing in front of the mirror. Farrah = Moron.

  2. That was…..terrible. Remember Ross’ sound from Friends? That has more talent than this altogether, and that was meant to be a joke.

  3. Fame whore. She will hit the skids VERY soon with the show coming to an end. Watch for her on mag covers getting neg publicity.

  4. No wonder dereks family hates farrah. She keeps exploiting his death for money. First to gain sympathy and fans from teen mom, then her book, now ‘singing’. It’s so sad and pathetic.

    Btw, it cracked me up that her sing/talking didn’t even remotely match up with the music.

  5. Holy haters! How pathetic to judge somebody who you don’t know. But hey i guess Farrah’s doing something right if she has people writing blogs about her. <3

  6. “W…T…F…this is like a bad dream you have after falling asleep while watch too much ‘Teen Mom.’ And taking acid.”


  7. In what universe is that called singing? Not the one I live in. That was indescribably bad. And when the hell is she going to take the pacifier away from Sophia??? I don’t think I’ve ever seen her without the thing in her mouth and she is too old for it!

  8. Hahaha clamenza! Lmfao
    Anyways, since farrah is so pleasant and respectful and sweet what a great idea… she is making herself look so bad.
    The music video is crap. Her lyrics say she’s blaming ‘you’ which I assume is Derek. Not surprising since all she can do is blame others. Derek dodged a bullet like Daniel. Seriously I doubt they would of had a good relationship even if he was alive. Stop trying to have a pity party farrah! The other 16 and pregnant girl is doing way better off and her and her bf were actually together

  9. Ok so I had to go to the Dial a Star site. Wow!…is all I can say. This is where reality stars go to die. If Farrah wanted prolonged fame she should have stayed away from this site. Being that it’s late here on the West Coast & I can’t sleep, I actually clicked on some of the “stars” (I use the term loosely) and I compared their prices. Farrah is one of the highest ones that I saw, right up there with Octomom. Farrah only has 1 kid Octo has 14, I think that should entitle her to a little more $ per minute right? J/K. Anyways I found it funny that Clemenza who is on this season of Hell’s kitchen, the one currently airing, was only charging $2.99 a minute. It’s actually more sad than funny. Ahhh life after Reality TV…sad isn’t it. It may actually be sadder that I actually spent 20 or so minutes looking at all this and then commented on it here.

  10. WOW!!!!! She sounds like she is talking, TRYING to sing and running out of breath. Farrah SUCKS!!!!!

    1. I would rather listen to Heidi then hear anymore of Farrahs music. She should just stop trying to be famous

    2. Listening to all that barking makes Kelly Osbourne want to make a run for her own money. Stick with cooking and being a single mother Farrah. You will never be on the same level as the Kardashians!

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