‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad Corey Simms Moves In With New Girlfriend!

Teen Mom 2
"She's all mine, fellas!"

Although they couldn’t make their relationship work, it seems that Teen Mom 2 stars Leah Messer and Corey Simms have both been able to find their “happy ending” with somebody else!  Leah has been happily married to pipe welder Jeremy Calvery since April, and now it seems Corey has found love as well! He announced that he is moving in with Miranda Patterson, his girlfriend of four months!

Miranda, who works as a cop, left her home in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, and will spend her first night in Corey’s home in Procious, West Virginia, tonight! (Corey bought his home in March, and, apparently, this is what will greet Miranda every time she walks into the living room.)

“No more goodbyes, just good nights,” she tweeted to Corey this morning in honor of moving day.

Although they’ve only been a couple for a few months, Corey and Miranda are very serious about each other.

“Someday, someone is going to walk into your life, and make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else,” Corey recently retweeted.

Miranda seems to fit right in with Corey’s camouflage-filled life, as she enjoys fishing, hunting and spending time with Corey’s daughters, Ali and Aleeah. (I wonder if she has her very own Corey-style camo hat?) From what it seems, both families are very excited about the couple’s big step.

Do I smell another made-for-MTV wedding coming soon? Who knows, but we will probably not get to “meet” Miranda on ‘Teen Mom 2’ until Season 4, as she wasn’t dating Corey when Season 3 was filmed.

Nice work, Corey! Miranda is super-hot and seems to be perfect for you! The Ashley is happy to see that both Corey and Leah appear to be happy, and, more importantly, happy for each other!

(Photos: Twitter)


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