Nude Photos of ‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans Posted On Twitter

"Oh no, not again!"

For the second time in four months, nude photos of Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans have hit the Internet, courtesy of a scorned lover! This time, however,Kieffer Delp can’t be blamed!

Last night, some very sexual photos of the MTV star were posted onto Twitter. Although no one has confirmed who is behind the photos, Jenelle is claiming it’s her ex-boss, James Duffy.

In the photos, taken somewhere around November of last year, Jenelle is seen wearing nothing but a smile, while posing some sort of park bench.

Unlike her last nude photo scandal, in which Kieffer sold photos of her taken right before, and right after, her boob job, these photos show the whole, um, enchilada, as well as Jenelle in very compromising positions.What would Babs say?!

According to James, Jenelle worked for him in the fall of 2011, around the same time they began to date. Their relationship ended badly, resulting in Jenelle and James being at each other’s throats for months.

Their months-long feud has played out like a very strange soap opera—one that included  Jenelle (and her ex-fiance Gary Head) going to James’ house (allegedly with a loaded AK-47 gun, as you do) to fetch a pair of her panties that James was holding “hostage.” Their battle has also included James selling out Jenelle to the tabloids, Jenelle accusing James of “poisoning” her and her ex-BFF Tori (a claim both James and Tori deny being true), and Jenelle posting James’ address online, to name just a few highlights.

I seriously couldn’t make this stuff up!

Anyway, in response to James’ latest “bomb” (his pet name for wreaking havoc on Jenelle via Twitter), Jenelle tweeted, “What [is] really sad is I have no one here to support me. I’m laying [on] Jace’s bed wishing he was here, crying. Bye.” (She later tweeted that Kieffer was there, supporting her.)

She is claiming that James stole the photos off of an old cell phone of Kieffer’s that was left at James’ house. (Kieffer stayed with James for a brief period of time earlier this year.)

She also tweeted this message, which was obviously meant for James.

“Leave me the f**k alone, PLEASE. I hope u die. I’m so upset. I tried to stay strong…”

Just for the record, The Ashley isn’t going to post any of the photos on this website. If you really want to see them that bad, you can do a little Internet sleuthing and find them yourself.

(Photo: MTV)

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  1. Good lord. What a dumb lady. Why can’t she just stop talking to people who have naked photos over/have sold naked photos of her? Or maybe just stop taking naked photos all together?

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