MTV Special to Air “Amber Portwood Behind Bars” Special

Live from the Big House!

Well, now I’ve seen everything.

MTV just announced moments ago that they will go behind bars to speak with troubled Teen Mom star Amber Portwood! During this “very special episode,” Dr. Drew will head to the Rockville Correctional Facility for “an intimate discussion about what life has been like behind bars, the status of her relationship with her daughter Leah, ex-boyfriend Gary, and her family, and her hopes for the future.”

Really? Really?! Last week when MTV announced that it had two more specials planned that would feature the original ‘Teen Mom’ girls, The Ashley jokingly suggested they go behind bars to speak with Amber. I guess the network decided to take her advice and go for it!

According to the press release from MTV, “As Amber reflects on her situation, she gives viewers an open, honest look inside the intense ups and downs she’s faced during this journey. This special marks the first time Amber has shared her story since she entered the Rockville Correctional Facility in June 2012.”

“Amber Behind Bars: An MTV Special” will be a half-hour long and will air at 10 p.m. on Tuesday, October 9.

This needs to stop. Just let this girl do her time without the glare of the cameras. Despite what MTV says, this kind of special does not help other teen girls. It is purely exploiting Amber’s situation for ratings.


(Photo: ABC News)


  1. This is ridiculous. Dr. Drew is a joke and these girls really need to stop. Remember when MTV was about music and not about teen girls who exploit themselves for money and fame?

  2. WTH. That is so sad. I agree with both Jessica and Melissa that posted before me. It is a shame that a MTV and Dr. Drew will do anything for a rating and exploit the situation Amber is in. Unfortunately, she has chosen terrible paths and will have to learn from her mistakes, hopefully. Amber is a young lady who would hopefully would benefit from intense counseling. She really needs to surround herself with better role models and positive influences. I can only say, I hope she is learning from her mistakes to make a better life for herself.

  3. Oh MTV. I thought you couldn’t sink lower for ratings, yet here you are visiting your little train-wreck in prison with the world to see. She needs time to get the help and support she needs; not more of the limelight on her. Dr. Drew, you should be ashamed of yourself as well for going along with this.

  4. I agree that MTV will be getting great ratings for this and thats usaully there main goal (or they would have stopped filming amber the moment her legal troubles started) But i think that this will be there first reality of this whole reality show because lets be honest its suppose to be teen mom but you dont see that many temper tantrums that many finacial struggles and REAL teen pregnancy problems. The fact is amber is not getting special treatment in there its probobly worse since she is a celebrity figure. It really does show the consiquences from her poor choices. While amber’s action have brought all of this on herself it saddens me to think of how her life may have turned out with the fame and money maybe better??? (or worse who knows but i think most of this came from the camera’s, money, fans and friends surfacing since her reality fame)

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