Three ’16 & Pregnant’ Girls Are Pregnant Again!

"Oops, we did it again!"

Although MTV has always claimed that its show 16 & Pregnant was designed to help prevent teenage pregnancy, it doesn’t seem to be having much luck in keeping the stars of the show from getting pregnant again!

Three of the girls that have been featured on the show are currently pregnant again: Season 1’s Ebony Rendon-Jackson, Season 2’s Brooke Smitherman-Tarrant and Season 4’s Kristina Head are all expecting a baby before next year!

They aren’t the only ones; three other girls that have been featured on the show have also found themselves pregnant again.

Click here to read The Ashley‘s latest article for the Today Show’s “Clicker” blog regarding this topic! Experts weigh in on if this show is doing more harm than good in preventing teen pregnancy!

(Photo: MTV)

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  1. I think 16 & pregnant started as a good concept, but it turned in to a cash cow for MTV instead. That, plus the fact that all the girls are loaded from doing the Teen Mom series. Once both those shows gained popularity, they became less of a small documentary about struggling teen moms and more like any other celeb reality show. It became almost painful to watch them pretend to struggle while living in a big house, rolling around in a brand new car, and playing with their expensive smart phones. It’s sad it had to turn out that way though. I think the original concept was good,( as an adult, I even reconsidered having kids after watching it) but any benefit from the original show was lost when they dragged it through several more seasons and added multiple teen mom shows too.

  2. This isn’t Ebony’s second pregnancy, it’s her third. Nikkole got pregnant again as well and had an abortion, Kiana and Danielle both got pregnant again and miscarried. Maci, Amber, Catelynn, Nicole, Aubrey, Megan and Mackenzie all said they had pregnancy scares shortly after giving birth. Yes, this show is working wonders.

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